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"Idk ruleplay or something"

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  1. A lot of people just want roleplay, and many feel as though current hostilies are pointless and all around a joke. And I can't really blame them for thinking that way. Currently my time spent on the server has been a lot like a pub server, constantly having to kill. And as much as you can simply say "Just comply" I'm not gonna bend over for every single Joe that decides he wants to take me. Case in point, until certain players start proving their roleplay is more than just the gun in their hand, I don't think many will change their stance on hostile RP.
  • -Chow-

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Mega Bandit alliance groups are the only thing I dislike about hostileRP when they happen. Hostile groups need to stop creating huge super groups with other large hostile groups, because it usually gets to a point where they have no actual PVPers to fight against. And for smaller groups that WOULD like to fight them, it borders NVFL to many to fight back against a group with 10 guys from a separate group always ready to share kill rights. If a hostile group is going to make a large alliance, they mind as well just merge into a single group.
  • -Chow-

    Ban Rape RP

    As was stated many times before, rules are already in place to stop this type of roleplay. If a player suggests rape, you can either tell them no outright in OOC or just allow it to happen but not actually RP it out. Just be like "Alright it happened I'm not RPing it tho" If your OOC comments about saying no go unheard or ignored, report them and make them understand they have to listen to the rules we have. At the end of the day tho, I agree on the idea of enforcing players to stop trying to do it. Its only ever done for memes and it's just disgusting when I've heard people brag about doing it like raping players is a legitimate achievement. If it is consensual and to progress a story, that's good. But all other forms are bad.
  • -Chow-

    Amnesty Who?

    Again, I'd be fine with it if it was done officially and with respect to the community. But you're right $200 is $200 at the end of the day, anyone will accept that when they need it.
  • -Chow-

    Amnesty Who?

    That's the point of the post. Certain people being allowed back in for more money only a couple months after being banned while others are being rejected. I'd been fine with this if it was actually being respectfully upheld by the people in power. But it's not. It's happening behind closed doors. Lets just let certain people in while others have no choice. That's always a good thing.
  • -Chow-

    Amnesty Who?

    As was stated before, the discussion is about the fact that certain individuals get the chance to bribe back into the community for more money, despite doing scummy things like DOSing, yet other aren't allowed for the agreed price despite their rule breaks being petty and extremely minor in comparison. It's not about your opinion on the amnesty system. We want answers as to why problematic players are allowed back for more money and bypass their agreed punishment.
  • -Chow-

    Amnesty Who?

    The amnesty system is an absolute joke and it's just staff favoritism. Nobody should be allowed back for half the things certain individuals have done but here they are. Yet some individuals are banned permanently for hurting the ego of someone. It's a joke, in all honestly. Each case that the admins can't agree on should be made public so that the community can see the blatant bias.
  • -Chow-

    Call on The Mountain

    *The radio sparks to life, Pavel speaks. The noise of distant radio chatter is heard in the background* "Mountain Men? Scout?" "Those are names I thought were long gone. It is good to hear some of you still kicking." "You saved both Ace and I's lives months ago, Scout, so if your people need any help, let me know. I'm sure Borris will like to know you guys are still around." *The radio falls silent*
  • -Chow-

    Interview With a Community Member | Mexi

    Just like Soulja Boy, I got that pretty boy swag Good interview, about time too
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  • -Chow-

    Remove Radio Forums

    Without the radio thread, how's the guy that I just shot in the head going to tell me he's coming for me? +1 radio thread hasn't been used decently in a long time. I would like to have it stay but only if it would be heavily moderated so that only relevant and important information is given. Not just anyone and their mom replying on every radio channel
  • Yuri Izanov is a man born into the life of a nationalist guerilla fighter. Originally being conscripted into the CDF during the Civil War, Yuri defected into the ranks of NAPA when a botched operation resulted in a majority of his team nearly being wiped clean. He believes it was the CDF's incompetence that led to the ambush and failure of the mission. Within NAPA, Yuri quickly became a trusted gun. Before long, he was assisting in bigger scale operations against Chedaki and United States troops. When NAPA disbanded to peacefully challenge the CDF politically, Yuri moved back to Primorsk, where he took up a seemingly average lifestyle. Not too long is when the outbreak occurred, and Yuri found himself thrust back into hell. He now serves under Kameníci, a feared Nationalist group that have seen their fair share of combat.
  • -Chow-

    What the fuck is wrong with this game?

    What do you mean what's wrong with the game? These features are great.
  • -Chow-

    Setting Things Right

    The transmission sparks to life again, a Chernarussian is heard "Russia is entire reason nationalists have taken up arms, ever since civil war." "Regardless, we are all in same boat. If Russia is planning to move south, we will be the first to feel their wrath and fire. If reports are true, and Russian military is engaging civilians, then talks of temporary peace may be needed to repel whatever they throw at us. Russians will not care if you are Chernarussian or not." The transmission ends
  • -Chow-

    Top Groups and Role Players

    Don't have a top 5 list considering it's extremely biased on what people prefer. There is never truly a TOP group. But I do want to give credit to some groups for THIS lore. Anarchy and it's following groups and efforts, Fangs, Riptide, PCC, Black Roses and a couple others that I can't name right off the back of my head. All of these groups were contributing to the lore for a long time and kept the server alive in it's lowest point of this lore when we could barely muster 10 players without them. So they deserve some bonus points for it, regardless of how anyone felt about any of them.
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