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  1. So you’ll deal with the greifing report when it goes up ?
  2. Basically playing monopoly there lad, 1 ak for a drink, big business moves there! but in all fairness this is a dick thing to do and the moment you break it down you’ll get reported for grieffing.
  3. neom

    Irish Takeover?

    After hanging around with the lads my new found love for all things Irish is real, I here by denounce anything that is British and will be applying for Irish citizenship,
  4. neom

    Hi Guys

    Hey man welcome to the community
  5. neom

    ...Bunny ears

    the flood gates have been opened
  6. I voted no coz I think the whole server should be a KOS zone
  7. neom

    ...Bunny ears

    “Sorry I must have miss id’d them, I was hunting and thought a blue cat was running at me so I had to put it down”
  8. neom

    The Game

    FFS @Hoferyou bellend, it’s been how many years since I was banned, I forgot about this thread and “the game” and I clicked on it thinking it was an appeal, Fuck!!!!
  9. I can already see the reports, nice idea but nah
  10. That’s what the reports are for, like staff have said countless times, “we need your help” so if you are saying the RP you got was bad then report it. If you can’t be bothered to report it then that’s on you and you shouldn’t be moaning about the state of RP if your not willing to help by reporting
  11. Give it a rest with the “hostile groups give no Rp” if they really don’t just report it man, You see it as they give little to no RP, I see it as people can’t play a game and handle getting robbed and are FAR to attached to they’re gear. It’s a game deal with it. Make a report if your so concerned! Don’t label everyone who doesn’t want to play house and be all nice nice with the same brush and forcing us all to wear arm bands so you can meta game the group. its just getting boring now
  12. Here’s my thinking, say clan x is known for being a bandit group robbing people and such, you force them to wear this arm band. They are in game and come rolling through town, people see they’re arm bands and run coz they know the likelyhood of them getting robbed is high. By forcing armbands you have shut down any Rp that could be hand coz “I don’t want to lose my grandads M4” and people know shit might go south, also metagaming becomes a big thing “if I don’t tell you I’m in x group and I have an armband on and I haven’t told you anything, you already know. just a bad idea and will limit RP, meta gaming will go through the roof and only benefits one side of the community big fat nope
  13. This is chernarus not sons of anarchy tho mate, but do your thing big man, I look forward to running into you guys and having some fun
  14. You could re-texture the high vis jacket tbh rather then creating a whole new item. Could work, even tho I’m not a fan of biker groups (as there are no bikes or motorcycles) give this a +1 for Rp
  15. neom

    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    mad lads lets go champ!!! looking forward to this
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