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  1. -Chow-

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    Not a fan, I like stories that progress over a longer time span. Just because we introduce planned wipes every year doesn't mean the RP won't just become stale and stagnant again and again and again.
  2. -Chow-

    Kill rights?

    I agree with @Eagle. It'd be like New Moon using rule play to abuse the rules for an easy KOS against group members not involved. Of course we all wouldn't know the entire full story first hand, but members of a group that are uninvolved in a SINGLE group members uncompliant nature shouldn't be subject to getting yeeted because the other group went on discord and said "Yeah we gassed him we have KOS rights now." Of course, the same should apply the other way around. The rules on this are admittedly too ambiguous. New Moon should still be required an initation as usual. Killing them on the spot completely ends all roleplay on the dot. If New Moon, or any character, were scared of them coming to the "rescue" they should drop an initiation, not drop them.
  3. -Chow-

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    NEEEEECROOOOO. But yeah I agree. People like to argue the semantics of "They aren't really needed." but a good bit of players also want them back. If it only helps the server, rather than hurting it, than why not? Right? It's like putting a bandaid on a cut. Ultimately the wound will heal itself, but the bandaid helps.
  4. -Chow-

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    Staff's loss yet again. To be honest I'm glad you stepped down though. Your time and hard work can be used elsewhere, and seeing you stress out over the drama of the community really didn't sit right with me. My favorite member of staff and a great friend. You can't get better than that.
  5. -Chow-

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Wish granted. You're a pro when it comes to golf, maybe even the best, but you only do good when you're not competing against people. I wish I could never die.
  6. -Chow-

    Villian RP

    Well of course. ALL groups should be willing to lose for RP. I've done more than my fair share of both fighting and giving up in favor of winning and losing. So I agree with you, villians need people to lose to become a villian in the first place. But said groups usually don't win. In fact, I cant name a time they have recently tbh.
  7. -Chow-

    Villian RP

    A good villian is one that his motivations are almost agreeable. People on the opposing side should be able to see the logic in the demands but despise them because it breaks their own moral code. As a good villian, your motives and actions should be brutal but not unreasonable. A good villian shouldn't just walk into a camp and yell an initiation. They should be subtle and create tension. Let the situation climb, and instil a sense of unease into the opposing party. A good villian never lays his cards on the table, he makes you wait.as an example, Anarchy managed, for a time, to be that group. Traditional PvP, as in players shooting players, doesn't do a good job of creating a villian. Running around and spraying every player you can just makes the RP bland, especially when it's bragged about OOC. It takes all tension away. As a villian, you should always be working towards the hostile RP, not hunting down runners and killing them on the spot because they didn't comply. It makes your motives boil down to kill count. Not to mention, villians should always be prepared to lose eventually. If you create "bad guy" character with the sole intentions of just winning everything, you're the exact reason why hostile RP is getting slandered. Sometimes you have to lose to win in the end.
  8. -Chow-

    The Faceless Organisation (TFO) - Open Recruiement

    As was brought up before, I would look over your goals and overall presentation of the post. Your goals are currently pretty basic "Punish whoever doesn't agree with us." Aside from that, it's nice to see another group popping up. I'll be keeping an eye on this, good luck.
  9. -Chow-

    Cheesecake Appreciation Thread

    Uh oh. I looked at this thread real late at night. Now I'm gonna suffer.
  10. -Chow-

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Granted. Your PvP skills increase but only while naked in game. I wish I was the ultimate thief.
  11. -Chow-

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    7/10 I always appreciate animated avatars that loop well.
  12. -Chow-

    Depersonalized - Sea of sorrows.

    I've already read this when you posted it, but I looked back through it and feel as if not commenting about it would be insulting. Your writing is always poetic and meaningful. Rather than "Hi Borris here, I did this today bye" you add the right amount of depth in each word that it paints pictures.
  13. -Chow-

    More pvp for rp?

    "Complaining" is what people do when things don't feel right. Everyone has every right to it, and simply assimilating into the garbage is something many won't do when it comes to a community they care about.
  14. -Chow-

    More pvp for rp?

    Straight PVP does not promote RP in any way. It just doesn't. Especially when nobody is forced to RP the injury. Why? Because nobody RPs when they are too busy talking tactics in TS attempting to win every fight they get into. If the server mentality was currently shoot to miss in favor of RP, It'd be better. But it's not. And sadly it probably will never be. Our solutions to stale RP is right in front of us but sadly it comes down to player choice in the end. And everyone wants to win.
  15. -Chow-

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    What a fat meme. 90% in favor of adding back Lore Masters. But I'm sure the 10% will pull through. Just a hunch. Add them back