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  1. This would be great! I wonder, are there any groups having this kind of OOC contact with eachother to aid RP?
  2. Although I've only recently joined here, I completely agree that multilayered characters will improve the RP experience. Good or bad is merely a point of view. Each character or group has choices that are weighted and deliberated on. Ultimately a choice is made that is perceived to be 'good' or at least beneficial from the decider's standpoint. If another party has a conflicting opinion about that decision, it is perceived as 'bad'. To be able to judge actions and occurrances from our character's perspective is what allows for great roleplay, not the OOC perspective that is brought to the table. As a newcomer I strive to progress my character in game, rather than relying on backstory alone. The choices I am faced with determine which path I'll take. The problem is that we're 2+ years into the apocalypse and character development in game is crystalizing. A lore wipe will certainly help newer players like me to grow to be more interesting.
  3. ArnieB87

    What Are You Up To?

    I've been out of the game for quite a while, so when someone told me to keep my gun out in case we'd run into wolves I thought it was just good RP... Untill I found out it wasn't. Ran for the nearest tower I could find screaming like a little girl
  4. ArnieB87

    What Are You Up To?

    Even when there are 40+ people on the server I struggle to find anyone. Got robbed two times, which gave my character some experience to be careful to trust people. I even gave ammo to one of them prior to being led into a trap! Since then I've been playing more of loner and haven't had any RP since. I guess I have to travel back to the coast.
  5. Hey fellow survivors! My name is Arnout and I'm new to RP'ing in this way. I mostly played RPG's offline, so I have to learn how to speak to actual human beings :-D I love to get lost in the game and deal with simpler choices than IRL: live or die, fight or comply. Hope to see you in game!