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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-Bad-RP-Possible-RDM Why the verdict is not fair: I logged out 2 mins before the rules say I could because I was going to help my friend report the RDM that took place 13 minutes before. If my friend and I didn't make a report I wouldn't have gotten a 3 day ban and a banstrike. Well there is so much point in helping the admins. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My friend was in a hostage situation and I was in a house near by. I shot the person trying to put hand cuffs on my friend and then he got rdm'd by the other person (there were 2 of them and my friend did everything they said). The person who shot my friend ran away and came back about 3 mins later to get the gear, and I shot him as well. I went down to the gear because I knew there were only 2 of them and start to loot, but half the gear was ruined. I sat on the bodies for about 10 minutes and then ran to a house to log out to help my friend write his report. I then posted on the report and said my part. about 4 days later I get a 3 day ban for 'combat logging' 2 minutes before it states in the rules (15 minutes I logged out 13) and a banstrike. The person who we made the report against RDM'd and got a 3 day ban and a banstrike. So all I did in helping someone who did something WRONG get banned, I get banned myself for combat logging. I don't keep a timer on me.... The reason I logged out is to help my friend write the report. If my friend was still alive and didn't get RDM'd then I wouldn't have logged out. It's unfair that I got the same ban as a guy who RDM'd. You really should make it so that there are tiers of combat logging. 0-5 minutes a 3 day ban and a ban strike, 5-10 minutes 2 day ban and 10-15 minutes 1 day ban. I feel as if I was banned for too much for doing so little. Like I said I left to help my friend make a report, not hehehe I know there are 10 guys on the hill so ima log out. Remember I sat on the bodies looting for about 10 minutes. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Lose my ban strike and 3 day ban. What could you have done better?: Not reported an RDMer.
  3. Even if he said I want to tell you something that didn't give you the right to kill him when I shot you. He didn't threaten you by saying "I have something to tell you". He didn't threaten you and he complied with what you said so you had no right to kill him.
  4. I was the friend with Mikhail Myshkin and I shot the person who was putting hand cuffs on Mikhail just before he did. His other friend shot Mikhail for no reason when he had his hands up and then he ran away. He came back after about 3 minutes and I killed him with a clean head shot.
  5. Timingle

    FN-FAL WIP Preview

    Good gun from the mod and hope it gets added into standalone!
  6. If you are thinking about playing the original mod "Trust nobody" If you are ever going to play the Overwatch mod "Kill everyone" If you are playing the DayZRP mod, make a few friends either in the trade post or the major cities, get a backpack and a decent gun, then try to get into a clan.
  7. Timingle

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    Simply go on the DayZRP homepage, scroll down till you see dayz standalone servers, copy the ip ( and then the port (2802) then open your game, go onto change server, then go on remote at the bottom somewhere, put the ip where it says to ( without the brackets, then same with the port (2802) again without the brackets, you should then find it. Hope this helped!
  8. Ingame name: Chris Browning clan:501st Role:Soldier
  9. Timingle

    Frozen's Give Away #1 [Finished]

    4 is mine, my lucky number if i am ever lucky
  10. Ok, well its either i take the risks to defend a camp, or i just let the SKA walk into altar everyday and let them take it over. If their are attacks happening everyday, their WILL be an accident some day, and that accident is on me, i barely take notice of forums i just like to play, but i guess i cant because of this "RDM" on altar, even though it was not on purpose.
  11. Is me reading a message from you relevent to what happened at altar? because we are hear to sort out the issue at altar, all im saying is that i don't really pay attention to the forums that often, and when i read your message you sent to me i opened it and closed it right after or i opened the link and was overwhelmed by the amount of text that the woman wrote on my report, i was not paying attention at the name of the post, all i remember was it saying RDM at altar, and their had been a player banned and he also was RDMing at altar, so i didn't think the Post was about me.
  12. Geez... I didn't mean to lie, it is not in my alerts and i never delete alerts, im guessing i ran out of alert space, i only have 2 pages Also it was probably my fault for not being active on the forums. Also about me opening it and reading it i didn't exactly read it and i didn't think it was important for me, their was a player called Chris Sterling and i thought it was about that, next time i will read every alert because i probably wouldn't be here.
  13. Their had been multiple SKA their previously, their were also 3 SKA outside interrogating 2 people. Also the recoil of my gun was hard to control, seeing as i was trigger happy and my adrenalin had been pumping for around an hour then, i accidentally hit a few of the civilians, it sort of turned into a moment that it was impossible to identify enemies because of the amount if civilians that attacked, although that is not an excuse why i shot the civilians around the fire, i heard SKA interrogating people outside, i also started to shoot at the SKA interrogating a clan mate, so i shot at the SKA interrogating him, and then he ran into the castle and picked up a gun, i knew that they were SKA standing around the fire with guns in their hands because when they raided they told all civilians to drop their weapons also their were in Russian clothing. It was just me being to trigger happy and not being able to control the recoil because of how much i was shaking IRL. I am extremely sorry of what happened and it wont happen again. Also the attacks on the camp were turning into an attack every night and it was getting really annoying because we never got peace and quiet, at one point we all decided to not play when a raid was happening.
  14. Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-unresolved-rp1-rdm-at-altar-hill-16-11-2013 Why the verdict is not fair : I didn't receive an alert on this problem, if you guys want proof that i didn't get an alert i can post a screenshot. Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : 501st were RPing in Altar when we saw players moving up towards the castle in the tree lines, we have had multiple attacks before and we knew that an attack was coming. Their were 20+ civis outside because we had already put the castle on lock down, SKA initiated on the castle and all this civilians outside started to charge towards the castle in a long line, one of the civilians started to shoot at us so we started to open fire on them, most of us died but me and my clan buddy Adam, SKA entered the castle and secured it but never went up the tower or went on top of the gatehouse, Adam was in the tower watching my scaffolding and i was on top of the gatehouse watching his scaffolding, so we knew if the enemy was coming up, Adam killed around 10 people that were suspected enemies inside the camp because we had told them to get out earlier because of the lock down, i saw a fire outside of the castle with civilians sitting around it unharmed, i also saw 2 guys with guns standing around the fire, thinking they were watching the prisoners so they don't escape, i started to shoot at the 2 guys to try and set the civilians free, we then cleared the camp and then i died shortly after. OOC: im not going to lie, it is extremely hard trying to confirm targets when their are 20+ civilians and 5+ SKA running towards the castle, i am sorry for any people i killed with no reason, but at the time it was so confusing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal : Perma Ban Removed What could you have done better? Read the formal reports after attacks on Altar and confirm enemys before shooting.