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  1. Dimas Lynek

    Dimas Lynek, Or Dima for short, Was an Ex-CDF Soldier who retired from the CDF Shortly before the outbreak, Dima fought in Takistan and also fought in the Civil war while based in Tisy Summer Camp, When he was in Takistan he worked with the 25th Infantry Battalion before being put out of action by a Takistani sniper shot to the Right Shoulder, Before this happened Dima had 16 confirmed kills in the Takistani War and 14 confirmed kills in the Civil War, Dima has always Hated the Communists since the civil war because of the Chedaki, Luckily the CDF Fought off the Chedaki and after this Dima retired, to Start over and Possibly start a family and before he knew it he was thrown into a world of Sh*t, The Outbreak happened, After fleeing and fleeing from the Infected Dimas had enough and decided to instead, Embrace the Apocalypse and Start over, Entirely.