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  1. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    To specify the reasoning to select other I dislike the location of the safezone, but above that I dislike the reason it exists. The lore for it is fine, but I truly believe there needs to be a group in charge of the safezone as there is little to no RP in the zone. It makes no sense to have a magical safe zone and without a group running it, nobody cares about stopping by for trading or any RP for that matter
  2. Pavel presses down on the PTT, his voice showing obvious disgust "This shit isn't a joke. The last thing we need is a serial killer going around murdering people. We already have enough nuts running around waving their dicks around, the last thing we need is a deranged lunatic killing people." "A man with nothing to lose? That's scarier than all the other idiots trying to be kings." Pavel releases the PTT, looking over at Borris who is lifting a barrel. Pavel keeps his ears open for any updates
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    • Chow

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  3. Severograd Victory [OPEN COMS.]

    *Pavel presses down in the PTT, speaking with a Chernarussian accent* "I wouldn't mind these foreigners coming over so much had they not attacked me, and multiple others, time and time again." "What is it you people see in my country? OUR country? If you are here for supplies, trust me we are running dry." *Pavel adjusts himself* Terrorists? Bounty hunters? To me, you're all just exactly the same. Blinded by a higher purpose and making excuses the whole time. Poking around in peoples lives with the morbid curiosity of a child." "Budeme všichni trpět za vaše skutky" *He releases the PTT*
  4. Yo, yo, yo! [Open Frequency]

    *Pavel takes hold of his radio, pressing down on the PTT and speaking in a chernarussian accent* "I don't know about the rest of these people who think their next meal is as easy as grabbing a few apples from a tree. Good luck trying that. Steak sounds amazing and I would gladly trade something of mine for something fresh." "The name is Pavel by the way. Je to vždycky potěšení." *Pavel releases the PTT*
  5. -Chow-

    When you go to play DayZ RP at any time and it's just never up to play on.


  6. Looking for Participants!

    Aren't all the events hosted on the server "scripted" events? I mean they are planned if that's what is meant. I don't see the problem with it so... Anyways. I hope this event does pick up. I haven't been able to attend any event since there has been little to none since I've joined the community.
  7. *Pavel takes the radio into his hand, pressing against the PTT he speaks with a chernarussian accent* Severograd is a lost cause. If you are foreign to this country, you do not understand the danger that the city posses. It is a part of ground zero, and it is no wonder so many psychopaths are around. If I were any of you, I would leave the city. Stay clear of those northern military installations. And for fucks sake, stop acting like this shit isn't scary. *He releases the PTT*
  8. Walking into a Firefight

    I believe the text chat is the same as max voice range. So like...30-50? idk
  9. Walking into a Firefight

    Text chat can be just as useful. The range of text is the same as voice but without the horrible hearing.
  10. Walking into a Firefight

    What I always tell newer players is that if you don't know if the person is involved, take the bullet rather than firing it. I'm sure getting shot and killed is better than being on the receiving end of a sloppy report
  11. -Chow-

    Can something actually happen on the server tonight? 

    K thx bye


    1. Faith


      Well, Severograd seems like the hottest things for something to happen. 

    2. ExoticRainbow


      stuff happens trust

  12. Walking into a Firefight

    There's a real nice grey area for problems like these that aren't really covered. And that's because there really is no way to cover them. Firefights stem from a whole bunch of different reasons and possibilities, and simply saying "I didn't mean to kill them" or "I mistook them as someone else" is very hard to believe without solid evidence. And I don't doubt the likelihood of people abusing that mentality either. I have to agree that getting an invalid kill strike when you are in the middle of a suspenseful gunfight is tough and it should definitely be looked into before passing judgement. If you choose to run towards gunfire or walk around a location that is an active hotzone, there should be no right for the other people getting in trouble if you are caught in the crossfire. I would easily consider that NVFL if you willingly choose to act like a firefight is your business. But again, there's a grey area that I'm sure gets abused many times.
  13. Safe Zone Trial

    I mean, like I said its used for a hobby. Hiking, hunting, camping, trips and other activities. I was more just getting a point across of how the amount of gear shouldn't instantly reflect RP. (plus I aplogise if I came across disrespectfully) Back to the OP tho. I still believe the safe zone hasn't, and won't, do anything for the server with how it is currently implemented. Maybe other people have had good times with it, but I have yet to witness anything that makes me think it should exist
  14. Its not that we don't share any enthusiasm. I know I dig it. Just don't go poking people about it. Especially if they are RPing