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  1. Flewer

    How to fly a UAZ-451

    Damn, seems like pimp my ride have been sneaking around in arma.
  2. Eya! I'm Flewer and i'm a photoshop user and recently started to use 3ds max, I'm a very polite, random, happy, non-comedian guy that loves to roleplay in games such as garry's mod. HL2:RP and so on. As i'm a big fan of roleplaying, I decided to give DayZRP a try since it sounds interesting and a friend of me use or play it. Have in mind i have no clue about what hes called in-game. I'm from Europe. If you wish to know more about me, feel free to send me a private message. Regards, Flewer. P.S. I enjoy listening to relaxing music such as dupstep.