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  1. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Can we all just get along
  2. What was your first RP encounter?

    First encounter I came across was when I was roaming the Pavlovo Military Base. Witnessed a large firefight and approached at the end of it. Rping being scared but assured to help whoever lived, I pushed in to find a small group of "soldiers" who immediately initiated on me and told me to "Fuck off" Felt good
  3. Disallow stealth radio usage: Rule 11.5

    Everyone is guilty of this. Magic radios. But I believe what you are asking for is another strict rule that would limit what players could plan/do. As was stated already, what we have now is a nice middle ground. Just remember that it wasn't even like this before and people could just use TS flat out. I understand the concern about it, nobody likes "Cheating" in a firefights and such. But I have to 100% agree with Kat on this one...
  4. Community Opinions and the Sort

    It's obvious that the only thing wrong with this community is the members. Now I'm not stating that to create drama or salt. But simply put, the amount of toxicity and cancer that is dished out on a daily basis hurts how this community looks. From my time here, I've witnessed first hand an uncalled for amount of shit. And the easiest example would to literally just look through this thread. Even now, people are throwing lowkey salt towards each other. And this bad blood seeps through the whole community. The administrative team is doing fine, although I disagree with how some things are handled. Not to mention the few secrets they try to keep hidden. I voted neutral on all the groups as it's individuals that ruin things. People need to trust each other when it comes to RP, but the problem here is that people don't. There is no trust among players. One wrong move and they would rather shoot you and move on then rather dedicate time to RP. And the constant shit talk that happens all over the forums never helps. Trust is the biggest boat everyone sails on, and right now it's literally sunk.
  5. Getting DayZ'd

    Oh man, this thread has brought back horrible memories of all my time playing this game. I'll never, EVER, forget the time you could drive vehicles underwater and the time that I was flung miles into the sky while in a truck and it took me 4 minutes to fall back to earth. Good times.
  6. Flux [Recruitment Open]

    Looking forward to seeing the group expand. Best of luck as always!
  7. +1 I understand the reasoning as to why Dynamic groups might be a problem, but my character Pavel has friends he travels with daily and relies on to survive. Telling me I have to create a large group just to assist them in their fights is down right stupid imho. This is a rule that drives players like me away, as it basically removes any and all fluid RP and replaces it with the scare of a ban. It's stupid. The problem that exists on the server has nothing to do with this, and this is looking in the wrong direction to help fix things. I will gladly break this to get an hour more of good RP. I care very little about this.
  8. Evil Group idea

    My opinion on this idea has already been stated by everyone above my post. but I'll hash out my opinion in my own words to let you know how I feel. 1.) I find the idea of any group instigating fear to such a massive amount of people in a realistic apocalypse almost more unrealistic as zombies are. A bandit group or a group that is looking to incite violence would be one thing, but to straight up try to be top dog number one is not only unrealistic, but edgy. In an apocalypse where everyone only gets one chance, putting a giant target on your head will lead to your group ending faster than it begins. 2.) Not to create any drama, but usually nobody cares. Very rarely will you find people genuinely interested in your story. The only time they'll be interested is when you become a HVT, but I doubt that will happen since all the DayZ RP big dogs are already the HVTs on the server. 3.) By "holding on" I believe you mean that you will be claiming land and raiding others. Meaning PVP will be HEAVY. VERY HEAVY. Your group gives off a very "Spec ops cult super soldier bad guy" feeling. Which is bad. To convey emotions and feelings, you must first develop a story behind it. But so far, I just see a group that would exist solely for Gear RP and would start drama at the sight of PVP. Create a group that would rather do anything to survive, a group of misfits not trained or ready but instead were forced into an unsteady alliance. That would be much better then another super soldier sausage fest.
  9. Military Groups. Why they are done wrong.

    Lmfao Military groups can't be treated 100% exact like their real world counterparts. There have been some good examples but individual roleplay comes first above all else and that was the biggest problem with the military groups. Rather then acting as a unit or some form of organized being, they basically are just member made groups with little to go on as things change in the lore and then results in group members creating their own goals outside of the military. Thus resulting in either drama or, as we've had, idiotic and unreasonable rogue soldiers.
  10. Ryan said exactly what was needed. The server is suffering from a fucking aftermath from months of salty and toxic players. The only people remaining are either new players who lose interest fast, or old veterans that will knock down any and all new ideas before they admit to being cancer. The server status playerwise is horrible. If it isn't inconsistent hot spots or dropping player count, it's the amount of down right terrible roleplay that even a Gmod server would frown upon. DayZ RP will not recover. It's definitely done for. Now the only thing we can hope for is if the update is either a god send or for when modding comes out.
  11. Injured (Open)

    *Pavel presses on the PTT, speaking with a Chernarussian accent* "Alright big men. Take it down just a hair. Proč to říkáš?" "The way I see it..." *The sound of a squeaking chair can be heard* "If you started the shit, you eat it." *He releases the PTT*
  12. Ye ye. Ya'll came as a god send. Also when I noticed you were being dragged against your will Dusty can have his fun with you lmao
  13. No no, just the random dude with the friend who needed help
  14. Enjoyed the little run I got in with @UncleB and @DatBlueWolf, even if Borris is a little out of shape. @mrecksie and your friend. Enjoyed the...alright hostile RP we got from you. I recommend going through the Mentor Program as if I was anyone else you would have easily had a report on your head. (Next time, RP checking us. Don't just strip us naked) And of course @Lady In Blue and @Dusty. Think it's my first time running into Dusty, but it was a nice and brief little encounter. *Eavesdrops* (It's sad that this is the best RP I got tonight tho lmfao)
  15. -Chow-

    For all the Roleplayers that aren't involving themselves in Drama 24/7 on this community, stay strong. You are a rare breed of RPer that this community needs. Please, don't let the cancer scare you away lmfao.