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  1. When he was young, Luke grew up in the country side where he was used to working long hours to help his dad so his family could still eat and afford to pay for there house. When Luke was 8 his father taught him how to fire his first ever gun and he used a CR75 and as he spent hours a day practicing, he became more and more interested in guns and the military. Luke accuracy with a weapon became Impeccable and he went on to join the military at the age of 19 where he was deployed overseas. He spent 8 years in the military and once he had left the military all he had was his family over In vybor who he frequently visited despite living in the Kunar Province. When the outbreak happened Luke was visiting his family on a two week holiday from his job as a gun instructor back home. When the apocalypse hit, he was quick to learn the necessary skills to survive in such a distraught world,the military gave him skills to survive what fit perfectly with the current state of zelenogorsk, he was quick to learn of what was to come as he as always been enthusiastic in conspiracy theories what made the apocalypse seem less of a shock to him.
  2. When i first told you to get on your knees, you was about 20-30 meters away from me,you then saw me and started to run, after me following you and still only being around 30 meters behind you i carried on saying stop or i will shoot you, you then carried on running i then took the shots when you were about 60 meters away and like you said "The way i see it the range was easily over 100m" the reason it was over 100m at that point was because you had already started running and i took 7-10 shots whilst you was still running so yes you were about 100 meters from me but thats when you had stopped and i had already got my breathe back, took 7-10 shots, you were sprinting away so before i initiated you was about 20-30 meters away from where you could clearly hear me.
  3. i was close enough and i already said enough times and you stopped and looked at me when i was shouting and then started running but after stopping and hearing me so many times i finally took it as you wasn't going to do what i said and try and run when i was going to rob you, i then decided to shoot at you so you would stop i had the right to kill but i was going to wound you so you would stop running away, rob you, heal you and then would have left you to go on your way, you were the one who would not stop running after hearing me say stop and put your hands on your head and your gun on the floor several times.
  4. so i was going towards ratnoe with a buddy of mine @Lex We saw @AJEARLE at the military tents we decided that we wanted to rob him so my friend @Lex went over and acted all nice whilst i watched from inside the tents, i then made out i was robbing them both and told them to put there guns on the ground, my friend then came back into the tent and i made out there was another guy in there watching @Lex even though it was all a lie, i then robbed the guy told him to rung east of us for 30 seconds and we would to start to go west but before we left i said follow us or come the same direction as us and i will shoot you down, so i went west with my buddy and we then spotted him coming our way, i took a warning shot at him since i said i would already shoot him down if he followed us, he then stayed there and as he went to wave i shot since i already warned him to not come our way since we just robbed him and we didn't want him taking revenge.
  5. Abraham

    S1 Stary - Unnecessary OOC, NLR/attempted KOS 16-04-2017 00:20ish

    Sorry recently ive been quite busy but i was running up towards the church in stary because i could hear gun shots, the group outside was shooting at the reminisce who was inside the church, recently i had met the reminisce and they were very friendly to me so i took it as my choice to go into the church and talk to them and see if i could help, once they entered they put me in handcuffs just in case i dint have any ally-ship with the group outside,once they realized i had nothing to do with the group outside they let me stand and fight with them but just before that happened i was in the right corner of the church and i saw a body drop, the guy had just spawned in or had crashed but as soon as is character spawned in the guys outside just took shots at him and killed him whilst he was spawning in. The reason they put me in handcuffs was that they couldn't remember me and was a bit confused but i took it as my choice to help them.