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"“My uncle said in World War 2, he shot at a T-Rex.” -TeeJayx6"

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  1. new profile song omgomgomg

    1. KermieSB



  2. i got 3 shootas with me and they all blind

  3. OG Kabanino Gang >> any group ever ez

  4. image.png.0fe0b12a8c6c8a847461b052813e2a96.png

    1. Nelson


      thinking about making a pastor that preaches the "streets" and be a follower of Lord Future

    2. Camo


      Go for it my dude, I'd love to see a preacher character again! It's been at least three years since I have seen one. They're usually pretty immersive and entertaining.

  5. free all da homiez

  6. Nelson

    this my baguette

    forgot too post the great camera man himself, @Camo
  7. this my baguette
  8. *Zuko presses on his radio* "Helow dis Zuko i am cuereus on how da clown stoof work Cuz when I was da young man I hear aboot da clown and da circus So do you guys do da circus and do da perform wit da elephant and stoof? I com watch da show when you guys in a town, and especially eat da peanoots ok i go sleep now good night" *Zuko turns his radio off and lays down*
  9. *Zuko tries to figure how to work the radio* "Helow, i tink dis ting on, but anyboti got any food dat near da Bewazeno fiyah staytion? Me very hungry and got no food and I tink ima starve so if anyboti out der dat near dat fiyah staytion com help please, i give good pahment if yu hear dis have nice day" *Zuko turns off the radio and lays back in the fire station*
  10. i agree with everything stated here, especially the 2 ATM's so +1
  11. new song heat no cap

  12. image.png.4364ca67174093c70f020db7391fd74c.png

    the old kabanino gang 😢

    1. Cuchulainn


      Thats that good shit

    2. Nelson


      me and camo went down memory lane and miss everyone, one day we gotta bring it back and have a memorial for Oxen 

  13. the old gang, i miss it
  14. Zuko grew up on a ranch in Kang, Botswana to a family of farmers. Zuko's whole life was always about farming and making a living with his family, up until he got to his late teenage years. During school he met a friend who came from Zimbabwe and become real close with him and they became best friends, but when the two of them graduated from school, his friend had to go back home in Zimbabwe to protect his town against rebels and protect his family. He asked Zuko to come with him and promised to help him and Zuko agreed, leaving a note to his family letting them know that he made a promise to his friend to go to Zimbabwe with him but did not tell them the reason why. After fighting multiple months against these rebels, he stayed true to his promise leading to them defeating the rebels and chase them away along with his friend and his friends home town. After that he told his friend that he wanted to continue to be a farmer and travel throughout the world teaching other countries and people different ways to farm and different crops to grow as well. His friend told him that he must stay in his town to protect it and Zuko agreed and did not judge him. Years past and Zuko has been travelling all over the planet teaching people how to farm and his ways, this leading to him South Zagoria, after learning the history and events of what has happened here he wanted to help the current civilization on how to farm and have courage again in this rotten lands.
  15. haha i come back pt 2 for sure this time
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