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  1. I played the server almost 2 years ago with a group of friends I knew, I was in a gang called the Kelsey Brothers. Back then I can remember a bunch of fun times on the server, there wasn’t a single day that we didn’t run into fun and interesting characters on the server. There were clear areas of high player activity and you didn’t in my experience get this bullshit of players hiding in corners of the map with small groups just to avoid people, there was the Muhajadiin, they were the big hostile group back then, and they were hated, but were fun to hate and provided some decent RP. Fast forward to now and I’ve been playing the server for a few weeks again. I see tops 1 player a day besides 1 day where there was a party at Guglovo, which ended up having everyone being initiated on by a few guys. I don’t know how the server got to be this way. I don’t know how to fix this either, but to be honest, having 1 big group being able to curb stomp everyone is part of it. I feel like I’m going to get the average “We aren’t hostile” response and get told I’m flaming, but this is just the way I see it. From what I hear from the people in my group as recently as a few months ago the server had more interesting RP in my opinion, but I don’t know what happened, I think I want to take a break until the climate changes on the server. Also, I’m not going to respond further, I’ve said my piece and that’s it. But, stick with it, it will come full circle again, I’m sure of it.
  2. SlyKestrel

    S1 Vybor - Crossroad

    My POV: Was at college all day, came home, when I got on my friend @McDonaldtold me that the Anarchy base was open or whatever, he had taken things from it, I came on the server and when informed ICly I went to poke around to see what I could find, the base had basically been looted but we took some things, however we didn’t just leave things laying on the floor we didn’t take.
  3. SlyKestrel

    S1 Vybor - Griefing - 08/10/2019, ???

    Myself and @McDonald Seen that the base was open later in the day (Probably by @iplayb) and decided to go inside, I hacksawed the panel off of the fence but didn't do anything further than that, I really don't remember much of the situation it wasn't so important to me, but we definitely didn't change any codes, take anything from the base, or throw anything on the ground either, that's really my side of the story. Edit: Also, I don't have any video footage of the situation
  4. Originally born in the United Kingdom to Israeli parents and being raised in a wealthy Jewish household, Solomon always wanted to return home, when he turned 18 he saved up money from working in his fathers business to move back to Israel and complete his mandatory national service. After this, Solomon decided to stay in the IDF to proudly protect his country, even serving through the Second Intifada which developed his hatred for Arabs, specifically the Palestinians who he was already was brought up to hate. After serving, A man by the name of Uzi Tzafir approached him and offered him a position as his personal bodyguard. Both of them travelled together, selling weapons to both sides on the Chernarussian civil war and arming the CDF during the Takistani war.
  5. Born in Kosovo when it was still part of Yugoslav, Ivan found himself at age 4 when the Yugoslav civil war had begun, as such his family moved out of the country to seek refuge in the United Kingdom, specifically Glasgow where he grew up in a deprived area. Dropping out of school at age 16 he found himself in a life of petty crime. However, Ivan had family who still lived in Serbia who was high up in a small Militia group within the country, they reached out to Ivan and Ivan moved back with them at age 18 in 1998 of which he served with that Militia until the end of the war. After the war, the Militia group found themselves involved in many of the legal proceedings after the war, however, just in case, he decided to move to South Zagoria to flee potential proceedings against himself and before he knew it he was caught up in the outbreak.
  6. SlyKestrel

    Kelsey Brothers Out

  7. *Josh Picks up the Radio* "Finally, Somehow she's evaded death from us Two times in the last week! You did us all a favour mate, Ding dong the witch is dead." *Josh puts down the radio.*
  8. SlyKestrel

    How to gain popularity/become relevant in the DayZRP community [For Kids]

    This guys a Lad
  9. SlyKestrel

    People's Army of Ukraine [PAU] [Selective Recruitment]

    PAU's back? Awww snap
  10. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    No I do not have any video of the Situation @Spartan What he actually means is he no longer sees reason to because you have no proof of us breaking any rules other than your lies.
  11. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    So because others do this you think it's Okay for you to do it? k I don't think this can be negotiated either since as you are severely exaggerating the truth and bending it to your will, You say we are lying but the only person I see lying in this Post is yourself, Stop being salty that you lost your Weapons and we had a 1 Minute Gap between talking and tell it how it is. But the Diplomat in me tells me that you could still talk this out in Teamspeak. And Don't even lie and say we told you not to speak, we told you to shut up while we were taking you inside of the building, no offence mate but you didn't give us much in the way to talk about either, Don't call us out on Bad RP when you just admitted to having bad RP because other people have bad RP thanks. Also Im REALLY Curious about how you Identified Jonny, From how I heard it you just walked up to him and pulse checked him before shooting him with a shotgun? RP much.
  12. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    Also it’s funny how you took screenshots of the grand total of what 5 seconds you were in that state, and yes as Onion Ring said, you have grossly exaggerated the time, there was about 1 minute of silence and that’s because we were putting food in your bag, and yes I strongly agree that there was some good RP before and After this 1 minute gap of RP which I’m sorry about. also he said “Did I tell you to speak” while we moved you inside the building where we talked and RP’d. also how did you shoot @JonnyBain with a shotgun when you have 1 hand?
  13. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    @Jade it was @OnionRingOfDoomand @JonnyBain
  14. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    My POV: We encountered him at the docks, I called it out in teamspeak ICly and didn’t think much of it after, @Senore Dogg went and spoke to him while I just walked around on the docs, that’s when I heard we were initiating on him so I went back and we initiated, We brought him inside the building next to us and we talked to him at first, I would like to clear up that when we stripped you naked it was because we were exchanging clothing items with you, you had full clothing when you left the building. but anyway I would like to apologise for the lack of RP after we initially talked to you, I strongly advise you to come on teamspeak tomorrow and we can all talk, Like I said I’m sorry for the lack of RP but I promise you we weren’t gear rping. I apologise for this but please come talk to us in teamspeak.
  15. SlyKestrel

    S1 | Metagaming | Svetlojarsk | 10/22/2017

    My POV: Don't know what else you expect me to say as I've already told you it when you asked me to join your Teamspeak Channel. Pretty much the Entire situation inside the hostage RP has already been explained by almost everyone here, So I'll tell you what happened After. Immediately after the situation I was to go walk my dog because It was getting late and I forgot to do it @Spanners can back me up on this and as soon as I finished walking my dog, I felt hungry so I ate some Dinner. When I came back I didn't know anything about the situation with Dan's Metagame [Nobodies fault but my own for not asking afterwards] But I was instead Eager to just jump back into RP So yeah, I did mention things about the Cannibal situation or what ever but I didn't know I accidentally did it but when you confronted me After already seeing me do it by accident twice before and not trying to resolve it without a report You explained what I did wrong and I admitted to it and Apologised Numerous times before you basically said "Im making a report anyway." and it seems that your little Reconnaissance on me in the server was to just get OOC dirt on me because if it wasn't you would of confronted me as soon as I accidentally Metagamed. And as far as Im aware, this is not an ongoing situation because as soon as you and Jamie told me what I did wrong in the Teamspeak Channel this whole situation could of been avoided because I stopped after that.
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