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  1. -Chow-

    Multiple frequencies. Simon.

    [Pavel stops as he walks, taking his radio into his hand. He presses on the PTT and speaks with a slight smirk] "And who might this be? Claiming you will kill someone if caught alone? Did I miss something while I was gone?" "You won't step foot near anybody. When I come back to South Zagoria, I'm sure I'll know who you are." [He chuckles to himself] "Also you sound a little special. As if you are mocking us Chernarussian? Keep it off your tongue, you sound like a fucking idiot." [He releases the PTT, looking to the woman to his side. He shrugs, tapping on his rifle before continuing down the road]
  2. -Chow-

    [Multiple frequencies.] A worried man.

    [Pavel takes the radio into his hand, he rests his pack on a wrecked car. He leans against it, pressing on the PTT he speaks] "Hey Borris. It's Pavel." [He looks to the woman following up behind him, going back to his radio] "We're on our way back now. Meeting near Lopatino, correct?" "We're still a ways out. We'll be there soon, but no estimate on when." [He releases the PTT, grabbing his bag and continuing down the road]
  3. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    Like I already stated, I'm more than willing to talk about it. Wether you want to or not is no concern of mine. This thread isn't the place for this.
  4. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    I don't appreciate my group being singled out like this, claiming anyone was using "Rules as a shield." That just comes off as extremely slanderous. If you want to clear up that misunderstanding, I'm always open to talk about it. We had our reasons for getting down off the road rather than just sprinting. I'd appreciate it if we could stop acting like we all agreed OOC that we were safe, because none of us did.
  5. Eagle

    • Eagle
    • -Chow-

    You right, I went little overboard.

    1. -Chow-


      @Eagle It's all good, it's the point of a debate. If it felt as if Riptide was hiding behind rules, I personally apologize. Like I said to Zero, I'm willing to talk about our side. 

    2. Eagle


      Nah idc at this time since it's so long ago, just saw him call out us so I called him out just a cycle mate it's all gud.

  6. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    Let's not start pointing fingers about stuff, considering you did just say... Aside from that salt I laid down, I do agree with you. People need to start taking threats more seriously, but I also want to stroke some ego and say I've seen poor RP on both sides, which you seem exempt from mentioning. You say nobody can force anything on anyone about people getting shot, but you THEN turn around and state... I don't really know what side you're on. Are you defending everyone's rights to not perma? Why are you then complaining nobody permas under your actions? I don't mean to be salty but I'm genuinely confused as to what your point is. You seem as if you're almost doing exactly what you claim other people are doing. Also I want to state that this is a debate, so I'm not trying to come off badly. I just don't think we should be pointing fingers at specifics. The same goes to Flea.
  7. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    Although I don't agree entirely with everything stated, I do just want to point out these exact lines he stated. I'm not afraid to sit here and admit this along with Flea. Hostile RP drives all RP, Imho. It's a vital part of RP especially for DayZ RP. But there's been a sickening lack of RP in the PVP. To the point where even I hate it, and I come from PVP clans. Most people don't have the time, the numbers, the care, the skill or the money (in regards to having a good computer that allows them to PVP enjoyably) to constantly get into engagements at every second. Most players who do eventually PVP get shit on by the super groups, and it kills their willingness to play. Because now that supergroup will just constantly shit on said person. RP is all about enjoyment from all parties involved. Hostile RP plays the most pivotal point as a driving force on the server, so why do so many groups treat it like it's nothing? When certain groups hold the mentality of "Shoot before RP" it's kinda difficult to defend why it's gotten this bad.
  8. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    I can promise you, you wouldn't be banned. The problem is that said person would probably just try to kill you and not RP anything out. Not even mentioning the amount of "disarming" we've had through the course of the server that doesn't lead to any RP. If you RP, give them reasons that make sense, and don't just Rob them. You'll be fine. But if you do it just to get their gun and leave, that's horrible RP. Many people just grab gear off people and run. That's lame and I think that's what you're talking about being banned for.
  9. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    Flea was right 100%. Here's the thing. Majority voted IN FAVOR of the new changes. So that "myth" can be canned right now. Do I agree with them? That's my own concern. Until I SEE it effect RP, I won't voice an opinion. These two statements taken from his post accurate as hell. I have the knowledge even backing this. There are 100% certain people forcing RP onto others thinking it's some sort of solution, because the RP isn't being brought to them. And majority of original ideas have been destroyed lately. Both on an OOC and IC level. The thing that you miss with your view is that it's not a matter of lack of hostile RP, because I have no idea why certain people think it's lacking lmfao I literally spent the last couple weeks with nothing but hostile action. I don't mean to beat a dead horse with this thread, and I love hostile RP. But honestly, let's stop pointing fingers and start realizing it's not just a "You" problem that some people have.
  10. -Chow-

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    You're pretty much saying "It makes no sense to mark a carrier of a disease. Who can spread the disease to anyone." What? Like?? Boi. Carriers irl are a huge moral concern where we don't just gun down carriers of diseases but they usually are forced to tell others they have said disease.
  11. -Chow-

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    This group Kickstarted some good RP around the Riptide camp when it was lacking it at times. Im hoping to start seeing you guys more in game as you've all sorta dropped off the map to our characters for a bit. It's a great group regardless, and I hope when I return home I'll get to RP again like we did.
  12. -Chow-

    The Riptide Collective (IC Open Recruitment.)

    Going to be off RP for a few days. Got some IRL and IC reasons I'll be gone. I'll be back soon, don't worry. Keep things rolling gang. I'll be expecting some new spicy shit to unfold until I get back.
  13. -Chow-

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    I hope most of you will eventually band back together and give us another Moretti run or an entirely new group. Either way, it saddens me to see you guys go. Looking forward to our future encounters
  14. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    I feel as if the thread is slowly dissolving into "I have done this, this group didn't do this" and I feel as if that's a problem of its own. Right now the majority of people still playing are usually just the same 40 people, with a mix of like 5 new players. A lot of my nights in RP has been consisting of assisting other people. But that's hard to do when the only people playing are the large groups who already have what they need. I feel like when you have groups of close to 20 whole players that make up half the server, you don't NEED anything from anyone else. And maybe that's some food for thought? Idk, maybe I'm just talking into a trash can.
  15. -Chow-

    "Everything's Boring"

    He ain't wrong. When majority of the OGs are wiped out and many of the newer players aren't experienced enough to RP, we get the kind of stuff we have now. I imagine right now people are trying out .63, we can only hope things will kick off again when it rolls onto stable