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  1. Blake Dire was a happy man before he found himself in his current situation. He was engaged to the love of his life Breanna and was soon to be married. Their relationship was unbreakable, even though Breanna was a part of the United States military and they were constantly miles upon miles away from each other. The couple had planned to move in together, living on whatever military base Breanna was stationed at. That part of the plan went through without a hitch, but the only catch was that Breanna was transferred to a military installation very close to the border with Chernarus. The base was constantly on alert, and soon enough was attacked by groups of bandits as well as hollow looking husks of people. After numerous days of siege, the base eventually fell and the remaining survivors were forced to flee into Chernarus. This is where Blake and Breanna had become split up, with the sound of gunfire in the distance. Blake spent the first few weeks in Chernarus searching for his fiancee, but with no luck. He soon began thinking of her as dead and that made him a bitter person. He now primarily focuses on keeping himself alive and healthy, with the objective of finding his lost fiancee becoming a secondary task.