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  1. Midgettaskforce

    S1: KOS - Balota Airfield - 21-01-2017 - 19:30-19:40

    Klavdy Lukov - POV after having some altercations at the GMT camp, some words were exchanged, GMT ended the hostile actions and we head out of the camp and proceed towards balota I decided to tail about 100-200 meters behind my group inside of the forest just north of kamenka following my group, they had called out that they saw some of the gamblers moving in the forest and told me to follow them and so I did, they moved through the trees towards the sniper hill just before the cherno gas station and to which I was sat behind valentine, it was very obvious that they were setting up a overwatch position on the other vernost that were ready to initiate on the men who decided to insult the glory of the vernost when they initiated I waited for about 5 to 6 seconds before the back of @FailingFriendly head blew apart and to which I ran back to the apartments just above balota before I was killed by bruce.
  2. Stay away from S.D.S and also good luck!
  3. We'll then this again fun times
  4. I do understand what you mean but why not just involve the whole mod itself it would make firefights a lot mor challenging not knowing exactly how much ammo you have in your clip or going deaf from gun fire.
  5. As you may or may not know ace is one of the most realistic mods for arma 2 i have ever played. But what if you add the sniper's physics into the game. Just aiming above a target is easy why not add wind bullet sway and all the other things from ace
  6. Midgettaskforce

    Fun Times In Chat Room

    gg I laughed then I cried RIP 12 year old
  7. Just got accepted maybe about 3 or 4 hours ago just wanted to say hi and hope to meet new people!