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  1. ne_om

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    This truely is a masterpiece, something that needs to be printed out, put into a fine glass bottle with a gold lid and place on top of a mantle place with a rich mahogany wall behind it, to only be opened on special occasions. Thank you @AndreyQ thank you
  2. ne_om

    Remove Mod Watermark?

    It’s not that deep really
  3. you can keep stating the same thing over and over again about mods but its simply not going to happen, dayzrp doesn't use external mods coz they don't get updated quick enough and if the mod author decides they cant be fucked anymore and abandoned the project them lovely civ guns and other guns you constantly make threads about wont work with the game [LOGIC] and you'll want them to be fixed and that will create another job for the dev team in house. And if people cant see the quality of the mods being made by the dev team here @Ducky @Watchman and the others then they are looking at other places with rose tinted glasses like yourself
  4. You say for people to get in game last night I checked there was 75 out of 80 in game, the server is pretty full, just a Saturday during the day people might be hung over, out doing things or would rather sit on the sofa and watch the football. Server ain’t dead by any means
  5. ne_om

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    Voted no coz I don’t like you, voted yes really coz I like you and it’s s good feature
  6. Server and location: s1 zelno mil Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:15 gmt 12/0919vy Your in game name: Vania Bozik Names of allies involved: @groovy patz @groovy grimm Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Logged in and went to the mil base to start looting, as I logged in I told my team where I was going and that I would be looting the area of the mil camp (we had all logged prior in that area). The person comes up to me and we start to RP, He asks if I wish to trade my winnie for his AWM, I say "no I have a winnie with 60 bullets why the fuck would I want your gun" he then asks me why am I so angry, I say "what did you say", he repeats the question and I start to respond with "The fact that there are foreigners in my military camp" before I finish this he empties a pistol mag into me and kills me. After that he dies from @groovy patz Thanks
  7. ne_om

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Think maybe its time to be nice so I'll start All the Liska lot @StagsviewRB-made me fall in love with RP again and with Liska gave me what I had wanted ever since joining back in 2013 @groovy patz-just a donny really and turned me into a racist and helped me with me HOSTILE RP @AndreyQ- the most laughs in liska came from him, from liska DB and vultures made me laugh and has the dopest music taste (apart from mine) @Ron @Terra - 2 german homies some strange times have come in disc (that one ASMR night) and some great RP seeing Juri blast his junkie girls brains out on my first day in Liska @Craig - just a lad, great storys, great banter and great all round friend and (lowkey traitor) @Roman - gave me a great story line and amazing rp'er @Jannik - always in the back ground but I knew if shit went south he was taking heads @Unknown Entity - french bastard, miss you man wish you'd come back one day @Emile - legend made me laugh so hard recording things over the car bluetooth for our RP There are so many more in liska, you know who you are, all amazing humans and made some of the best RP ive ever had @Kordruga - just a straight legend, some funny ass moments in game and out of game can always count on you for banter @SquirtleKitty - squirtle!!! @Aiko - killed off my character and your a weeab but one of my oldest friends here legend @Dew - don't think I can say I have laughed harder when I've been around you in game when we were in DB together @Ryan Shepherd, @Challenger - just some wasteman irish people right? top lads @NozzyRP - the best swed, I look forward to them swedish fish one day bro @JimRP - my G, tattoo homie @Ducky - top bloke @Franny - top girl @Azu - fucking weeab @RedSky - Helping Vania to make some of the best stories out there and always wanting to carry on the Liska story, thank you @FalkRP - Legend JBG boys, all the CRA boys, All the NRF boys, RAH homies and the homies that arent here anymore from the mod days (daniel, wunsley, terry, tom and so many more) @Biiddy - get your own part, for being in nearly every single group I have ever been a part of or made, JBG was a hell of a ride and has been there outside of the community for me, hope our paths cross again
  8. good luck, the more nationals helping free our country from the foreign douche bags the better, even tho you are feds and Vania aint going back to the pen, I look forward to maybe working with you guys at some point. Good luck guys, heads up
  9. why for the love of god why, why do these threads keep coming up, nothing happens, labelling people is BS. JUST PLAY THE FUCKING GAME and stop bitching. AND YES I'LL TAKE THE POINTS FOR THIS POST. Coz quite frankly this is getting boring and becoming to political. Its not safe space RP, Remind me why I paid to get unbanned coz this place is getting out of hand
  10. Threads that moan about the state of the game and community
  11. ne_om

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    My g dun know gang business. Cheers jim
  12. ne_om

    Give Loremasters Admin Tools

    I am just not s very trusting person and believe that something like that should only really be in the hands of admins purely coz I can see it being abused and previous staff have abused it
  13. ne_om

    Give Loremasters Admin Tools

    I voted no, purely on the grounds that I do not even think GM's should have the admin tools, If LM's want it then I think it needs to be "turned on" by an admin as and when they need it.
  14. Decrease the amount of whitenames spawns in order to lower the amount of automatics, the only place I seem to find AR/AKM these days
  15. Look forward to meeting you in game guess it’s gonns be fun
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