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  1. I know damn well what you mean! Luckily, there are more items than the ones in my backpack!
  2. I RP as a 35 y.o. Russian dude who served his 24 months as a drafted soldier 17 years ago, so not the usual "straight from the marine corps" or anything. He does don some military equipment. But that's simply because it would be logical to arm and dress your self to the point where you think you can defend yourself against weather and foes. He's simply an opportunist. The whole difference for me is how the character acts as a person. I've tried to set him up as uniquely as I can when it comes to personality, though.
  3. I'll try to keep that in mind! RPing to beat a cow to death is quite the hassle, but perfectly executable!
  4. Thanks, all! As far as memorable RP goes, I've already beaten a cow to death with a shovel for that precious hide and steak Far more to be done
  5. Thanks! I've been RPing for some years, but never on DayZ, so I'll see if I can get accustomed to it! If not, I'll give the programme a go
  6. Hello everyone! Just joined the conmunity a few days ago and had my whitelist application accepted today Had a great first time on the server and met a random dude. After just a couple of hours I've already come a long way with equipping my character to where I want his look. Looking forward to meet more of you guys out there!
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