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  1. This is very nice, simple but effective. I WANT THIS IG!
  2. Welcome sir... hopefully I'll see you out there in the lost world.
  3. Welcome, hopefully I'll see you alive rather than dead..
  4. PC all the way for me mate. Once a PC gamer, always a PC gamer You said it.
  5. Thanks man, feedback is great constructive or criticising it
  6. Welcome PS: You fight for us, +100 respect.
  7. Kane was alone... Left in the dark dusty house he wished to himself he was back in Hawaii. He looked back into the cold mirror, He saw a reflection of a ghost, He wasn't sure what he should do as he was always left alone. he hadn't had any contact of human life in several weeks, occasionally he would see a young child eaten to death by the 'Shadows' as he called them. He feared what would come and he quivered when he thought about it. As a child he was a poor kid, He used to leave the house in the morning and consider not coming back, he was beaten every night before bed because he asked a for a glass of milk. They wouldn't listen, So one night he went out into the garden came back in with his dad's Winchester Model 1873 rifle. It was a collectible and hadn't been fired in years, As he ventured back into the house he drew the gun on his father. Kane knew that he had always left it loaded for Emergencies. He clutched the gun and pulled the trigger slowly, the bullet left the gun in slow motion it struck his fathers head and his father fell to the ground, His mother ran in with a frying pan and Kane cocked the gun again and fired, It also hit, He froze on the spot. This is what he dreamed about every night before he went to sleep in the alley he lived in from that day. Kane's Father: Kane's father was a working man, Supplied for the family but he had a dark secret, he never told the family about where his other job was, this was because he couldn't. If he told them he would be shot because the things he knew where too powerful for mankind to know, he was loyal to his business and maybe a little too loyal. The things they was creating was not meant for man to see. The 'Shadows' where made by him, an outbreak happened the previous years but they contained the infection, the infection can be spread with a scratch or a bite. They decided to carry on developing the 'PROTOTYPE' this was their code name for the virus. "It only takes one bite!" Repeated Kane's father his nerves were getting to him and they had to remove him from the area as he would upset the 'Shadows'. That night he went home and that's when everything begun. The last thing he ever saw was a barrel of a gun. Kane's Mother: His mother was a housewife, she stayed at home and cooked for the family and watched the children, she was every mans dream. Kane's father couldn't seem to realize that, he treat her like something you would find outside on the ground. She didn't know what to do so she took it out on Kane all the time, however there was one problem with her, she owned money to the wrong people. They could come knocking every single day until she payed. This time she owned more than just a little bit... Back to Kane(Adult): The Apocalypse scared Kane, the unknown also scared him. It was time for him to leave the desolated house he wandered into the gloom searching for what he needed, it could have been to late, he needed supplies so he went to the market and he found a hatchet (Axe). The Sharpe edge of the rusty weapon shimmered in the glossy market lights... SUDDENLY! He felt something in front of his face, it breathed heavily. He could feel a breeze on his nose as if there was a turbine right in front of him, by this time the lights were out. he picked the flashlight out of his pocket and shone it in front of him a shadowy figure was stood in the corner staring towards the wall, Kane stepped back into the shadows when he stood on something behind him and fell towards the concrete floor. He fell and when he hit his head it was almost as if he was hitting an abyss. James: James was Kane's closest friend, He'd known him his whole life and he had always been there for him. He was insecure, worried about his looks ironically he didn't look to bad to say the situation he was in. 'Shadows' were banging at the old decrepit door. He had Kane's favorite chair against the door in faith that the minuscule chair would hold them back, somehow it did. He saw a body passed out on the market floor. "I need to see who that is" he repeated, he remembered that there was a hole in the back garden which could lead out to the market he though to himself that he'd give it a shot. He was right, he could finally be reunited with his friend but he didn't know that. There was a faint noise in the background shouting "Friendly!" 'Shadows' heads turned they looked towards the outline of a body stood with the moon shining behind him. An engine started up, Kane's friend saw it was Kane on the ground and hoped he was alive, he was. He had two choices, leave Kane and be free or stay with his friend and die together... Grammars not perfect, didn't aim for that.
  8. Good luck on your whitelist,welcome to the community. Hopefully I will see you ingame.
  9. Welcome Santiago. Hopefully I won't see you crawling on the floor with no legs
  10. Welcome to the community, I'm sure you'll enjoy. Have you applied?
  11. You don't need the levels one, just the listen tab, take a screenshot of your properties tab open.