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  1. neom

    How do you have your tea? (Poll)

    you swine, how dare you disrespect me with such comments sir!!!!
  2. neom

    How do you have your tea? (Poll)

    Why has an American made a thread about tea? You are not qualified my friend to talk tea, leave it to us brits, you’ll never be forgiven for throwing the worst tea party in history (Boston)
  3. neom

    Amnesty Who?

    So are we saying this whole community is more or less based on who you know and who has the bigger wallet to get you back in?
  4. neom

    Stamina to fix all your needs

    -1 nah maybe like double but infinite, would make chasing after people a nightmare, we'd just be running around the map after them
  5. neom

    Amnesty Who?

    There is a line that once it is crossed you shouldn't be allowed back, its pretty simply
  6. neom

    Discord starts skipping randomly and crashes Day Z

    I’ve been having the same issue with mine, I’ve gone back to TS. I know it’s not s fix but it’s a work around
  7. There is already a joint in game that is a reskined thermometer. Even tho the thermometer is pretty big, leaves you smiling a fatty boom batty for a while
  8. After speaking with the person in question and memebers of his group if Clammy is cool with it JBG would like the report closed
  9. All you have to do is read dereks statements,
  10. So prior to being initiated on he had told you he was being initiated on? Can you not see there is 3 different story’s coming from the same person?
  11. But again how could you tell them that when you had put your hands up?
  12. All 3 of your statements contradict each other. And again how did you manage to say you were being robbed when you had dropped your radio and had your hands up?
  13. But we hadn’t initiated on you at this point, your POV prior to this states you told them where we were robbing you, we met you on the road heading up toward the town not at the green house.
  14. Can I ask how you could tell your friends we were robbing you when you had your hands up and dropped your radio? If you hadn’t of dropped your radio at this point you would of had your hands up so you couldn’t of *pushed* your PTT
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