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  1. Richard Fisby

    Borya Petrov - Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe a 7 day ban is unfair on the basis that the rules are rather vague about griefing, as base building only recently has been added to the base game, so was the rule. The rule explains nowhere about taking supplies that you need and leaving supplies not needed by you, it also explains nowhere about breaking down multiple walls for needed nails/planks. It states, IC reasoning. Once again with the rule being very vague, I used my IC reasoning of taking what was needed for survival and for my group to continue.. If the rule elaborated more on, maybe then I wouldve understood it more. With all that being in mind and being explained to me in the report, I highly doubt I will ever be raiding again. But I still feel a 7 day ban for a rule that cant be understood 100% is a little excessive. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Either a second chance (Keep the points) , Or a reduced ban time. What could you have done better?: If understood the rule more, I would of probably not broken down multiple walls. As this isnt worth getting banned for, I wouldnt even attempt it. Once again saying that if I understood the rule.
  2. Richard Fisby

    S1 - Griefing in Topolka Dam & Possible Not Caring for your own safety violation 2019-03-18, 12.00-14:00

    Im coming forward honestly and willfully because I know it was me and a friend that did it. POV: me and my group member found 2 cars about an hour before this nearby the summer camp. We had recently got griefed ourselves except we didnt use it in the term of grief as it was a raid for our supplies from a enemy group. To rebuild we where looking for building materials when we came accross the dam, the first thing that came to my head was that it was an abandoned camp as my friend had stated it was as he assumed, we started to take down the walls to salvage nails to rebuild our base, as I was nearly done a man came to me with a shotgun and said hold still, I put my 1 hand up as he raised his gun at me (Sign of initiation), my friend came back to com e help me where he heard the man scream at him, he and I both had the upper hand as we out numbered him and we knew this as my friend just ran through the summer camp and saw nobody. The man shot him down after he got hit once, by this time I had put my hand down as his attention wasnt focused towards me and saw the best moment to take action and shoot at him, we both got hits on each other and both fell unconcious, by the time I regained concious so did he, we both got up and tried removing ourselves out of harms way of each other where I screamed, "Put the gun down! We dont need to do this!", there was no inults thrown, maybe he thought there was as it was in the moment. Rule 4.8 states, "Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done." We did not find the base in forms of OOC knowledge, we had no ill intent to destory a base as he we thought it was not in use and that it was abandoned, our IC reasoning and RP reason was that we needed the supplies, and in my head even if I did know it was in use is, its either us or them. I was thinking about my people and how the resources could've helped my group in the long run. PS: I was not the guy in the ghillie. It was basic survival the pvp, I was defending myself. There was no KOS or lack of survival, as we outnumbered you and had 2 friends coming from cherno to come help us. I apoligise for raiding your base and have no intention to keep the items for myself and rather give you a deal to help you guys finish building your base.
  3. Borya was born in a small town called Kivorograd where hes parents raised him in a small school where he grew up to one day move to the big town of Novigrad. There he started to learn the arts of gangsterism and street life as he studied a bcom general at the University of Chernarus. being sent to jail by the age of 19 he had a choice to either be apart of the war between Russia and his country or stay in prison, as for anybody freedom was a better option where he joined the military fighting on the border of the black forest in South Zagoria.
  4. Richard Fisby

    Discord - Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Wasnt given, Discord ban for BotiqueStore#0078 Why the verdict is not fair: No warning, want a retry? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There was a guy talking trash on the discord about me and my group a couple months back, but when I started arguing with him I got kicked, when I tried rejoining, the invite link was expired indicating I was banned without warning or reason. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unbanned from discord. What could you have done better?: Not to instigate a fight with petty reasoning.
  5. Richard Fisby

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

  6. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    It wasnt me who told u to put your hands up it was ScarRP
  7. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    honestly, shouldve also just been a good sport myself.. Btw i am Lord Pablo. But hey, when people do the same boring old shit over and over it becomes a little pissy xD
  8. Richard Fisby

    Kab King

    Haha, I may of had one 2 many.. so when I came into Kab scraeaming, all hail your king.. I was beyond it :') the confidence.. all bow down xD
  9. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    To answer your question with the same answer. It disrupts the peace of contionutaion. You repeat the same roleplay scenario. “Hands up” scream, “get into house” “intimidate and interrogate” it’s boring. It’s not fun Roleplay in my eyes. And this time I just didn’t give a shit to give you the satisfaction to do it again. Honestly. You won’t see it from my eyes. Your respected by people in this community and nobody tells you otherwise. So you get away with it. This isn’t roleplay. This is straight up, I’m bigger than you so I can do what I want and you don’t have a say in it. Good day.
  10. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    That OOC in //reported was actually earlier when somebody said I’m lagging. Me and another guy made a joke in OOC where as I said //reported and laughed in person following up with “Don’t worry we all lag in our brains sometimes” and no I wasn’t upset about being robbed. It’s a video game. Honestly. Don’t make assumptions when you don’t know the whole story. Try to be nice just to have a backhand slap of back chat. //reported - 22:08 killed - 22:19 major time difference.
  11. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    Honestly I hate reporting. This time I got fed up. But do you see where I’m coming from? Like step into my shoes now. Do you see why I wasn’t having fun. Why it becomes boring cause of the repetitiveness, the first time I met you boys I had a ball, we became friends sorta, I rolled with u in your cars for like an hour. The next day you rob me? That was fine. Then the next same thing, later that day the same thing. Today I was just fed up. I was over it. Do you see how that can make me just a wee pissed? I understand I might’ve not rp’d back 100% correctly. But if you could just one minute stand out your shoes and stand in mine.
  12. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    HostileRP is fine, many times did I enjoy being murdered by keminici or Dr Isaac part of the Bank a while back, there was actual story line. But when your “RP” is the same. You don’t have interest to even care less with you boys. Honestly maybe try make a storyline with your group instead of just rob kill repeat the same way. Just boring. rule 4.5 was broken at a point. No doubt. But still irrelevant to the matter. How about you make a report on me. I’d gladly drop everything I had in you if I knew you’d change your hostileRP repetitiveness to hostileRP storybase. But we both know that you prefer to do that cause on PvP servers you just get shot at on sight where as here you can do the same stuff without getting killed before you do it.
  13. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    Oh and my character moans when he’s shot at I right? Ingame physics or whatever.. so why do I need to make a clearly fake sign of pain when the game does it for me? Seems to me that that’s just a terrible argument to get yourself out of a badRP report. I will not be replying to anymore comments unless a game master or admin states I must.
  14. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    Irrelevant to current situation. Russian is a insider joke. And how is he apart of this report if he wasn’t with me during the incident. Also why wasn’t he called out to do POV in public.. just seems like a scheme to turn my own report on me. Number 1. I’m not on the discord, so don’t try lie. Number 2, I’m not Alan so I won’t enjoy exactly what he enjoys. Number 3 I’m sorry I can’t show pain at that time as it’s pathetic that you do the same stuff over and over. Number 4, I did value life, you asked me to give you a reason to live, what did I do? I gave you one, you declined it, I gave you another, you declined it. So don’t try say I didn’t value my life when that was a complete lie. Also Alan wasn’t being led upstairs well I was there. He “supposedly” only came later after I had been killed. Sorry to say, but your argument on my POV is absolute bollocks.
  15. Richard Fisby

    Invalid kill/BadRP - Kabanino

    Well I showed value to life. I gave you reason not to kill me. But what can you do when you upfront just say. “You going to die tonight no matter what”, my character I play is a hard boy. I’m a cocky person and that’s what it is. What you did was not roleplay. I got out of your face. But knew you’d just take me hostage like every other time. And I mentioned last time cause I can. Never died so I remember what happened. So don’t try act like what you did was not BadRP. Honestly I wouldn’t of made the report if this wasn’t the case every time. But sadly all you people do is the same “Roleplay scenario” over and over. It’s trying and boring.
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