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  1. i feel personally attacked by this!
  2. Glenn

    hey whitename traitor, how's it going? ❤️

  3. ey i miss the Pilar OG's too!
  4. Ik hoef geen coke als ik Pepsi hehe!
  5. International Truck driver, touring trough Europe that is also the main reason why I don't game no more. ":(
  6. I always wanted to see @Terra her bedroom! Mister chocolate still Loves you
  7. Terra i mis you ❤️ 

    1. Woodzie


      Missing I Miss You GIF by Yellowstone

    2. Terra


      Good to see you back. ❤️

  8. i came here with 10 others as a clan back in 2k12. i was hooked for over 4 years.
  9. Hofer i had you high when i was still active and would have thought that you would be part of the mighty horde... but alliance..... i don't know you anymore!
  10. wow you still alive bro! 

  11. BHM CLF B-17 S-GRU SVR SDS PRONE CHECK!!!! PRONEEEE CHECKKKK!!!!!!!!!! the memories, the whole server just being one big 5 hour long ongoing firefight!
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