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  1. Josh has always been an outcast in society, disregarded by his family and looked down upon by all his peers, when he was 10 he lost his father, mother, two sisters and only brother in a horrifying car crash, unloved by the rest of his family they refused to take him in instead disowning him. for 8 years he moved around from family to family, place to place constantly being victimised and tormented by all around him, on the verge of suicide Josh met a Young woman by the name of Ji-Yeon (a young Korean women visiting the UK for educational purposes), Ji- Yeon taught Josh that not everyone was out to get him however just as he was learning to live again Ji-Yeon was raped and murdered, vowing to take revenge on them who harmed his friend Josh tracked down the killers, who turns out were ex Korean gangsters, he brutally murdered two of them with a sharp kitchen knife however just before he could finish the job he was interrupted by the police. The Police arrested Josh without hesitation and the final killer managed to escaped, Josh unwilling to accept this decided to break out of his cell killing two police officers in the process, it took him some time but he eventually found out that the final killer had fled back to Korea, have no passport and no money the only way Josh could pursue the killer was to stowaway on a freighter ship. Thinking he had the right ship he settled in for a long journey, little did he know the ship he had picked was bound for Chernarus, on the Journey the ship ran into a frightful storm and was submerged beneath the sea, thinking he was about to die Josh could only picture Ji-Yeons killers face in his mind as he slowly faded out of consciousness. Josh then awoke dehydrated and hungry on a beach in a foreign land not knowing where he was, he decided to follow the road in the hopes of finding someone, when he did eventually stumble onto someone that person out right attacked josh forcing him to kill the "mad man" with a rock. Josh had no idea what was going but he knew one thing.......he would survive!
  2. Hey there sorry for the hassle (I accidentally posted this in the support section before I noticed this, I would like to apologies for that), so today I got back from class and launched the game everything went fine until around 2 minuets into the game when I got kicked for the reason below: "you were kicked off the game (BattleEye Admin Ban (BEC : GameHack #38))" I was shocked to see this as I have in no way or form attempted to hack this game or any other, I would really appreciate any assistance I can get with this thanks and I hope I haven't been permanently banned for something I have not done. thank you for your time and again sorry for the hassle.
  3. we talked for a bit before robbing the first guy and we left him with most of his gear only taking ammo and a few guns, I fail to see what we did wrong, but fair enough.
  4. JNL's POV: I don't believe we did anything wrong, we made our intentions clear before attempting to rob anyone, the reason I had my gun drawn and aimed at the police station was because I seen my friend crouched next to some random guy in the street from my perspective it looked fishy, I had put my gun down when the guy panicked after seeing me, while it's true we did rob his friend previously and then attempted to rob this guy after the gun aiming incident, I did not "shit talk" anyone they asked me questions to which I replied and they didn't like the answer. that is as far as it went, we made our intentions clear before acting therefor I don't see any problem with what went down.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): DAYZRP.COM-S1EU-ROLE PLAY- WWW.DAYZRP.COM SERVER Why the verdict is not fair: Hey I only just got approved to play on this server today and I was having real fun on it with aa friend but then I randomly got kicked and banned? the reason it gave me was, "you were kicked off the game(battleye: Admin kick (Banned! invalid RP name. create a ban appeal)) I'm not really sure why this has happened and would really appreciate any help you can provide as I don't think iv been fairly banned? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was kicked a few times over the course of the day with the same explanation I ignored it at first thinking it might just have been a random thing but now iv been banned and I really don't understand it. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get unbanned if possible. What could you have done better?: I'm not sure how to answer this as I don't know what iv done wrong.