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  1. To Elizabeth Smith (Open frequency)

    *Only hearing the last part of the message, Pavel presses on the PTT and speaks with a low Chernarussian accent* "Your voice sounds familiar. I do not know if you are expecting a doctor, and I am sadly no such thing. But I know a doctor myself, if it is urgent we could assist you." *A door is heard being opened in the background before the PTT is released*
  2. Disaster At The Market [ 39.3 Hz]

    *Pavel takes the transmitter into his hand. With a cigarette rested between his lips, he presses on the PTT and speaks with a low Chernarussian accent* "You are all misguided with your intentions. Finding reasons to stir trouble amongst eachother rather than fighting the common enemy." *A short pause as Pavel blows smoke out into the air* "This...disease, we have reason to unite. Yet, both CDF and civilians alike, you cannot resist the urge to indulge yourselves in the spotlight of trouble, žalostný" *Pavel releases the PTT, throwing his cigarette onto the ground and stomping it with his boot*
  3. More of the Same?

    Honestly the OP isn't wrong though. Stuff is going really fast. Faster then I honestly would think it would. Bandit groups are already being formed out of OOC reasoning rather than them doing it through IC. But at the same time, not only is this a game that we have all been playing a certain way for years. But we all have our own intentions for what we want in our RP. Which is what makes it great. Don't get me wrong, the new lore wipe has been great. Especially for a newer member to the community. I have met some amazing characters and can't wait to meet more. I've experienced some fucked up stuff with it being a new start and I've been making dents, no matter how much smaller they are compared to others. I can't voice much about the past, due to me not being there. But I can say the new lore wipe is a blessing for newer members, but going pretty fast. As long as the RP is good and reasonable, I won't complain though. And I have yet to come across any lame "Stick 'em up or I shoot" kinda bandits and more genuine interaction this time around.
  4. VDV Quarantine zone?

    This discussion was made to voice our opinions about it and it won't, and should not, have any effect on the current status of IC decisions. If you don't like it, voice your opinion rather then bashing the post. Now to answer the post. I believe that it should truly be allowed as an IC thing. If they can maintain a QZ, which I doubt, then they can do it. A large amount of people have come together for the idea of it, so it's not just the decision of a single group. Like I just said, I doubt they can hold it. And it will probably fall through. But for the time being, weeks and even months down the road, it is great IC thing that can be RPed and even talked about to new characters from old characters. Does it make logical sense tho? Not really, and most would just see it as an invasion rather than a QZ. Which some are. The glory of RP right? Also Uncle B is right.
  5. Current status of Utes (Open Frequency. 45.5)

    *Closing the door on his way inside, Pavel takes a seat in his old leather chair. Taking the transmitter into his hand, he presses down on the PTT* "Lesnitski? Ahoj? I hope you hear this. I have managed my way back, you know where. I have a lot to talk about. Hopefully the travels are not bad, I hope to see you soon. You will have to update me on everything that has happened. I know how much can happen in a day, let alone a whole week." "You know where to find me." *Pavel releases the PTT, taking his gear and heading out the door*
  6. Current status of Utes (Open Frequency. 45.5)

    *Pavel presses on the PTT, the faint sound of an engine roars in the background* "Lesnitski. It's good to hear from you. There were some pretty ones I admit, but my time was scarce. Couldn't even get a number. But anyways, I plan to leave the boat north east. You could probably meet me north of that airfield. Probably at that old boat camp, if you remember where that is. I expect to be back in the next 5 hours. Hopefully. I will radio you on my home station when I return and then you can come, make sure to just stay in the area, and don't get into any trouble!" *Pavel releases the PTT*
  7. Current status of Utes (Open Frequency. 45.5)

    *The radio screams to life with static. Slight banging can be heard before the signal clears wnough. A man speaks with a Chernarussian accent* "Ahoj? Ahoj? If there is anyone listening, please respond. This is Pavel. Pavel Petrov, and I'm still alive." *The sound of vehicles can be heard in the background. The rustle and bustle of different overlapping conversations make it hard to hear* "Utes is...nominal. There is CDF everywhere. Maybe thousands, along with refugees. From coast to coast, the whole island is covered. Nikdy jsem nic takového neviděl. They held me in quarantine to determine if I was safe. I guessed I passed as I'm not currently suffering from a bullet to the head." "Tents cover the island. Hundreds upon hundreds. The whole airstrip is filled, looking like a...uh..." *Pavel stutters with his wording* "Nevadí. They no look ready. But they spared some rations for me, all I had to do was some labor. Je to vynikající. I still have unfinished business back in Chernogorsk, which is why I must return. I expect to be back soon, hopefully tomorrow night. If anyone doesn't know where loved ones are, they may be here." *The transmission cuts as Pavel releases the PTT*
  8. What phase are we currently in?

    I would say we're still in early Phase 4 since containment is low and the understanding of it is still globally shrouded in darkness. Cant wait for Phase 5 to kick in and I can be a PTSD driven survivor
  9. Current status of Utes (Open Frequency. 45.5)

    *Pavel slowly makes his way to the aft of the small boat, shutting off the engine and allowing the boat to drift silently through the murky water. Entering back into the small cabin of the boat, Pavel takes a seat in the chair and unclips a small transmitter from an overhead radio. With a lit cigarette loosely between his lips, he presses the PTT and speaks with a chernarussian accent* "Ahoj? Slyšíš mě? This is Pavel. I am certain I am close now. With such an eventful start, I have gotten here a little later than I had hoped, sakra. Očekával jsem víc..." *The transmission cuts for a moment, leaving nothing but a low hum to cut through the silence. The radio suddenly comes back to life, and Pavel speaks into the transmitter with a hushed tone. Shouting in the distance from what sounds like megaphones can be heard in the background* "Zdá se, že mě našli. CDF marked gunboats. I best do as they say." *A loud banging can be heard before the PTT is released. Sending nothing but silence back through*
  10. When is it trolling?

    Thats the fun of this community. Experiencing and meeting all the characters with their different emotions toward the infection. Some people experience empathy differently, and saying EVERYONE must feel one way is unreasonable. When bad things happen, some people get mad and do stupid things. Others stay calm. And others fall into a depressed state they cant escape. Its the fun of DayZ RP where we can unfold these emotions in a story
  11. What Makes A Good Character Page?

    A good character page is one with thought put into it. Boring characters with little work put in/unfinished boxes are uninteresting. I doubt too many people will read them anyways. Another good thing is a character that has human features NOT a military super soldier who knows 12 languages
  12. Input on Guide to RPing US Military personnel

    This is a great idea. It'll definitely help with all the new military characters sparking up and people could learn more in depth RP. I love me some in depth stuff
  13. Really? The new lore; that's it about the airplane?

    I mean its also understandable. What's even more "cringe" is when you get... With no 100% way to keep stuff like this tied to the lore, the only possible way is to make sure people know you couldn't survive it. When you have 5 people with the EXACT same background, it begins to retract from the RP. I get your point about them removing a potential RP aspect. But it's also not that big to the point that it will kill RP in any way. Hell, people could RP surviving other crashes. Doesn't have to be the same one that apparently had 20 people survive that were all the "Lone survivor"
  14. Hello, again.

    Welcome back to the community. It seems to be going strong, especially 5 years on
  15. Current status of Utes (Open Frequency. 45.5)

    *Pavel throws multiple cans of food into his bag, quickly picking up the transmitter on his radio and pressing down the PTT* "Ahoj? If you pick up this transmission, I will be setting out to Utes in around...thirty minutes. I have prepared for the travel. Doufejme." *Taking a puff out of his cigarette, he blows smoke into the transmitter* "Jen doufám, že se vrátím zpět. I do not know exactly what to expect. This is Pavel Petrov, and I only hope I live to make it back home. *Releasing the PTT, Pavel takes his pack into his hands and throws it onto his back. Leaving his rifle behind, he packs a 1911 handgun into his holster before locking the door on his way out*