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  1. Radoslav Hynek

    Radoslav Hynek is a male working class ex-CDF soldier that fought in Operation Arrowhead as a Rifleman and closely worked with the 33rd tank division. During his time in Operation Arrowhead Radoslav Hynek had gotten himself thirteen confirmed kills, But Radoslav Hynek says that he killed at least twenty and seven of those didn't get confirmed as there was no one else around to confirm those kills. When Operation Arrowhead was Coming to an end Radoslav Hynek got shot in the right shoulder by a Takistani sniper and was sent to a Hospital and put on Medical Leave to be sent home back to Chernaurus. During his early life he lived in Gorka though when he was 16 he managed to join the CDF as a reserve until he was old enough to fight.During the Chernarussian civil war,Radoslav's parents were slaughtered by Chedaki forces in Gorka. After that Radoslav has sworn vengeance upon all communists and ethnic Russians. After the Outbreak Radoslav Hynek fled to western Chernaurus in hope that the Outbreak would be contained before it spread to western Chernaurus Although, it turned out that the Government and the Military's efforts failed and the Outbreak spread to western Chernaurus. Radoslav decided to Travel across Chernaurus when he stumbled across Zelenogorsk where he has recently been living for the past 3 years. After this he had always hated Foreigners especially Ethnic Russians for what they did to his family.