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    Congrats on being approvedb
  2. neom

    Praetorian Guard

    Good luck boys
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    RIP juice wrld

  4. neom

    RIP juice wrld

    serious ? like dead ass this true?
  5. Not boycotting it, just can’t be bothered to pay cash for a map simply. When all the items are free and will be added to chernarus and no doubt it the steam sale it’ll go half price or cheaper. End of the day your right they shouldn’t be charging for a map when they have a broken game but it’s a business they need to make cash
  6. neom

    Nerf zombies #2

    I don’t see an issue tbh, maybe if the bandaging speed was put back to what it was used to then I’d be a little happy but the game have been a walk in the park for far to long, zombies are meant to be an issue and prior to that the only issues have been PVP and whitenames not knowing the rules. I like it, I’d be disappointed if they were nerf’d anymore then they are now.
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    thank you Connor for conveying my thoughts from my brain onto the forum
  8. neom

    Mentor Program

    Great idea, very much needed, I would offer my services but....
  9. neom

    Bring Back Prud Lake

    Make me dev and you have a deal
  10. neom

    Bring Back Prud Lake

    My plan was to try and rebuild as many of the old ones as I could but to have them be broken and decaying. But a fair bit of the links on the mod settlement page are dead so this makes things a lot tougher
  11. neom


    Wood storage, WOOD STORAGE, not weapon storage, you have 2 types of lockers and barrels for everything else you don’t need this, -1
  12. neom

    Bring Back Prud Lake

    Already a step ahead of you and have been working on something like the old one in the editor
  13. neom

    Group Implemented base too OP

    When I used to do the map development side for the arma 2 mod for dayzrp there were a few points I used to look at to approve a settlement. 1. Was it realistic The WP makes 0 sense, it sprung up over night by a group of survivors. Yes I have heard it’s meant to be a town that was walled off or gated off but that’s not the case. You can write lore all you want and say it was a wealthy gated community but no that’s not the case. There has never been a gated community up there not a town in that location. If you wanted a gated community it prob would of been better to just use the dayz in game building tools and wall off a town. As WP are survivors this would of given a more survivor theme and feel. 2. Does it look out of place It does looks massively out of place, there is no need for it to be there. It totally ruins that area of the map and looks like it has just been dropped there and doesn’t blend in how a town should. 3. Is it well made Sadly it isn’t from a developer side of things you can notice little areas, gates facing the wrong way, walls clipping, buildings higher then they should be and not placed into the ground at the correct levels. Clipping of soil and such, this again comes down to location and not being able to build on a flat land area. With such a large project the area should of been chosen better. 4. Does this provide an unfair advantage There are giant walls, and a 2 gate way system to get in. 5. Location It is right next to tisy, it is an unfair advantage currently, with a truck a few people and a few tents you could do constant runs to tisy and take all the rifles and ammo and anything else, promoting gear over RP and thus just making a big stash. I personally don’t care about the over powered nature of the camp at all, because I’ll be honest I’ll break in one way or another and all ready have so it’s not that hard. My main focus and complaint is just how out of place and poorly made it looks. I think the walls need scaling down and lowering to not make it looks like sector b from dayz origins. They are giant and just looks stupid. The clipping of the hospital floor is triggering and the church being raised up because of the ground slope shows it’s a poor location for these builds and maybe should of been looked at in the editor prior and thought this isn’t going to work. The grass area, in reality that wouldn’t be an open grass field. It’s be covered in concrete and a “town square”. The gates or statues, one is facing the wrong way. The radio tower and prison building look totally out of place. I couldn’t really care about the advantages the base holds or its location to tisy (they are just the points I would of made myself) but I am more about the looks, build quality and realism, sadly this has none of that.
  14. neom


    Up teh Joyce, here we go boyos
  15. I like the zombies but when your peppering think in the face with .308 at point blank range and there swinging at you still it’s a bit meh, would it be pos to fiddle with the hit boxes or is this not a thing @Duckyto make them one shot head shots
  16. Good morning staff of dayzrp I would like to discuss the following and get a clear answer as I have spoken to a few members of staff and as such not got the same answer from them. staff abuse: The staff member in question was caught using god mod during a fire fight and they’re excuse was “I forgot to turn it off”. Prior to this said staff member was talking a lot of trash in game, this leads me to believe that they were fully aware of there admin tools being on and they knew no harm would come to them. During the “fire fight” the staff member in question was mag dumped by myself with a ak74 mag at point blank range while they hid in a tree. The staff member in question said they were not aware someone was firing at them. I also find this extremely hard to believe unless you have your volume turned all the way down someone unloading a whole clip into you at point blank range is pretty loud. I have a dm from them to provide evidence they said they didn’t know they were being fired upon and also video of the start of the fire fight, so they were aware bullets were flying about. So surely at this point if you were “using” your admin tool to free cam around the map prior and as I have been told you need to be in god mod for this as it can kill. You’d be like “oh shit I forgot to turn it off, someone’s shooting at me fuck, let me turn it off and take the fate that was meant to happen”. The once I take the staff member in question hostage and up into the trees and start RP’ing with them, screaming at them to drop there guns couldnt they then turn off god mod and continue to Rp? After this is decide ok I’m shot up, it’s time to dip, as I do said staff member processed to pull out the trust m7 and start firing at me. Which is fine I tip my hat to her for being crafty and using the AndreyQ strat. I then whip out a .308 semi auto rifle and blast them at point blank range with a whole mag. My point is the staff member in question had 3 chances to turn off they’re god mode . 1. When they saw us in the WP base after they had free cammed (mistakes are mad and maybe they were acting quick to stop us raiding the camp) 2. when having a mag dumped into them while they hid in a tree (they could of noticed they are not in the YOU ARE DEAD screen and taken they’re fate) 3. when being taken hostage (they could of used this time to notice they had it in and accepted her fate) I see clear abuse of staff tools here and taking them away from the staff member in question isn’t enough as they have been found guilty of abusing there status in staff to have admin tools and not playing fair. If this was any other member of the community they’d be banned for hacking and cheating. At what point does it become “cheating” and punishable by staff to ban or perm a staff member for “forgetting” to turn off they’re tools. I have also been informed this isn’t the first time said staff member has been caught doing this. second question I made a support ticket regarding this and was informed it wasn’t what I thought it was. So I will rephrase it. I believe in this stream that Fae as a staff member is clearly slandering the group I am currently running with. And as a staff member you are meant to remain completely neutral. So at what point is ok for staff to openly accuse people of baiting ? Rolle you say they are explainIng they’re POV but the POV is a lie and also as it is to do with the points above and you were personally dealing with it, so you know it’s a lie! So why is it ok for staff (on a break) to slander people openly? People have been perm’d for less. please excuse any silly spelling or grammar mistakes I am writing this on my phone
  17. neom

    CodeLocks Mod

    +1 lets give us raiders more of a challenge coz atm its easy as hell to get into your base
  18. neom

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Think that is a good improvement gg
  19. neom

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    ummmm I'm all for the lowering of the temp, but after being in game for 10 mins, I was at dark blue heat, in a puffer jacket gloves and temp still dropping, unless your gonna up the heat packs and stuff then you need to up it slightly imo
  20. Man that map looks trash, looks lifeless and boring, it was a dope map back in the mod days what happened
  21. Brought up in the traveller community, from a young age Conor was taught life was hard but it could have its fun moments. Him and his friends grew up stealing cars, dogs, horse. You name it whatever they could get they're hand on they did. School was never his strong point so he dropped out to help around the camp site with the other travellers and learn the way of his country men. He was known for his concrete chin and rock hard fists. From the age of 13 he would be bare knuckle boxing in the campsites tournaments and fighting around the country in contests. He came up through the ranks and was one of the top bare knuckle fighters in Ireland. He turned to drinking and fighting more when he lost his girlfriend and 3 children when the camp site was attacked by a rival traveller community and there caravan was burnt down with them inside. This turned Conor more angry and he would fight more and more. He end up in Chernaurs when he was scouted to come to the "Chernarus bare knuckle boxing tournament". He was trapped here with some of this traveller friends when the out break happened
  22. neom

    Livonia & You [Pre-Loremaster release]

    That you ducky MWAH
  23. neom

    Livonia & You [Pre-Loremaster release]

    I respect the grind and hustle ducky, but why have we just jumped straight into the mil side? Why haven’t we built up the the country’s history and culture prior to the out break? Surely we should be focusing on that rather then guns, camo and army, that’s where chernarus went wrong imo. I can’t knock your grind ducky but I just think we shouldn’t be focusing on the mil side and more the culture and history of the country to make it feel once alive
  24. neom

    Gun racks.

    another place to hoard even more stuff -1
  25. neom

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    nozzy for president 2020 could actually be a thing!!! I cant believe you actually went with this idea haha, good luck brother, I look forward to the freedom and cheese burgers you will bring with this group to the server!
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