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  1. ah that yea didn't work out well because i was on medication for a year i have like 2 years left i have to be free from
  2. What SFM ? SFM was disbanded about 2 weeks before i left DayZRP for a bit
  3. lets just say Girlfriend kept me busy for a while ;P
  4. Hey guys i don't think you all might remember me before 2014 i went under the name Michael Angelo Louis and i had the best Role play experience in my life. I am planning on coming back soon after my friends have their new PC's and have been accepted by the DayZRP team. I have been thinking about my new character and a new story line but i hope to meet people ingame and meet more people like last year ! Diary of John C, Epsilon Written by me Hi, my name is John C. Epsilon or 'Scorpio' as i used to be called during my high school and Career life. This is my first Diary i have wrote as i think when i get older ill be able to tell this tale to my children. I was born America, Tuscon in Arizona after my Parents split up when i was 13 i moved towards the East and i moved to England. Life was getting tough through my child hood and Teenager life but i turned 19 and thing started to change. I met a girl, and as blind as i thought i decided to meet her but the problem was she lived in Japan. We agreed to meet half way even though it wasn't... I set off to meet her in China with her brother but as i traveled problems was on the Increase, i have never been afraid of flying until now. The plane was shaking left to right it felt like i was on a transport boat, i tried to close my eyes but it was impossible. *Mind blanks* I've woken up and somehow I've washed upon shore, i have a Injury to my legs and a banging head ace. I cant remember anything but throwing up in a bag. I need to find a doctor to fix me up and all i have is my plane tickets, A bag full of sick and a whole plane wreak i could possibly Savage from. This place looks deserted and i need to find civilization i think i am dead and im the last person on this planet but my gut tells me there are people here...
  5. ah sweet mate ill have a look in a bit got to make dinner for girlfriend today since shes always in the kitchen *hint hint* lol
  6. Hey guys, Sorry that i have not been on for a few months i have been busy with life such as the girlfriend and house problems . I am planning on returning and might start up a new back ground story under a new name so if anyone has any ideas please give me some i have some ideas of a deaf person or psychopath etc... (please if someone will be offended please tell me or reply but i will check with staff if it is ok before i go ingame) As you all might have known before i was apart of SFM and i think they have stoped playing at the moment but for the ones who did help me return home i would like to apologize that my video didnt upload for some reason Great to be back !
  7. Welcome an well at least me and my group don't Kidnap wont mind bumping into you in game
  8. abit like this Tor //Good luck to you all ! hope someone records it i wona see some fight
  9. Well back then i was a Stubborn Character and now im al ot more nicer and warm hatred (even people who kidnap me i've saved there lives) Cant belive people still remember that but good times
  10. Yea I play under the name Michael Angelo Louis It was a Accident but the fight afterwards was amazing
  11. Nope no kick message No point Screen shotting it all you will get is a Black screen then back to Lobby (Singleplay Multiplay options etc...)
  12. If anyone can Play with EU times just PM me (reading some Applicants theres mainly American an duno if they will play the same time i do)
  13. I dont honestly know it wont let me join DayzRP chernarus like i have Epoch downloaded just wont let me in:(
  14. Hey guys ! an girls Ive came back from my Holiday break of Christmas ! and coming back to play on the servers Under Swedish Armed Forces Banner again <3 Going to start Downloading everything i need since i Rebooted my PC on Christmas Eve... Anyone know how to fix the Epoch thing? before i left i couldnt get it to work...
  15. Im sorry but i was Born in Finland an when i was still young i moved back to england ( my family is English besides me lol ) An Belive me its everywhere even where i live in Birmingham its mental -.- Kids need to stay in school