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  1. SlyKestrel

    Kelsey Brothers Out

  2. *Josh Picks up the Radio* "Finally, Somehow she's evaded death from us Two times in the last week! You did us all a favour mate, Ding dong the witch is dead." *Josh puts down the radio.*
  3. SlyKestrel

    How to gain popularity/become relevant in the DayZRP community [For Kids]

    This guys a Lad
  4. SlyKestrel

    People's Army of Ukraine [PAU] [Selective Recruitment]

    PAU's back? Awww snap
  5. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    No I do not have any video of the Situation @Spartan What he actually means is he no longer sees reason to because you have no proof of us breaking any rules other than your lies.
  6. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    So because others do this you think it's Okay for you to do it? k I don't think this can be negotiated either since as you are severely exaggerating the truth and bending it to your will, You say we are lying but the only person I see lying in this Post is yourself, Stop being salty that you lost your Weapons and we had a 1 Minute Gap between talking and tell it how it is. But the Diplomat in me tells me that you could still talk this out in Teamspeak. And Don't even lie and say we told you not to speak, we told you to shut up while we were taking you inside of the building, no offence mate but you didn't give us much in the way to talk about either, Don't call us out on Bad RP when you just admitted to having bad RP because other people have bad RP thanks. Also Im REALLY Curious about how you Identified Jonny, From how I heard it you just walked up to him and pulse checked him before shooting him with a shotgun? RP much.
  7. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    Also it’s funny how you took screenshots of the grand total of what 5 seconds you were in that state, and yes as Onion Ring said, you have grossly exaggerated the time, there was about 1 minute of silence and that’s because we were putting food in your bag, and yes I strongly agree that there was some good RP before and After this 1 minute gap of RP which I’m sorry about. also he said “Did I tell you to speak” while we moved you inside the building where we talked and RP’d. also how did you shoot @JonnyBain with a shotgun when you have 1 hand?
  8. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    @Jade it was @OnionRingOfDoomand @JonnyBain
  9. SlyKestrel

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    My POV: We encountered him at the docks, I called it out in teamspeak ICly and didn’t think much of it after, @Senore Dogg went and spoke to him while I just walked around on the docs, that’s when I heard we were initiating on him so I went back and we initiated, We brought him inside the building next to us and we talked to him at first, I would like to clear up that when we stripped you naked it was because we were exchanging clothing items with you, you had full clothing when you left the building. but anyway I would like to apologise for the lack of RP after we initially talked to you, I strongly advise you to come on teamspeak tomorrow and we can all talk, Like I said I’m sorry for the lack of RP but I promise you we weren’t gear rping. I apologise for this but please come talk to us in teamspeak.
  10. SlyKestrel

    S1 | Metagaming | Svetlojarsk | 10/22/2017

    My POV: Don't know what else you expect me to say as I've already told you it when you asked me to join your Teamspeak Channel. Pretty much the Entire situation inside the hostage RP has already been explained by almost everyone here, So I'll tell you what happened After. Immediately after the situation I was to go walk my dog because It was getting late and I forgot to do it @Spanners can back me up on this and as soon as I finished walking my dog, I felt hungry so I ate some Dinner. When I came back I didn't know anything about the situation with Dan's Metagame [Nobodies fault but my own for not asking afterwards] But I was instead Eager to just jump back into RP So yeah, I did mention things about the Cannibal situation or what ever but I didn't know I accidentally did it but when you confronted me After already seeing me do it by accident twice before and not trying to resolve it without a report You explained what I did wrong and I admitted to it and Apologised Numerous times before you basically said "Im making a report anyway." and it seems that your little Reconnaissance on me in the server was to just get OOC dirt on me because if it wasn't you would of confronted me as soon as I accidentally Metagamed. And as far as Im aware, this is not an ongoing situation because as soon as you and Jamie told me what I did wrong in the Teamspeak Channel this whole situation could of been avoided because I stopped after that.
  11. We Enjoyed our Roleplay with @Sleepyhead @Rainey and @osku197's rp today while we took them hostage, You guys gave us a great RP experience and we hope we gave you the same, Im pretty sure I speak on the Behalf of all the Kelsey Brothers here, Thank you!
  12. SlyKestrel

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    Don’t have video evidence either mate.
  13. SlyKestrel

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    It has also been brought to our attention by another member of the community that @TateRinefield has used a "Famous" character from an Anime as his in RP character. http://tokyoghoul.wikia.com/wiki/Hideyoshi_Nagachika He has simply Dropped "yoshi" from the first name.
  14. SlyKestrel

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    While in server, we heard a rumour going around town that a few people, Notably @TateRinefield and @jangoskull were planning on sneaking into our base, so we did what any person would so and we went to them to go interrogate them about the situation, which we did and the final verdict was they didn't actually say anything about sneaking into our base, well our group leader didn't think so but @JonnyBain and @Senore Dogg And I didn't believe them. Before, Throughout and after the interrogation these men were Constantly Insulting our IC characters for things which at this point in time I don't remember, Just in general calling us Cunts and stuff so when we asked our Group leader if we could teach them right that they shouldn't insult us and instead treat us with respect and he answered no, we decided that when we were escorting them out of town we would take it upon ourselves to teach them respect, when we got them there we initiated on them near the corner out of the town and we brought them out of sight where we Handcuffed @jangoskull but we then realised we didn't have a handcuff for @TateRinefield so we just made him put his hands up. Now at this @Senore DoggAsked them both who decided to rob the base because as we said we weren't convinced that they weren't going to rob it and they wouldn't give us a straight answer, @Senore DoggGave them multiple chances and saying that if he didn't get a straight answer this time he would kill one of them, And they didn't give us a straight answer again so @Senore Dogg Shot @TateRinefield. After this happened and we decided that enough was enough we cut @jangoskullloose from his restraints and then I hit him with his Telescopic Baton... Now I see from the Logs that I must of hit him more than twice, on my screen It only rendered 2 hits on him and the rest missed, But his legs did not break as we saw him walk away just fine, Well, I thought they missed, My apologies for that @jangoskull. P.S The Reason @Senore Dogg Kept leaving is because he was having major desync issues which I believe we told @TateRinefield and @jangoskull. I suppose that's the end of my POV.
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