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  1. Maybe one day I’ll be back

  2. Well I won’t be able too come in game anytime soon. I recently broke my ankle so I won’t be able too hop on any time soon. Shout out too all my homies though and the boys in FFL. Hopefully I can come back soon. I’ll stick around on the forums, but until then ✌?

  3. That's a nice profile pic you got there ?

  4. today was fun even with the 5+ firefights lol. Shout out too all the boys today

  5. Alright since @Dusty killed me I'll like to take this report down. I thought it was one of the guys in town that we had just met. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  6. Server and location: S1 in Vshnyoe Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019/01/26 - 18:00 - 23:00 Your in game name: Bucky Brooks Names of allies involved: French Legion and Pamyati Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Uploading the video to youtube soon. Detailed description of the events: So we hear from Pamyati and some of my group, French Legion, that there was New Moon in Zub Castle, so me and @Kaizer get up there when the fight was over and helped some of the guys that were injured. So we all run back down too Vyshnoye to fill up on our water and right when we get ready to leave I get gunned down out of nowhere.
  7. Bucky's POV - I and my boys in the French Legion were chilling around looting the airfield and OP came up talking shit and him and talking shit on each other and said that they wanted a knife fight and OP stated that he'll shove his knife down @Nightngale's throat, so they fight it out and the OP knocked out @Nightngale, and we tell him to get off his body. So we split ways and he's just going around asking for rags and water, I tell him I don't have any and continue on with my business. He then pulls out his gun and says there's an infected in front of me even though I was looking straight ahead and I saw his gun pointed at me and shoot him down. So you said I RDM you, yet you were going too shoot me and try to kill me..?
  8. I'm currently busy atm in game, so I'll have my POV up soon.
  9. best remix of 2019 so far

    1. Nelson


      *this was a snippet though 

  10. no more highwaymen, we listening too Comethazine now ???

  11. Sounds cool and looks interesting. I like the hazmat story, not a lot of characters with that type of background. Good luck on your whitelist and if you do make it, as a suggestion I'd add more to a backstory from the stuff that happens in game, so you can see the progress with your character over time and make it more into a story rather than a simple background but nonetheless it looks great man! Good luck on the whitelist and hope to see you in game soon!
  12. *Bucky would finish his cigar before pressing the PTT* "Well isn't it demon boy himself. I mean I wouldn't say swinging my dick, but if your gonna make threats to my friend, of course, I'm gonna call you out and tell you, you won't do shit. Now I'm 90% sure that most of the people left in this country think you are a joke. I mean you go around recruiting "demons". *Bucky would laugh* "All I'm saying is if you mess with my boy Mickey were gonna have problems." *Bucky would shutoff the PTT and take off his gear to get ready to fall asleep in the cabin*
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