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  1. Jesse Tamou is a 23-year-old civil engineer from Whanganui, New Zealand. He was sent to Chernarus by his company Loaders Engineering to fix some damaged and faulty bridges, dams and roads. While Jesse was relaxing in his hotel room he saw a news report come up on the T.V stating that there was some kind on infection going around in some cities in chernarus. Jesse had called his mother to tell her that there was a terrible flu going around the cities. His mother had told him to come home and to not worry about helping them but Jesse said “I need the money and I want to help this country out” Jesse then said that he would be home in 2 months anyway. The next day Jesse went out with his crew to the job site and started working when his boss came to them saying go back to the hotel and wait. Jesse and his crew were waiting for what seemed like forever, Jesse’s boss said I’ve got tickets back to New Zealand so pack your things and let’s go. Jesse grabbed his things and left but by the time they had gotten to the airport it was closed all aircraft grounded. Jesse was now stranded in a country he’s never been to. Jesse has some skills when it comes to surviving because Jesse and his Father would go hunting every now and then so Jesse new how to handle a rifle. Jesse has met some new friends on the road whilst surviving this so-called infection. Jesse has learnt many new skills with this new bunch of friends he met. Jesse was also a star footy player in the winter playing for the all blacks
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