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  1. Thank you we pride ourselves on making this sgru bigger and better then the last as this will be the last one
  2. Good luck Ronnie, if I wasn’t in sgru this would be a group I’d be interested in. Hopefully our groups can have RP and not just end in constant PvP
  3. This is something we have spoken about inside of SGRU as a group already @Aron73and it could potentially be the downfall of this project if it causes issues sadly. But with the size of our group and the size of the QZ the numbers are needed to keep it up, We are also trying to sort out NA and EU -SGRU so there is a constant presence so this might be why someone people think “oh sgru has 28 members but there is a reason and it’s not just for PEW PEW
  4. *The sound of Kpt Vasily Iris voice can be heard over the PA system in the QZ* "As of today the fromer police force of the quarantine zone has been disbanded" "The brave men that refused to follow in the footsteps of thier old leader have stayed behind and not abandoned their posts" "But have taken it upon themselves to step up to the plate and work along side us and you to make the zone a safer place" "If you have any problems please report them directly to the new reformed police force at the PD" "That is all" *The PA system would turn off* Welcome to SGRU @SynO @Combine @sick @Vale @AugustGaiusKeogh thank you for picking up the torch
  5. Great work last night lads we couldn't of done it without you, Was great to see this group come alive again and make cherno feel real and alive. GG amazing
  6. Big big big shout out to you guys for stepping up to the plate last night. The hazmat suits the RP was on point, I loved every second of it and it was what I loved about dayzrp. Thank you so much for last night we couldn’t of done it without your help!
  7. Wouldn’t happen, chernarus is under full military control and not for a long time would we consider putting any form of goverment in place, we have the heads of each group inside the QZ on an OOC level and Mr popov @Challengerand SGRU IC. At some point when we feel things have calmed down ic’ly then yes as it would mean giving the region back but 1 day into the QZ not a chance and not something I’d even consider for a few weeks And there would also need to be a group that could uphold law and order as it would mean the disbanding and archiving of sgru when this happened to create a new story line
  8. I would give beans to both but I have none, thank you very much for the feedback,
  9. welcome to @Red_ to the gang
  10. I didn’t know boba fett was coming to chernarus
  11. Hello @Jade Currently @GMAKis busy delivering Apache pizza and focusing on becoming the next big twitch star after Ninja. So he will not be joining us on this epic adventure. I shall remove him when i am home thanking you for your concern
  12. I shall see to it that they get the yeet , thank you Ron
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