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  1. I thought maybe it was the date of application that was making it really difficult to make it onto the whitelist. Seeing that people were still taking more than one attempt, I thought I might post mine up to give you guys something slightly different than an ex mil although I guess it still basically is. It was good enough to get me whitelisted on the first try and within 24 hours. As soon as Israeli citizens are of age (18), they are conscripted, taught the basics of self defense known in Israel as Krav Maga and other niche survival techniques. As Faiz was of Arab descent, he would not be conscripted, yet he volunteered instead in a false sense of patriotism to prove he really was an Israeli citizen. In his eyes, the Israeli people who had adopted him were sure to value his voluntary application and not send him somewhat discriminatingly into dangerous territory, regardless of his Arab heritage. As no permanent posts were given during the 4 years he spent conscripted, Faiz was sent to an oil refinery in Ashkelon to work as a fitter. During this time, the Arab-Israeli conflict raged on. Faiz Asker lived in terror knowing that at any time, or place, Palestinian rockets could hit, killing and maiming friends and family and causing destruction of key resources and buildings. The city Ashkelon, Faiz' new home town on the coast of Israel, was one of the first to be hit by Palestinian missiles, and not just once. This un-alleviated threat of bombardment Faiz felt over-time built him a stout will and sense of morale. He used this to help others who had fallen into depression and anxiety from the attacks. Faiz worked as an Oil Refinery fitter in these conditions for 6 years and him and his co workers were in constant danger should a missile land anywhere near the refinery, however this occupation was a necessity to Israel as it was a huge source of income for the country. Although the threat of a violent explosion ended up not being the case for his resignation, in hindsight it could have been more favourable. The training and techniques he learnt as a conscript and fitter were invaluable, so invaluable that it was placed amongst the worlds best in terms of its quality and usefulness. As more tragedy was wrought in the middle-east, countries highly valued the skillful fleeing arab/israeli workers and therefore encouraged immigration. The Czech Republic was one of these countries. The conscription office one day called Faiz, a few days after his 28th birthday and offered him a place on the aircraft leaving to the Czech town of Chernarus. Apparently, till then unbeknowst to Faiz, it is custom for all Arab foreigners immigrating to be given a new name that is easily read and understandable, so Faiz was given the name ADAM. Faiz 'ADAM' Asker was now ready to travel to a new country, to find peaceful refuge away from the war. It was a shame no one mentioned prior why his conscription training and fitter job were vital roles in Chernarus. At the young age of 28, ADAM boarded the plane to Chernarus, taking with him his basic fitters tools and a few sets of clothes to work at the factory near Solnichniy. At this point in time, no information had been shared with ADAM about his new work place, colleagues or even his living quarters. This did not bother Faiz at all as he buckled into his first class seat. What could possibly be worse than the threats entailed with his previous fitters job? ...Writing this I am now 31, a recount of those blessed days I once emotionally said were 'terrifying'. I didn't even know the meaning of the word. Needless to say, they were right that the events i've experienced during my life would aid me in 'living' here in Chernarus, however the word I would have used would be 'surviving'. I've meant to write this for a long time, however this is the only time ive managed to scavenge a writing utensil and some 'paper' - thanks to some sadly aloof man named 'Juggs'. I'm sure he won't mind I stole it when he wasn't looking, he doesn't seem like the type to remember. If only I can find a way to send this message out of Chernarus... If theres anything left out there... I think, ontop of everything previously mentioned, it helps to throw in true facts, tie in a timeline, indepth but to the point and generally have an interest. I thought of joining DayZRP a few months ago, however I didn't apply straight away. I did alot of reading first and found something I knew i'd enjoy and went over my story countless times, if it was a thread post the edit number would be insane. Result was logging in last night and having one of the best DayZ experiences i've had so far Looking forward to seeing you brahs ingame.
  2. Hey man, hopefully see you in game in the future! Looking forward to playing myself