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  1. -Chow-

    How Did This Happen?

    Came across 3 separate players who have been here apparently for days (from IC knowledge) and they couldn't even remember they were on a roleplay server, talking about their keyboards and buttons. It's laughable that its become so normal. It's almost as if hardcore roleplay isn't what the server is promoting anymore.
  2. -Chow-

    Keep S2 Open?

    With the current server pop, the player queue reached 40 last night. It made it a 30 minute to even an hour for another just to get into the server alone. Keep S2 open until the numbers drop
  3. -Chow-

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Appreciate the feedback. Our priority is intimidation. Hopefully we can continue giving you guys good interactions in the future.
  4. -Chow-

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I'm sorry to hear you did not enjoy your encounter with us. If you thought there were problems, please either leave the feedback on our page or DM us so we can make changes accordingly. Other than that, I hope you won't run from future encounters.
  5. -Chow-

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    I just want to quote this so more people read it. Don't forget about people flooding IRL pages or involving themselves with the children of others. It's pathetic, and those that are at fault for this are the exact example of toxicity in this community. And I'm at a lose for words, back when I first found out about these things and still the things that occur. What's worse is when people in the positions of power know about it, but ignore it. I hope this gets taken as flame, because the accused know who they are and many of us know as well.
  6. -Chow-

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    +1. With information given to me, I'm possibly in the same boat. As is multiple others I know. And the fact people do this/defend this in a DayZ server is baffling. Sometimes the flaming has a story behind it, and sometimes the story behind it is why the points are given. Because to some people, this community has become more personal than they wanted.
  7. -Chow-

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Personally I think there's a problem with both ends. People becoming too offended and those that spend too much time being the offender. Both sides need to just chill from time to time. I do agree, what's become classed as flaming would be considered an opinion somewhere else. But this community is also plagued with certain toxicity, and with no proper way to stop it this is the position we're in. I can defend this argument from both sides, as I've been apart of both sides. People need to just relax and stop taking what's said in a roleplay community so seriously, while others need to learn to back down from a situation and stop constantly instigating it.
  8. -Chow-

    S1 - Invalid Kill(s) and No Time To Comply - 2019-05-15, 00:30 - Severograd

    Yuri Izanov POV: I was covering the compound from the northern hills, just above the camp. I am told by friendlies they initiated on a man who pushed to their location, and right after the people from the camp begin firing on their position. I move to a better spot with eyes on the compound and await confirmation over radio that they have been engaged in CQC, as men wearing orange armbands from the opposing side pushed my boys location, and I proceed to stay as over watch, spotting targets as I see them. It was clear they were using defense right to go on the offensive. Half way into the engagement, I catch a man flanking north from the compound. I ID him as the same man that engaged my boys near a shed, as well as his armband, so I took shots on him, hitting him twice. Farther into the fight, I am still covering the boys from the hill. I spot a man firing out the door of the main building so I take shots on him, hitting him a couple times. The boys then quickly clear out the surrounding area, as well as the compound itself. I move into the compound, we roleplay with the people left, take a look around and leave. Let me know if I will be needed for anything else.
  9. -Chow-

    *Looking for Closure*

    *Pavel presses on the PTT, a Chernarussian accent can be heard* "He was allied with me and my people, I remember him. Although we knew very little about each other, he was close to a friend of mine, Ace." "I will keep listening to radio, if you have any questions. The name is Pavel. It is good to remember those we have lost." *He releases the PTT*
  10. -Chow-

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Let the people do a group they want to play. If we disapproved of every group that was "repetitive" we'd have seen quite a few fall.
  11. A lot of people just want roleplay, and many feel as though current hostilies are pointless and all around a joke. And I can't really blame them for thinking that way. Currently my time spent on the server has been a lot like a pub server, constantly having to kill. And as much as you can simply say "Just comply" I'm not gonna bend over for every single Joe that decides he wants to take me. Case in point, until certain players start proving their roleplay is more than just the gun in their hand, I don't think many will change their stance on hostile RP.
  • -Chow-

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Mega Bandit alliance groups are the only thing I dislike about hostileRP when they happen. Hostile groups need to stop creating huge super groups with other large hostile groups, because it usually gets to a point where they have no actual PVPers to fight against. And for smaller groups that WOULD like to fight them, it borders NVFL to many to fight back against a group with 10 guys from a separate group always ready to share kill rights. If a hostile group is going to make a large alliance, they mind as well just merge into a single group.
  • -Chow-

    Ban Rape RP

    As was stated many times before, rules are already in place to stop this type of roleplay. If a player suggests rape, you can either tell them no outright in OOC or just allow it to happen but not actually RP it out. Just be like "Alright it happened I'm not RPing it tho" If your OOC comments about saying no go unheard or ignored, report them and make them understand they have to listen to the rules we have. At the end of the day tho, I agree on the idea of enforcing players to stop trying to do it. Its only ever done for memes and it's just disgusting when I've heard people brag about doing it like raping players is a legitimate achievement. If it is consensual and to progress a story, that's good. But all other forms are bad.
  • -Chow-

    Amnesty Who?

    Again, I'd be fine with it if it was done officially and with respect to the community. But you're right $200 is $200 at the end of the day, anyone will accept that when they need it.
  • -Chow-

    Amnesty Who?

    That's the point of the post. Certain people being allowed back in for more money only a couple months after being banned while others are being rejected. I'd been fine with this if it was actually being respectfully upheld by the people in power. But it's not. It's happening behind closed doors. Lets just let certain people in while others have no choice. That's always a good thing.
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