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  1. Seeing the thread swap between Cali and Randy while Mexi be sitting here like Slava Chernarus, boys. Good to be back once again.
  2. Epic roleplay


    1. groovy harlow

      groovy harlow


  3. *The PTT is pressed, a Chernarussian man can be heard* "A lot of soldiers speaking on this lately. A lot of foreign soldiers at that. When you boys get nice and comfy, let me know so I can plan a visit." *The waves fall silent*
  4. Good luck with the group gang, looking forward to running into you lot when I get home this weekend. Slava Campfire!
  5. groovy chow


    Welcome T. Good to see ya back. @Malthis Pavel is back, guess we'll see how the story goes. (I'm offended, wrong Chow)
  6. I mean, you say this like that's a problem? As if wanting to roleplay in a believable ex Soviet state is something that should be frowned upon? As PatZ said... Look, I don't mind the use of Gorkas being used for civilian clothing but, to no offense towards Wirpy, these look way too basic for me to like. That's my own opinion, of course.
  7. It becomes trolly when you begin treating this server like CSGO VOIP. Have fun getting clapped if you run around being sarcastic to every person you see. As others have said, gauge the seriousness of the situation. I know certain people will disagree, but other people's RP is just as important as your own.
  8. Alright, I understand. As for my own opinion, I can't really say I prefer the old rules. I understand these new ones rather easily without complication. Maybe one of the only rules I miss being explicitly stated is that people who just walk into a firefight and are shot cannot put the fighters at fault. But other than that, I'm indifferent to be completely honest.
  9. Just to put it in layman's terms, you want the same kill rights as an approved group. Without proving you can pass the group approval for said rights?
  10. *Radomir sits his post, listening to radio waves. Upon catching the request, he asks his CO before responding. The chernarussian man can be heard, booming over the radio* "This is Corporal Radomir with the thirty first NBCP, twelfth conscripts CDF detachment. I STRONGLY advise you do not make any such advance towards Kamensk, assuming that is where you mean to go. The area is dangerous, and you most definitely do not possess the possible equipment to keep yourself safe. A simple NBC suit will not protect you." "Again, I strongly recommend that you do not make any advances to the location. You will be sick with radiation within minutes." *The man releases the PTT, sighing*
  11. You obviously feel very strongly for the open, unresolved report. If you would like to talk about it, DM me. If not, let's please take a step back and not call people dumb. As for the OP. If a log is done to switch servers within it's respected time, I see no reason to believe it's not valid. Until specifically stated otherwise. With no where in the rules stating currently that it cannot be done, theres a massive grey area where I'm certain people would not/did not mean to break. I agree that it SHOULD be added into the rules. But let's not all get ban happy on a report when the rules never specified exactness.
  12. *The waves come to life, Pavel takes a long sigh before speaking. A Chernarussian man is heard over the radio* "You are looking to continue research into ground zero, eh? The name is Pavel Petrov, and as far as I'm concerned I'm one of few people that are in possession of original UN documentation of the area. That is, of course, after most of them were killed. I should know, I was one of men that killed some." "I can give you copies of the documents I possess, but only if you will be sharing them with the CDF. And I will expect proper payment of course. If you are interested, I will be listening." *The waves fall silent*
  13. Big no from me, not only because of the numbers we have, but no other map is currently as great as Chernarus+ is. And I really dislike the idea of basing our server lore in America, I love the dynamics of cultures that the position of Chernarus gives us. Chernarussians, Russians, Takistanis and all other neighbors. America would just be Mexicans and Canadians
  14. *The waves come to life, a Chernarussian man is heard* "Civilian, please advise, what is your current location?" "This is Corporal Radomir with the CDF. We have medical personnel on standby if you need us." *The radio falls silent*
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