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  1. Glenn

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nope whitename! Ho Ho! Major Tom?? *trollface*
  2. Glenn

    How will you: Get Permabanned

    By becoming a white name.
  3. Glenn

    Juggs here!

    I remember i had to execute one of your friends. it still makes me sad
  4. Glenn

    The Cowboy Returns to the Fold.

    Ive had some good RP with you! damn the memories
  5. Glenn

    Hoping to return once again

    another pillar returned !
  6. Glenn

    Jobs and professions?

    International truck driver. That is also the main reason i don't game anymore missing the banter here though!
  7. Glenn

    • Glenn
    • Aiko

    Needing a massage again! 

    1. Aiko


      Last time that happened you got captured. You really wanna do that again? Lol

    2. Glenn


      It was because i was too great :trolle:

  8. Glenn

    Return of SVR?

    -user was warned for this post-
  9. Glenn

    New Limited Premium Item: Member Titles

    I was a white name many years ago! I am the old white name! not really white anymore
  10. Glenn

    New Limited Premium Item: Member Titles

    I need the title of white name!
  11. Glenn

    Juggs is here! And here to stay!

    All the amazing RP comes back! also when i captured you and someone killed you by accident
  12. Glenn

    Guess who's BACK!

    Time to get a DMR? haha CLF returns?
  13. 10/10 mr cool blue!
  • Glenn

    Real life picture Thread

  • Glenn

    Cool Kids Club

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