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  1. Richard Fisby

    The United Nations - (Open Recruitment)

  2. It wasnt me who told u to put your hands up it was ScarRP
  3. honestly, shouldve also just been a good sport myself.. Btw i am Lord Pablo. But hey, when people do the same boring old shit over and over it becomes a little pissy xD
  4. Richard Fisby

    Kab King

    Haha, I may of had one 2 many.. so when I came into Kab scraeaming, all hail your king.. I was beyond it :') the confidence.. all bow down xD
  5. To answer your question with the same answer. It disrupts the peace of contionutaion. You repeat the same roleplay scenario. “Hands up” scream, “get into house” “intimidate and interrogate” it’s boring. It’s not fun Roleplay in my eyes. And this time I just didn’t give a shit to give you the satisfaction to do it again. Honestly. You won’t see it from my eyes. Your respected by people in this community and nobody tells you otherwise. So you get away with it. This isn’t roleplay. This is straight up, I’m bigger than you so I can do what I want and you don’t have a say in it. Good day.
  6. That OOC in //reported was actually earlier when somebody said I’m lagging. Me and another guy made a joke in OOC where as I said //reported and laughed in person following up with “Don’t worry we all lag in our brains sometimes” and no I wasn’t upset about being robbed. It’s a video game. Honestly. Don’t make assumptions when you don’t know the whole story. Try to be nice just to have a backhand slap of back chat. //reported - 22:08 killed - 22:19 major time difference.
  7. Honestly I hate reporting. This time I got fed up. But do you see where I’m coming from? Like step into my shoes now. Do you see why I wasn’t having fun. Why it becomes boring cause of the repetitiveness, the first time I met you boys I had a ball, we became friends sorta, I rolled with u in your cars for like an hour. The next day you rob me? That was fine. Then the next same thing, later that day the same thing. Today I was just fed up. I was over it. Do you see how that can make me just a wee pissed? I understand I might’ve not rp’d back 100% correctly. But if you could just one minute stand out your shoes and stand in mine.
  8. HostileRP is fine, many times did I enjoy being murdered by keminici or Dr Isaac part of the Bank a while back, there was actual story line. But when your “RP” is the same. You don’t have interest to even care less with you boys. Honestly maybe try make a storyline with your group instead of just rob kill repeat the same way. Just boring. rule 4.5 was broken at a point. No doubt. But still irrelevant to the matter. How about you make a report on me. I’d gladly drop everything I had in you if I knew you’d change your hostileRP repetitiveness to hostileRP storybase. But we both know that you prefer to do that cause on PvP servers you just get shot at on sight where as here you can do the same stuff without getting killed before you do it.
  9. Oh and my character moans when he’s shot at I right? Ingame physics or whatever.. so why do I need to make a clearly fake sign of pain when the game does it for me? Seems to me that that’s just a terrible argument to get yourself out of a badRP report. I will not be replying to anymore comments unless a game master or admin states I must.
  10. Irrelevant to current situation. Russian is a insider joke. And how is he apart of this report if he wasn’t with me during the incident. Also why wasn’t he called out to do POV in public.. just seems like a scheme to turn my own report on me. Number 1. I’m not on the discord, so don’t try lie. Number 2, I’m not Alan so I won’t enjoy exactly what he enjoys. Number 3 I’m sorry I can’t show pain at that time as it’s pathetic that you do the same stuff over and over. Number 4, I did value life, you asked me to give you a reason to live, what did I do? I gave you one, you declined it, I gave you another, you declined it. So don’t try say I didn’t value my life when that was a complete lie. Also Alan wasn’t being led upstairs well I was there. He “supposedly” only came later after I had been killed. Sorry to say, but your argument on my POV is absolute bollocks.
  11. Well I showed value to life. I gave you reason not to kill me. But what can you do when you upfront just say. “You going to die tonight no matter what”, my character I play is a hard boy. I’m a cocky person and that’s what it is. What you did was not roleplay. I got out of your face. But knew you’d just take me hostage like every other time. And I mentioned last time cause I can. Never died so I remember what happened. So don’t try act like what you did was not BadRP. Honestly I wouldn’t of made the report if this wasn’t the case every time. But sadly all you people do is the same “Roleplay scenario” over and over. It’s trying and boring.
  12. Server and location: S1 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2018-12-23, 22:19 Your in game name: Donnie Wilson Names of allies involved: Dont know their names, just met em Name of suspect/s: Garcia Brothers Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: So we head into Kabanino after I meet these two guys at the radio event near VMC, as we fight off a heard of zombies this guy in full blue, mexican starts to act all funny with us.. So I start acting crazy with him, as it is my morale and character at this current stage. He boys then tell us to put our hands up or we gonna die as we go further down into kabanino. They kill the 1 guy I met cause he was too late to put hands up. As they move me to piano house they start telling me im gonna die tonight definetly. We get into the piano house the guy in blue starts to ask what use I am to him and that I act like a hardass the wholetime.. Now before I finish my POV may I add they do this everytime which is actually not fun roleplay and is just out right boring. I give them 2 reasons (so I am complying), and out of nowhere he shoots me, and again, and again, each time saying why u a hardass.. So I reply with, "just the person I am". And then out of nowhere he ends my life. I honestly do not enjoy this as there is no actual roleplay reason for them to kill me. We didnt initiate, threaten or give reasoning for them to invalidly kill me.
  13. Just dont trust any1, these people scum.. Welcome ?
  14. Donnie Wilson, now known by the name, The Preacher. Born in california, moved to his parents country of South Africa at the age of 3 where he grew up doing normal school and extra curriculum activities. At the age of 19 Donnie moved back to California where he studied a degree in the bachelor of sport science. Graduating at the age of 21, Donnie pursued his life to become a baseball coach for the Los Angeles Angels. After flying over Soviet Russia to attend a ceremony of best sport coaches of all time, his flight took a turn of events, falling from the sky. Being knocked unconcious he finds himself waking up to current day shithole.
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