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  1. thanks guys unfortunately im still awaiting my whitelist but it will be done soon
  2. Well I was not aware how many people were in the hannel at the time and none of them said they disapproved of me. At the time I was talking to a guy called modern And as I said above I shouldn't have used suxh abusive language as freely and I shouldn't have said such things in the lobby Sometimes I get carried away and I sincerely apologise 4 dayz ago gijs you said this and i believe that this incident can fall under the same understanding. "This being the internet, we can't see each other's faces or hear the tone of our voices. Just be careful with what you say as it might insult someone. Smile" I have learnt what limits you guys set and im now well aware. I assure you that it will not happen again
  3. I honestly to the bottom of my heart didn't hear you Again I have learnt from this experience and will not repeat it
  4. Link to report : Dont believe there is a report as i just got banned instantly on TS Why the verdict is not fair : I was joking around with some of the American members, talking about my pet crocodiles (not real just part of the joke) and about how Aussies are tougher then Americans. They said that to live in a place like Australia you must be tougher and how they are scared to come to Australia. I was then saying "You cunts just need to toughen up" etc etc. Zhunk then joined the chat not knowing that we were just having some fun barter back and forth. he heard me swearing and mu supposed "Flaming" and banned me without talking to me about it. I deem this unfair. Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like to gte unbanned from teamspeak as i quite enjoy talking to everyone in the community What could you have done better? My mistake was is that i was talking to the guys in the lobby when i probably should have gone into an empty room. i should probably level my language down as well.
  5. thanks csteacy good luck out in the wastes
  6. Cheers naury if you see me out in the wastes im friendly lol
  7. Cheers man i look forward to seeing you out in the wastes of chernaurus
  8. G'Day guys im a 16 yr old from Perth, Australia. i figured i would just post here while im waiting for my whitelist to be accepted. anyway feel free to PM me im always happy to talk to anyone -Ash AKA Chubbs