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  1. ne_om

    Hi I'm new

    straight to admin yeah @Roland
  2. ne_om

    Chernarus Trade Federation ( Open Recruitment )

    good luck boys, heard nothing but good things about you all
  3. IGN: (In - Game Name) Depending on the group Country:England English skills:First language DayZ Mod Experience: Lots DayZ Standalone Experience: Over 2 years Roleplaying Experience: Been on dayzrp for about 4 years with a break in between What kind of In Game role best describes you: Sniper, Marksman for PVP and I enjoy being in the mist of all RP Have you been in any clan/group previously: Cerna Liska, Dead Bat, James Brother Gang (mod) SVR (mod) CRA (mod) Backstory: Backstory would and will be determined by the group
  4. voted no, purely as I feel base building was getting out of hand on the server, - Gear Gear Gear (it was really getting out of hand with people becoming hoarders and focusing on the gear then the RP) - False ghosting and griefing reports (people accusing one another and not understand that there camp can and WILL be broken into) - OOC (people being childish outside of the game towards people that have raided them) - Giant mega bases left to fall apart and people blocking off vital areas of game play and then moaning when they had been broken into. Base building is great and I really want to encourage it, but I feel there should be limitations to it. I would like to see bases and camps added like the mod days as this forces people to commit to a settlement and not go into it half arsed (using the dayz map editor)
  5. ne_om

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck then bro, anything with you in is gonna be great, all the best
  6. ne_om

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Can I ask, is this a continuation of the previous groups you guys have had, or a totally new idea?
  7. ne_om

    Reinstate Older White List Application Process

    Its bad out there, like real bad, have witnessed some shocking stuff, like people who have not read the rules or understanding them at all, so much OOC. Its a shame as its lumping all the new people together and there are some generally good people but that have joined but they are over shadowed by the majority. The white list has to be stronger, even if it takes its sweet time to go through. When I joined back in the mod it was nails to get through the white list. Really think something has to change with this topic if not your going to see an influx in reports for Badrp and OOC and such. This could all be sorted by making it stricter to get into the community with a strong white list.
  8. ne_om

    Double Stamina.

    I think it’s fine the way it is, for the people that want to run around with 2 guns and a plate carrier and a factory on there back they have to pay the price now. We aren’t all hitting the gym 24/7 and doing mad cardio. -1
  9. Brotherhood was started in 2014 in the mod
  10. There was already a group called brotherhood, have you asked permission to use the name?
  11. ne_om

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    yes boys, so glad to see this back, always wanted to be a part of this group, maybe in another life, good luck lads, great leader, great boys
  12. would also like to push for OOC hate towards myself and I would also like to point out the accused has deleted his comment on discord
  13. Server and location: S1 Zelno Mil Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 31/05/19 Your in game name: Vania Bozik Names of allies involved: @AndreyQ Name of suspect/s: @Luda Kregonshy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: After meeting this gentleman in in zelno mil and the event's prior to this transpiring, I left the area and picked up the loot needed and headed off to meet @AndreyQand carry on our RP for the day, I was then @'d by this gentlemen with the above. Pretty sure this is a break of NLR, going back to the area where the his body and @AndreyQ was, I didn't die just to make clear if you would like to post that log that would be dandy. Thanking you Connor
  14. ne_om

    DayZ Live Action Trailer: Surviving Chernarus

    cars were not flying through the air, its not an acceptable representation of the current build
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