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  1. I joined the server few minutes before @Dmitri Petrenko and went to search vest for that i saw in the camp some time ago and i found it, then i went to give it to him. @Dmitri Petrenko had to relog because he didnt see the vest. After the relog @Dmitri Petrenko saw the west and took it. After that @Dmitri Petrenko went to search some ammo for his AK. After that we climbed to the roof of the house inside the base and we jumped out because we dont know the codes to the locks and after that we went to the zelenogorsk to loot and find some supplies for the camp. Also we got in to the camp yesterday evening when someone from the camp let us in.
  2. IGN: Jari Sokolov Country: Finalnd English skills: Good DayZ Mod Experience: 3-4 years DayZ Standalone Experience: 2-3 years Roleplaying Experience: Been roleplaying for few years What kind of In Game role best describes you: Walk around and talk to people and to do something usefull Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes Additional notes: Trying to make a new group Best way to contact you:PM on Discord Kazzu#6738 Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-13195/
  3. Ex military sniper who went rogue when outbreak happened. He lived in Finland before the outbreak. His parents died to the infected before he could save them. Nowadays he has a group near Russian And Chernarus border called The Lost Brotherhood. He was trained to be counter sniper and an long range sniper. He doesnt like people very much but some he do like. He has a long relationship with the brotherhood and he is second in command. In his life he is trying to build closed community. He has huge hatred to the infected and drug users.
  4. hunter who lived in chernarus all of his life before the outbreak and now he is trying to find out what is happening. He always keeps his revolver and his trusty winchester with him because his dad gave those to him before he died to the natural causes. My character is 42 years old and he is not married and has no children. Hes name is Sergei Petrov. He had Russian Mother and Finnish mother and he had brother who died to a drunk crazyman who shot him with shotgun. My characters aim is on point and he can shoot targets even from 1200 meters away. He dont usually trust stangers but sometimes he can get penefits from them. My character had a trusty dog for a long time but it died to a bear attack and my character has a huge hatred to bears. (i know there is no bears in dayz but its for the story) My character usually wears hunter clothing and hunting backpack and ushanka. He knows that he will find the source to the outbreak before his death. He used to live north of Berezino.
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