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  1. Sam is a 21 year old from England. When the breakout started he was visiting family in Chernarus. Before it all he lived a fairly normal life, attending university, working on the side and always being a family person. After the breakout he changed completely, he prefers to be alone but is willing to join groups in order to benefit himself, he doesn’t mind talking with people but if he feels threatened he will be the first to jump into action and start the fight. All he really wants is to survive long enough to either outlast the breakout or to find a way where it can cause him no problems.
  2. shame you killed my friend like 30 mins before. you getting banned either way. see ye next time
  3. In no way did i initiate. i just asked you to put your gun down. if i had my gun up you would have seen if you were in 3rd person as i was directly to the right of you - User was warned for this post. -
  4. Im sorry but this is a complete lie. I had no bullets in my gun or on my person at all. Plus you two weren't even saying anything. When you raised your gun to the guy i straight away said "im sorry i have nothing to do with this" I then stood behind the car with my gun lowered the entire time. I advised you to put your gun down at which point you turned and shot me. While there is no video evidence of you killing me there is evidence of you killing someone else about 20 minutes prior. Have fun
  5. Server and location: S1, Gorka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:55 1/4/2017 Your in game name: Sam Beard Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Check Logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I logged back on to the server after a quick break. I was walking around the town for a minute or so when i saw a person in the middle of the road. I go over and start making general conversation with him, he told me his name was Steven. He starts to say he recognized me but i didn't recognize him. I then saw another person coming up the road towards us. He took out his axe to kill a zombie and while doing so Steven started to point his gun at him. I then started to say "woaw woaw, what are you doing". The other person who i didn't know the name of then took his gun out and pointed it at Steven. i stood behind a car to avoid being shot. At this point they were right in front of me both with guns raised at each other. I had my gun in my hands but it was NOT raised at all during this altercation. In a friendly voice i said to both people to put there guns down and was about to put mine away but before i could do so Steven looked at me and shot me.
  6. Dickle

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "You gotta find you a purpose boy." - Sam Beard