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  1. This looks amazing you might bring me out of retirement with this group
  2. Your goals are the most basic and generic I have seen in a long time, there is 0 originality, I would suggest reaching out to the Lore Masters to aid you with actaully coming up with something thats not this basic
  3. when are we gonna get the see the NSFW stuff @Franny
  4. Very happy to see this and these rules being put into place, in this day and age do you really need to be dropping the n bomb and other stuff. Lets be real there is rule play and then there’s being edgy and most the time it’s people being edgy. Congratulations are needed @Hofernot surprised your co owner at all and you deserve it. Here’s looking to the future and a booming player base
  5. dayz just got boring, waiting for a new map and complete character wipe and chernarus put to sleep, atm its the same groups over and over, same characters over and over, its just boring
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):Dog mod thread (on my phone at the moment and it won’t copy and paste) Why the verdict is not fair: the verdict is not fair coz I stated I would not want this mod because it did not have a type of dog that I like, this is a factual statement why would I vote yes on something that did not have magical corgis that run around next to you and being nothing but joy to the world in the doom and gloom of dayz Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Seems a bit silly to give out points for that and seems like a slow day in
  7. neom

    Add Dogs

    voted no, there are no corgis so its a no from me
  8. Best of luck, its nice to see SGRU had a massive impact on all of you
  9. Thank you for having me, in the short amount of time I actually played I got to see the passion everyone had for CLF. Wish you all the best in whatever happens next, until then.......
  10. no, thats like saying do gates the clip through walls ruin your immersion, there are bigger fish to fry then removing an M4
  11. Also tho, great update haha
  13. Welp got the idea stolen before we even put pen to paper hahaha GG LM team for being mind readers
  14. People aren’t afraid of the conflict they are afraid of the report section and the drama that follows. As someone that has been in countless groups that are largely conflict driven I am all for it, but I’d rather not see drama and bitching in game and on the forum and I can see this idea being that.
  15. All it takes is for one group to sit in the train for the whole time they are on the server for there play session to do this and if they do this every time they are on the server. “that’s not possible it is automatic you can only ride it no one drives it” well if that’s the case that gives one group less to worry about and they can focus on controlling the train via PVP and not have to worry about where the train is going or anything else DO THEY! Again I think you need to relax and understand there are two sides to every coin and just because I have pointed out a flaw in your
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