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  1. Juggs is here! And here to stay!

    All the amazing RP comes back! also when i captured you and someone killed you by accident
  2. Guess who's BACK!

    Time to get a DMR? haha CLF returns?
  3. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 mr cool blue!
  4. Real life picture Thread

  5. Cool Kids Club

  6. Continuation: Ireland

    Rip IRA
  7. Your worst death in Dayz?

    >Get robbed >drop w3ps thr33 sex >spoke a word >got sprayed >dude got perm >reketekedy tektek
  8. Your worst death in Dayz?

    walking casually anywhere..... mod players will know!
  9. [21] The Men from Container 21

    Congrads me brodahs! Da Warlord approves you being here! Death to da white maan who tries to put us down!
  10. Interview with Aiko

    The betrayal of Lilly! god damn! awesome times. Also i still remember that hawt massage you gave me! Giggity!
  11. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Here, in the shadows! watching!
  12. [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    BHM 4 lyfe!
  13. Real life picture Thread

    Don't do drugs kids!
  14. Star Wars vs Star Trek

    Starwars all the way, i don't want exploration. I want WAR!
  15. Powerful Characters

    Kalulu Wengu - Warlord of chernarus.