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  1. POV: I was walking into Stary with some friends on the road when a member of the Green Dragons ran up to us and told us to put up our hands so I complied. He then told all of us to start walking towards the church and along the way, he told another man in a car to get out with his hands up and come with the rest of us. Once we got into the church they demanded we go up to the altar and drop all of our backpacks, vests, and guns. After that was completed we were told to step down onto the stairs, which they quickly changed to off the stairs completely. After this, they started to interrogate us and ask us our names, and one of the hostages asked why they were robbing this and doing this to us. The man who initiated on us then told us that it was for our gear and other stuff that they needed. After this, there was an altercation between the Green Dragons and one of the hostages, @MrBowTie , where they had the other hostages jump him and knock him unconscious. After this, there was a bit more interrogation and demands that we all bring them guns in a week. After this, we were released from the church and told to run out of town.
  2. Glad to have made it this far with the boys!
  3. Michael Lambert was born into a well off family in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. His father was a member of the city's police force for his entire adult life, where on the other hand his mother was a very successful businesswoman in a liquid mercury import corporation. Michael loved growing up around both of his parent's careers and spent his adolescent years dreaming of a way to combine both the policing aspect of his father's job and the business-focused aspect of his mother's. When he was nearing the completion of his school career, he finally brainstormed an idea: becoming a private investigator for the corporate sector of the Netherlands. This job took him to many different locations, including places in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht, as well as places abroad including Germany, England, and the occasional trip to the United States. Michael was very good at his job partly due to the fact that he approached everything from a logical standpoint. In school, Michael excelled at the classes that were focused on numbers, equations, and rational thought. These core characters were carried through his school career and into his professional career. Michael's most current job had sent him to Kharkiv, Ukraine. He was there to investigate a multinational mercury exporting corporation for potential fraudulent exports as well as suspected illicit substance smuggling. Michael had spent the first two weeks attempting to learn more about how the company worked and any possible leads that could shed light on how the company was hiding the smuggling and other illegal wrongdoings. He was not able to find out information pertaining to how the company ran the smuggling network, but he did find information that could lead to him entering one of the corporation's warehouses to get a better understanding of a possible smuggling location. Michael had planned to infiltrate the warehouse in about two weeks time, but soon after learning the information to help him gain access, the outbreak had started in South Zagoria. By the time he had intially planned to make his move on the warehouse, the infection had already spread into the Ukraine, and knowing how fast things could go south, he decided to start packing up all his gear and making his way out of the city. Before he had fully escaped the confines of the city, he made the last minute decision to stop at a gas station right on the outskirts of town. This is where Michael met a small group of people looking for any possible way to increase their chances of survival. He quickly calculated his options in his mind, along with each decisions probability of survival and escape. After thinking for some time, Michael watched the group from a small distance away, looking for any indication that one specific person was taking command and would be in charge. After he had spotted the most likely target, he started to walk towards the group as they voiced their opinions on the current situation. When they first noticed his approach most of the people standing around had stopped talking altogether. Everyone but one man had stopped talking. That man then turned and faced Michael and looked him up and down, and after this uttered a sentence that changed Michael's existence forever: "Fuck it, he can come with us if he wants. The more the merrier right?"
  4. Blake Dire was a happy man before he found himself in his current situation. He was engaged to the love of his life Breanna and was soon to be married. Their relationship was unbreakable, even though Breanna was a part of the United States military and they were constantly miles upon miles away from each other. The couple had planned to move in together, living on whatever military base Breanna was stationed at. That part of the plan went through without a hitch, but the only catch was that Breanna was transferred to a military installation very close to the border with Chernarus. The base was constantly on alert, and soon enough was attacked by groups of bandits as well as hollow looking husks of people. After numerous days of siege, the base eventually fell and the remaining survivors were forced to flee into Chernarus. This is where Blake and Breanna had become split up, with the sound of gunfire in the distance. Blake spent the first few weeks in Chernarus searching for his fiancee, but with no luck. He soon began thinking of her as dead and that made him a bitter person. He now primarily focuses on keeping himself alive and healthy, with the objective of finding his lost fiancee becoming a secondary task.
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