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  1. Finally Back!!!

    Its been a while since ive played DayZRP (About 3 Months) ive been busy with work and family etc. etc. whats been going on? what are the new changes? any funny new deaths? and most importantly how is everybody Doing?
  2. The Lore Wipe

    there is no lore only Zuel
  3. Tweaked out Zombie

    i dont know i hit him with an ax and he hit the ground like that
  4. Tweaked out Zombie

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=302073813 sorry i have to share the link the screenshot isnt on my computer
  5. Weirdest injuries...

    We have all been playing for a while and Im sure we have all gotten injured one way or another but how about the weird injuries... For example i was playing a while back and walked down the stairs and broke both of my legs, apparently my character did not drink enough milk growing up
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone im new to this server at the moment im working on the White List test at the moment keep getting one question wrong ONE ha ha but thats ok im patient i am looking forward to seeing you all in game and to have some fun