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  1. My name is Andrew Martel, and this is my story. I arrived to Chernarus in April, 2017. I came here as a part of a photography job issued by my boss, he was randomly selecting some photographers in the office to go on a brief "vacation" to collect photographs of foreign land. I awoke early morning to catch my flight, kissed my wife Taylor as well as Kyle and Sarah, my son and daughter goodbye. On the flight I remember thinking to myself "This is it, I have made it. It doesn't get any better than this." It felt as if I was living in a dream, I have always wanted to visit other parts of the world, but I unfortunately was never able to get the chance. Fast forward a bit. July 10th, I awoke to news of a storage base being annihilated by the Russian air force. Just as I thought things wouldn't escalate after that, Charnarussian jets sent from Vybor Airbase raided many russian border posts which kick started constant violence back and forth from each military. There was slowly becoming occurences on the news of soldiers who were attacking and eating live stock, had a dead, gazing stare as they staggered along, most of which were partially dismembered, or severely burned. As badly as I wanted to attempt to get pictures of some things that were happening, I felt it wasn't safe to be attempting such a thing. Some time passed and it started to get out of hand. More people were turning up like this. They were attacking and eating animals and people. The military began to step in and tried their best to stop this. CDF troops were deployed to attempt to stop the outbreak, but they were no match for the infection. It became increasingly difficult to combat the infection as storms raged on and the number of infected increased every day. Unable to contact my co-workers, family, or just about anyone, I searched for somewhere that I could use as a temporary shelter, just somewhere that I could feel safe and get away from all the chaos. I may be stuck here for the time being, but I will get back home to my wife and kids, or die trying. I just.. hope they are okay.