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  1. Actually i dont think thats him because the last time played was a day ago. Maybe they set me up, my car appears to be gone.
  2. uhh yeah i found that already, but how do i see his profile??? EDIT: NVM im an idiot his profile is the same
  3. I Roleplayed with 2 guys i met in elektro but one of them (tom) had to restart, so i went to get some food irl. When i relogged there was a 20 man que for the server somehow so it took a while. When i rejoined they were gone. We had some real good RP we were going to continue so i wanna know their steam so i can know where they went. And since i cant see the person that created a character i dont know how. their names were tom and mike. I think it was tom secular. Can someone help me out here???
  4. So I checked the rules and didn't see any rules regarding bases. I read a couple threads a from a while back and everyone seemed to agree there need to be rules against griefing/raiding. Especially since u can just knock walls down with a sledgehammer. If the rules are being worked on or they are already here plz let me know. Thanks in advance, Pepopepie.
  5. yeah but the cars just got added 2-3 days ago. i found 2 already too. But in the future when theyre all fixed up it might be hard for others to find a car for themselves if theyre all locked in between walls. my question was if they respawn. Not if they spawn at all.
  6. @FalkThanks alot for the quick reply. now i have another question tho, do new cars ever spawn? I dont like the idea of there being no cars for anyone because the kaminichi or whatever has them all in their base in the future. I looked around for rule changes about this but couldnt find any. The big groups are already dominant af, them having all the cars would kind of ruin the game for the rest imo. Would love to hear more opinions on this tho....
  7. So ive been playing for a couple days now, today i found a sea chest and a couple of cars. I was wondering if they were to stay on the server after restart(s). I also wanna know if: Tents, walls, gates barrels and such are persistent. Thanks in advance, im not sure if this is answered somewhere else here already so plz dont flame me if so. pepopepie (Alex Akinto)
  8. My character was a 23 year old film school student, that was on a summer trip to Bucharest with his friends and girlfriend Luna. They planned to stay there for 4 weeks, they left Amsterdam on june 24th and theyre flight back was planned for july 27th 2017. They all followed the controversy going on between Russia and Chernarus (which was going on ~900KM away overseas). When they heard about the spreading "ZombieVirus" they discussed going back home early, "I dont like this, WHAT IF THE VIRUS SPREADS HERE" said Luna. To which Martijn replied: "Come on, there is literally a sea between us and Chernarus, if it really would spread THAT fast. We'd be just as safe here as at home" To which Alex added "Oh yeah and we cant change our flight 4 days in advance, we would have to buy a new ticket!" So they decided to stay but the next day it all went south. Alex and Luna were having Dinner in a little restaurant on the edge of the city while his friends were out to a club downtown. After they were done eating Luna said she was tired and not gonna join up with the rest in the club, but crash at the hotel instead. So Alex went downtown alone. On the busride the bus got stuck in traffic, and chaos ensued. People screaming on the streets, and people running out of theyre Traffic Jammed cars. Alex as well left the vehicle and used google maps to find his way to the club his friends said they were going. But when he arrived, the club was empty. He didnt connect the dots completely yet, he thought it was just an accident that happened in one street, since the street he stood in was completely quiet. On his way back to the Hotel, he spotted his friends faces in a pretty large group of people that was running straight at them. First he laughed, since he just thought his friends were hammered AF and met some people. [They had been infect for like ~3 hours at this time so not completely zombie yet.] But then they circled around him and started punching and trying to bite him. He realized what was going on, so he pushed them away with full force and sprinted off. On his way back he picked up 4 words a guy said to his radio on the corner of the street: "Spread from cargo ship". The infection had hit Bucharest, what a mistake they made! thought alex. When he returned at the hotel the lobby was empty and his hotel room door still locked, Luna never reached the Hotel. Alex realized he had to be immune to the virus a couple days later. He had been looking for Luna in the city and encountered many infected on his way. And also some other Immune people. He learned to survive, and after a while more of looking he decided he would travel North East. Simply because he had no idea where to go... on his way there he met some survivors saying that they came from chernarus, and encountered a lot of other Non-Infected there that are friendly! Alex decided he would find out for himself. I honestly starts to care less about the people he lost everyday. He'd love to find his first College Love back but right now he just has to: Survive.....