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  1. Ben Wilson Ben Wilson, is young man who grew up rough. Without his parents never present, as a child, he would constantly be moved from foster home to foster home. He would always get into fights at school, and at the age of 16, nobody would take him in anymore. He would spend the rest of his teen life living off of small business ideas like drugs, guns, smuggling, but after ending up homeless for the third time, he would eventually have to face the wild and be forced to learn basic survival skills that, unknowingly, would later save his life. After a drunken fight gone wrong, Ben was arrested and put in jail for attempted murder. Norway is notorious for their lax prison security, so he and his prison comrades devised a plan. It wasn't long before Ben had put 100 miles between him and the prison that had held him for 9 months. Soon, 100 miles became 200, and then 500. He was headed north east, to the border between Norway/Finland/Russia. Using his survival skills learned from childhood, he would hunt for food and make shelter. With greasy hair, and dirt all over his barely recognisable face, he stole a small boat to take him the rest of the way. Nobody had heard from his prison comrades ever since they escaped. They are presumed dead. It was on this boat that the coast guard found him trying to cross. Ben was unarmed. All he could do was feign compliance. Once Ben got close enough, he noticed they were not police. They did not follow protocol. Ben was severely beaten and robbed. Ben could see a moment, and he tried overpowering the man, attempting to reach for his gun. A fight struck out between the men and Ben was shot once in the shoulder, getting toppled overboard. Ben lost conscience and would later wake up on the shores of Chernarus.
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