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  1. I found a group for you @Jerryyour boy @Maybeleleis here, good luck lads
  2. IGN: depends on group Country: UK English skills: on point DayZ Mod Experience: alot DayZ Standalone Experience: to much Roleplaying Experience: to much for my own liking What kind of In Game role best describes you: it depends on the group and the mood i am in, some times I enjoy leading the RP and others I enjoy being a bit part player, It all really depends on the group and the groups roleplay. Have you been in any clan/group previously: SGRU, LISKA, JOYCES, Additional notes: Get to know me dont let my forum or discord presence dictate how you see me, I can actually be a very nice guy Best way to contact you: Forum or discord Backstory: Again depends on the group really
  3. thought lore factions had to be led by a staff member ?
  4. Hey if it’s just a bit of fun, why isn’t banter allowed ; )
  5. Embrace the dab and forget your a gm
  6. Shut up, I have screen shots of you dabbing all over the place the other night , PFT I thought you were cool
  7. If nato were to even have a camp it would be more like tent city at NWAF, like @Hofer the FBI agent said “how would they build one”
  8. Until you send me more naughty pictures there will be no kisses
  9. I’d prefer more half naked selfies of you then more of your threads
  10. Woodrow Jirik born 29/12/1987 in Dubky. His mother was of British decent and his father of Chernarussian. At a young age Woodrow was taught about the traditions of the chernarussian people and their culture. His father and grand father always tried to install the firm belief tho he was part British and part chernarussian that the chernarussian side was the stronger and more prominent. At the age of 10 his mother and father split leading Woodrow and his mother to move back to the U.K. Even tho he lived in London with his family there he still practiced his chernarussian beliefs and up bringing’s. He go for hikes in the forests, go hunting and tracking. He would look at the pictures his family had given him of the woodlands and of the grand coast line. He would always long to go back as he saw himself more chernarussian then British. Woodrow was given the news at the age of 22 that his father was on his death bed. He choose to uproot his life in London to spend the final months of his fathers life with him. Woodrow settled back into chernarussian life and culture and once his father last he choose to stay in chernarus. He managed to scrape together whatever money he had and borrowed what ever money he could from friends and family in chernarus to buy a small fishing boat. He would go out fishing on it every day and sell his catch at the dock front to the locals and on a Friday night he would have a small cook out for the locals. Right on the water front. Suddenly the civil war out broke. Woodrow took it upon himself to close down his small fish and chip shop on the dock front to take up arms and fight alongside people he called his fellow countrymen. His grandfather was the first to die in his family, he has taken up arms against the Chedaki and lost his life defending the family at their summer cabin. Woodrow seeing his grandfather die made it his mission to get the remaining family members out of the country. He had a friend who was planning fleeing the country via the dirt passes in the north leading into Russia. Once in Russia he had a car set up and would drive the family to the Ukraine where they could seek asylum at the British embassy. Sadly the family never made it and were gunned down fleeing through the north. At this time Woodrow tried to enlist but was turned away countless times due to him being a half bread and not full blooded Chernarussian. He had heard wind of a group of foreigner fighters working together as a unit. After days of waiting and searching he finally stumbled into them. A Aussie man greeted him and the pair started to bond. Soon enough Woodrow had joined the group and began the fight for a free chernarus. Sadly soon after joining the group was captured and taken to the prison island where they became known as “the bastards”.
  11. I have to say @Watchman you are doing bits mate hats off
  12. Thank you very much, appreciate the feedback and praise
  13. Good luck gents, the role play is gonna slap in this group
  14. Vote no, just don’t think it’s worth it tbh
  15. I am 100% in thinking that the rules should be set in stone for all and staff should not be interpreting the rules diffrently. 100% back this
  16. goodluck boys, glad to see @KpopKillaback
  18. i'll put it this way and the rule I play by, "if your not sure don't do it" simple. Whether by the rules you have KOS, if you don't feel ok comfortable then just don't. I voted yes that the rules are clear but meant to write no (sorry on that) Rules are not set in stone and "each" staff memeber has there own interpretation of the KOS rule or "kill rights" rule's. Just don't kill or shot unless you are comfortbale, have recording. Its a mine field
  19. You did a good job lad, tho we don’t see eye to eye on things you did a grand job with this one well done
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