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  1. Glenn

    Hoping to return once again

    another pillar returned !
  2. Glenn

    Jobs and professions?

    International truck driver. That is also the main reason i don't game anymore missing the banter here though!
  3. Glenn

    • Glenn
    • Aiko

    Needing a massage again! 

    1. Aiko


      Last time that happened you got captured. You really wanna do that again? Lol

    2. Glenn


      It was because i was too great :trolle:

  4. Glenn

    Return of SVR?

    -user was warned for this post-
  5. Glenn

    New Limited Premium Item: Member Titles

    I was a white name many years ago! I am the old white name! not really white anymore
  6. Glenn

    New Limited Premium Item: Member Titles

    I need the title of white name!
  7. Glenn

    Juggs is here! And here to stay!

    All the amazing RP comes back! also when i captured you and someone killed you by accident
  8. Glenn

    Guess who's BACK!

    Time to get a DMR? haha CLF returns?
  9. Glenn

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 mr cool blue!
  10. Glenn

    Real life picture Thread

  11. Glenn

    Cool Kids Club

  12. Glenn

    Continuation: Ireland

    Rip IRA
  13. Glenn

    Your worst death in Dayz?

    >Get robbed >drop w3ps thr33 sex >spoke a word >got sprayed >dude got perm >reketekedy tektek
  14. Glenn

    Your worst death in Dayz?

    walking casually anywhere..... mod players will know!
  15. Glenn

    [21] The Men from Container 21

    Congrads me brodahs! Da Warlord approves you being here! Death to da white maan who tries to put us down!