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  1. Tbh it looks good and fits in, BUT Like rolle said that back entrance is a joke you’ll have that fenced up within a second of it being added. I would saying no the walls and everything are a bit much but your a mil group so it makes sense to have them type of walls. Other then that it looks really well done. I also really like the fact you have put it for the rest of the community to talk about rather then just the council
  2. hey not all of us are base raiding masters, we are here for RP arent we and not starting a construction company
  3. so your saying you have an issue with them having a bunker as its hard to get into? but i'll state it again, you have a prision with one way in, one way out, same as them, it really does just seem 503 are trying to start an argument over a base coz its hard to raid and has nothing to do with RP or anything else. just my 2 cents
  4. but then the same can be said for the 503 prior to you leaving you had a prision with a million gates and used to hide behind them when it got attacked so... people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones
  5. The building itself is shown in pictures, and if you know dayz and looking at the peoeple who have posted in this thread and they're play time you should be aware that this building has a bunker in the bottom of it. The building itself is in Tissy and was on the oli rigs on Deer Isle. Staff should of also been aware of this as I would of thought the dev team would of looked over this build before editing it in and also rolland. Yes it is a pain in the arse to break into but its no where near as bad as the 90ft tall massive walls and prision building the wolf pack had at there camp. Maybe @HDragonand the group wanted to keep some things quite about the base to add to the RP. I dont see anyone kicking off about the soup dela kitchen people adding a water pump in and then having the prefab removed for being sneaky sneaky or even the fact they didnt even post asking for one or showing anything for one. and the medical nuetral group not asking for a prefab and having a hostpial added and magically as soon as the restart happens they have it walled off. There are bigger and worse issues to moan about then vali having his own bunker
  6. I defo think you need to get @JimRPon the next one
  7. No coz I could just sit in a bush AFK’d and watch my points tumble away, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
  8. dont think they are too muc, just a pain in the arse really, but its a surival game at the end of the day, learn to avoid and you'll be fine
  9. I was just trying to go for a friendly walk and you VDM'd me
  10. It’s nice to see the hunt for WILLIAM has now gone global, this man shall be found! good luck mate just stay away from trains.
  11. Can we not do this again, Just click page 2 and then 3 and so on, every week there is another offline raiding thread. Im really sorry your stuff got stolen when you were not on but in the words of @Banshee”a robber doesn’t turn up to your house knock on the door, introduce himself and the start to take your wares in front of you” No the nasty man or woman (2020 now) waits for the perfect moment when NO ONE IS HOME. To come in and get out. I have no sympathy for anyone who has a base and gets raided when your not about, build better defensives. BUT here is a question I put to you, you say offline raiding what if your camp is in cherno for example and you and your guys go to tisy and I break in, how is that any dif to being raided when your not online
  12. Just wondering how many staff actually play in game currently and know the current climate of the server and what’s going on in game?
  13. Right I’ll put it this way would you rather me: a: cut all your locks off and leave the place wide open b: smash down a wall and make a massive gap or c : get in make a gate get out like the WOKEST person on dayzrp said @AndreyQsaid if you can turn a wall into a gate why can’t we? Stop complaining, it is a game, base building already heavily favours the base builders and hoarders If you feel making a gate is AOGM report. Like many have said YOU CAN NOT MAKE A GATE FROM THE OUSIDE. And yes when I go raiding in real life I bring a whole organisation of carpenters, plumbers and painters and decorators
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