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  1. ahh shit, I meant operation arrowhead, I'm going to get combined operations, sorry about that.
  2. Hey man, going to be a week or two just got whitelisted and realized arma II free and combined operation wasn't enough to play..
  3. I was working on a local shipping vessel and as we got to port most of the crew got off the ship and headed to town to see why the docks where so empty, me included. It didn't take long for the infected to show up and as panic spread among us we got separated, I was wondering on the outskirts off town towards the boat, I saw most of the crew running along the docks and I could see someone in the back who got attacked by the horde of infected running after them, the captain and the rest off the crew fired the engines and someone pulled a gun and started shooting the infected as the crew scramble to get on board. I saw an infected that got on to the ship, but the bullets stopped him getting very far. The crew tossed the corps overboard as they left port. After that I traveled the coast and found my own boat and some fishing gear and I have been living of the coast searching for my shipmates since then, I don't know if they got out before the containment or not. I've only come a shore for fresh water or any other supplies I've been missing, I been very stealthy only seen some survivalists on shore, but I always only saw them from afar, and kept to myself. Recently a heavy storm came over my vessel and she started taking on water she then she quickly sank, and as floated in the waves I faded in and out in the cold water until I blacked out. Suddenly whit one heart beat, it pushed me to my feet I woke up on these shores not knowing exactly where I am, I only knew that I'm still alive. I'm still here. Signed - nobody (testing my first RP back story. What do you think? be mind full I'm dyslexic and that's probably gonna show..)
  4. This seems like a really nice community take on the dayz experience, hoping to join up whit some of you soon! mucho love