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  1. Hello Survivors! Some of you may already know this tool, some not. Some of you may like this tool and effects, some not - it is understable but i hope you will appreciate my work on this guide. I would like to show you a RESHADE 3.0 an amazing tool which gives you a lot of amazing effect which you can apply even in game. I think you won't have any problems as there is in-game UI pretty easy to use but if some of you will have some troubles - this guide is for you. RESHADE 3.0 - https://reshade.me/ Optional - MY SETTINGS - https://ufile.io/gn8wl SCAN When you have already download RESHADE 3.0 then obviously you have to install it. 1. Open SETUP file download and press grey SELECT GAME button and find a path of game. 2. Already done first step? Great! Now you have to select a API which is in this case Direct 3D10+ and that's it! You have have almost finish installation! RESHADE will ask you if you want to download standard effects and I believe that if we want to see any difference we want to download them - HELLO CAPTAIN OBVIOUS Congratulations - you have installed RESHADE 3.0! How to install already ready to use preset? Simple! Just drag the .ini file to your DayZ folder and run your game then press SHIFT + F2 You will see a RESHADE UI! To select already existing preset press DOWN ARROW and select preset - that's it! You can change settings of this preset by enabling or disabling options in the TOP menu. You can adjust these settings using menu at the BOTTOM. You can create your new preset and what I can recommend just to test every option one by one and see what will happen - I am aware that people have different preferences. To close RESHADE UI just press one more time SHIFT + F2. SCREENSHOTS BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER Difference might not be clearly visible on these screenshots however there is a difference in game. If you will have any questions, feel free to ask.