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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):N/A Why the verdict is not fair: i saw other people post gifs/emojis on general chat and decided to join them to send a few in that chat Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get unbanned from discord What could you have done better?: Not spam/post many gifs/emojis in general chat
  2. i do not have any clear memories of this evening or this raid so i cannot say anything.
  3. A man who has travelled far and wide in search of a beautiful place to call home. He has been almost at every major country that there is. In his childhood he used to read a lot about plants and old ways of healing with them. After he grew a older he went to military to train the basic training. After few years of military he met a guy in a bar where he usually went to have a few beers now and then. They talk a little about life and such. Soma learned that the guy he were talking with was an old mercenary whose family had been killed few years back. After few weeks after he had met this guy he got this text message from this guy who he met in this bar. He told him to meet him in Russia. So Soma travelled to Russia in with few of his friends and after couple of days he met the old man. The old man offered Soma a job in his little mercenary group. After few days of thinking Soma joined the group. For many years he did jobs with him acting as their medic. Untill they travelled to Chernarus for a vacation. And well hes travels got him stuck here.
  4. Im a man who used to live in a small town in Russia when i was a child. Most of my childhood i used to help my mother in her chores and rest of the time i used to play on the streets. I never knew my father. My mother told me that my father died in a car crash before i was born but i dont believe it. After i turned 17 my mother died to a lung cancer so i got no place to stay and i had no income. After few months of looking for job i decided to join the military and start my career as a mercenary. After few years of training i joined a small mercenary group. After few years of being in that group our boss died and the group disbanded and i was jobless again. During that time when i was part of that mercenary group i went to many places around the world. Some time after being jobless i decided to move to Chernarus because i heard my dad was there on a vacation so i decided to look for him. After many months i never found a single clue so i decided to stop and started to be a chef in Komarovo. Ive spend rest of my days there untill the outbreak.
  5. Man who used to live near the Russian-Finnish border before the outbreak. He used to hunt with his dad when he was young before he was send to the military by his parents. He served in the military for few decades untill his unit broke up. After that he did some mercenary jobs and was a bodyguard for a Russian warlord. He saw many horrible things during that time. Like torture and death of innocent people. During this time Sergei got married and had 2 sons. After seeing a lot of things he didnt want to see he planned and killed few of the warlords men and tried to flee with his family but he didnt have enough time to get away from the warlords men. The warlords men managet to kill Sergeis sons and his wife. After that he was on the run for the few years and during that time he reunited with some of his old military unit members. After few years Sergei and his men took a revenge and assassinated the warlord and the men who killed his family. After that Sergei and his friends escaped to Chernarus and they used to live there untill the outbreak. His group broke up after few years because of differences. Some of them are alive and some of them are dead. Sergei is currently traveling all around the infected areas trying to find a group to survive with.
  6. I joined the server few minutes before @Dmitri Petrenko and went to search vest for that i saw in the camp some time ago and i found it, then i went to give it to him. @Dmitri Petrenko had to relog because he didnt see the vest. After the relog @Dmitri Petrenko saw the west and took it. After that @Dmitri Petrenko went to search some ammo for his AK. After that we climbed to the roof of the house inside the base and we jumped out because we dont know the codes to the locks and after that we went to the zelenogorsk to loot and find some supplies for the camp. Also we got in to the camp yesterday evening when someone from the camp let us in.
  7. IGN: Jari Sokolov Country: Finalnd English skills: Good DayZ Mod Experience: 3-4 years DayZ Standalone Experience: 2-3 years Roleplaying Experience: Been roleplaying for few years What kind of In Game role best describes you: Walk around and talk to people and to do something usefull Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes Additional notes: Trying to make a new group Best way to contact you:PM on Discord Kazzu#6738 Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-13195/
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