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  1. Big Tony grew up on the mean streets of east London, working the doors at the nightclubs in and around central London. He was known for his means temper and not to get on the wrong side of him at the club other wise you'd be waking up in the back of his ford cortina and wishing you hadn't of dropped your pint on his shoes. He worked for the kray twins as a door man and doing a bit of heavy work for them from time to time when he wasn't the gate keeper to there clubs. He looked after a small group of bouncers for them and made sure that every club and pub they ran or "protected" was fine and dandy and all ship shape. One night a Russian man got into a bit of a spot of bother at one of the Krays clubs. Tone was there to help him out. The Russian man was not in the wrong it was a few lads trying to act hard but it back fired. The Russian gave Tone his card and told him if he needed anything he was the man to contact. Sadly the London club land scene started to go down hill fast. The police started raiding all the clubs and Tony was a wanted man. He had dumped many bodies in the themes and had blood on his hand's. He remembered the Russian man. He gave him a call and within a week he had been picked up and moved to Moscow. He was now working the doors of the clubs that "Big Dick Karel" owned and was working his way up the gang. "Big Dick Karel" had moved to Chernarus on business, Tony had gotten a radio message from "Big Dick" and was told to make his way down. It was a Long walk from Moscow but Tony made the walk and linked up with his boss "Big Dick Karel"
  2. nyyoooooommmm

    Jaysh Allah (Strict Recruitment)

    used to play in a group just like this during the mod days, was great fun and great RP, I hope this group isnt a troll and you take care with what you say and do in game and don't belittle anyones faith, if you need any help with any knowledge on Islam and its teachings feel free to hit me up. Hza saeidaan al'iikhwa
  3. It ran “fine” before the latest dayz update not dayzrp update, so logic has it that the great people at dayz have done what they do best and have managed to add this amazing feature to the game, and it’s not a bug it’s a feature. But in all seriousness it’s a dayz issue every sever is have played on is having issues
  4. nyyoooooommmm

    DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    In search of a graphic designer the best of the best will only do, if you are a baller with the photoshop wiz and can make a masterpiece out of nothing then you are what I am looking for. Must be able to keep a secret.......
  5. It has been a pleasure gentlemen and lady’s, I wish you nothing but the best of luck for the future.
  6. nyyoooooommmm

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

    this game looks amazing
  7. @Bot ElmoSeb and Frankie, fist bump buddies, was a pleasure playing with you bro and thank you for talking me round to joining
  8. Hello So it was me who opened fired on you and killed you, as staggs stated in his POV you were deemed a threat for looting a body of its gun and then hiding waiting to ambush us, I was inside the church as I was the gentleman with the m16 and pointed it at you and asked why you still had a shotgun on your back inside the church and roleplayed with you and the other hostages. I hope this clears the matter up. Like staggs said if you wish to talk to disc I’d be happy to catch up tomorrow. Connor
  9. @Rolandare you still planning on doing a lore wipe this summer? Like you said in the winter last year? But you choose to push it back
  10. skepta is a wasteman but slowthai's new album is the one
  11. POV: we turn up at camp Eden, find out that the accused is there and he has said prior about how he is and will kill DB. We confront him in the camp. He walks out the front gate and stands about 20 meters away wiggling around baiting for us to come out. Finally we do, he then starts to run away. This is where I pull away from the group and give overwatch. They catch up with him and what you see in the video happens. I then link up with them as the get closer to the house and as the accused is given demands he just refuses to do anything he asked. He is then out in the house and then acts as he does.
  12. I would but was on final and cant even get in as a dev
  13. I voted other, I’d like to see the staff members punished for handing out bans that are unjust. You do something wrong at work your boss shouts at you and you get a warning, I feel this should be the same. You warn someone for the wrong thing your not allowed to give out warnings until you can prove otherwise. You give out multiple bad verdicts that get over turned by a Admin your removed from giving verdicts until you can prove otherwise.
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