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  1. Just dont trust any1, these people scum.. Welcome
  2. Donnie Wilson, now known by the name, The Preacher. Born in california, moved to his parents country of South Africa at the age of 3 where he grew up doing normal school and extra curriculum activities. At the age of 19 Donnie moved back to California where he studied a degree in the bachelor of sport science. Graduating at the age of 21, Donnie pursued his life to become a baseball coach for the Los Angeles Angels. After flying over Soviet Russia to attend a ceremony of best sport coaches of all time, his flight took a turn of events, falling from the sky. Being knocked unconcious he finds himself waking up to current day shithole.
  3. that Ive found in the foods
  4. Richard Fisby


    It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up.
  5. Admins, please close this report. I personally dont do them as they waste everybody's time and fun. Made it due to me being pissed off at this type of stuff happening constantly. He came out honest, I hope. But dont find any purpose on waisting anybodies time further.
  6. Server and location: Server 1. Location Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-11-25, 18:30 Your in game name: Caesar Richmond Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will tell Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Enemy couldve been the house Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No Detailed description of the events: So I just wake up on the server, and decide to head to NWAF, I run through Stary and as I enter Kabanino I see around 10 people with alot of gear, in the past I've had bad experience with larger groups in that area robbing me, so I decide to turn around and flee. A few of their guys, whoever they are, start chasing me, I lose stamina and they tell me to stop just abit outside kabanino, they insult me on my clothing and call me a "Crackhead", thus they ask if I wanna fight, a few of them did say they beat up junkies. So we get into the fight with 1 person. He and I fight, but then he's boys gang up on me. I get knocked instantly. While im unconcious they continue to beat me to the point of my health blinking. The 1 guy raises me and speaks to me calmly and actually rather friendly. The rest move further onto the road doing random activities while I speak to the nice guy, a few come to me then, and 1 says to a guy in full purple that I called him a retard, at this point my health was on yellow as I kinda regained a little health from the fight. He then beats me to the point of unconciousness, btw I could hear 1 or 2 of his mates say stop punching him. While im unconcious I assume the guy in purple continued to beat me till the point I die. I did not pose a threat as I barely had any gear and was dressed as a hobo, aswell as any proper roleplay reason for them to beat me to the point of death. They gained no loot, maybe a can of food or 2, no lore to reason with them killing me. Nothing. And thats why this report is being made, as to this sort of thing I let slide constantly.
  7. @William89 Aw man, thanks alot man, great times.. pretty random but fun non the less.
  8. Richard Fisby


    Shall the end be a new beggining, reincarnation is a bitch.
  9. Plot twist... They ate you when the fire went out.
  10. Please, implement. Keminici will find their base blown up in no time.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Calling a violation of rule 3.6 is incorrect and No care for hostage. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: After reviewing the actions I caused in this roleplay scenario may be viewed as BadRP, and do fully agree to this as I was selfish to only think of my fun and not both parties. I do otherwise have to debate the fact that I feel Rule 3.6 which is incorrect in this instance as Human meat during that specific patch was not affective in the form of causing any sickness etc. We did in otherwords not follow full procedure to how we played it out. The fact that I also think No care for hostage is incorrect here, is that we did care for hostage and used the zombies as a torture method on the person being held up, as we did run in and save the hostage from all the infected let into the room. Thus we did value his life by reversing the torture tactic that was in use. In the end, the hostage did not die, as we fed him and protected him from our own torture tactics (that where used as a form of different Roleplay Torture), the only problem was when the server crashed and we lost the individual as he supposedly couldnt join afterwards (I know this as I spoke to him on teamspeak today about the incident maturely and made peace and possibly a future relation). What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I feel the ban should be reduced to a maximum of 3 days if not, you do the crime you pay the time What could you have done better?: Remember that standard 4.7 especially determines protection from zombies, at the time I felt that while we were using zombies as a procedure for torment, there was never a legitimate hazard to the detainee's life. Perhaps similarly consider the way that standard 3.6 may have been broken in soul, paying little mind to whether in spite of all that I believe that in its current casing and with respect to our exercises, that the calling of that standard isn't relevent in my current situation. (Im using this the same as I feel its the best way to explain this)
  12. @Brayces Hi, I do apoligize for aggrevating you by posting a similar comment to the other post. I do have to say I did not slap it into any Thesaurus website. But I will write up a fully unique without phrasing similar sentence structure Ban appeal. I also would like to say, I do not think the admins or Game Masters low at all. Sorry for the missup. Let me get to it! Have a good day