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  1. Hello Marko! welcome and good luck on your whitelist
  2. Hello muffin man! Here is a great guide with all the information you need to help you find the passphrase. Good luck on your whitelist!
  3. Loved it. Nice short and sweet episode that ends timmy's chapter I'm guessing. Especially loved the Alabama boys and their carefree attitude. Felix's journey is grim and perilous overall so that was a nice change. I half expected during your monologue at the end, I would hear one of them suddenly jump in and say "scuse me 1st amendment FREEDOM OF SPEECH", completely derailing Felix's train of thought. Keep it up, can't wait for the next one
  4. *As Vlad is travelling through the wasteland, he sees a "wanted: alive" poster nailed to a pole in one of the villages. What surprised him wasn't that the poster was quite new, but that he recognised one of the men depicted in it, although he had not seen him in a long time.* *Just as the sun began to set, Vlad made it to his house. He dropped his backpack and vest, picked up a chair and went to sit outside. With his radio in one hand and the poster on the other, he presses the rusty PTT button. A faint sound of waves can hardly be heard, as well as the clucking of chickens, besides the man's voice* "Tady je tlačítko, *cough*. Sorry for disturbing anyone who might be listening, this is directed to an old friend of mine by the name of Buddy. Buddy, this is Vlad. I don't know if you remember me, we travelled together for about a week, some months ago. I was the weirdo with the bow. *laughs*" *He sounds slightly concerned.* "I just found a wanted poster with your face on it, man. I didn't expect to see a bounty on your head of all people. I don't know who these renegades čůrak are or what they want with you, I just hope you are OK. i'm sure that you must have friends that can protect you, but if you don't, you can always find me at my home village. If you remember where I'm talking about, then you know no one will found you there." "He stops speaking for some minutes, then resumes with a slightly tired voice." "Be careful kid, and stay safe." "He releases the PTT button, picks up the chair, and heads inside as it's getting late."
  5. Hello there Wyatt, welcome to the community c: Good luck on your whitelist!
  6. Hello there friend, you're already having fun here I see, that's awesome! Welcome to the community
  7. Great day today after my short break, thank you @FranzStigler @xaos22 and Jay Richards - can't find your forum name buddy -. @xaos22 you walked a little bit too close on the line to trollRP for a moment but it was hilarious in the end . Sorry Jay for leaving so suddenly, i had 5 FPS all the time at the factory area and just couldn't take it anymore
  8. o7 dudes. Had a good time but unfortunately none of you are playing anymore.
  9. Also make sure to not refresh the page, it changes position every time you do.
  10. Didn't expect myself to watch an 1-hour long video, but god damn it was so immersive. Great RP from everyone, especially the hostage's painRP! Superb content Tony, I'd love to see more. Also your voice
  11. "Yeah, well, a coward's mother does not weep."
  12. Wow, nice work! they're all so great, can't decide which to use as my new desktop background Following this, I'd love to see more Edit: decided on number 17
  13. One time I was over at the Pagan's compound talking with @Steck, when all of a sudden a police car drove by my house with the siren on. Unfortunately he heard it through my mic and said "What the fuck the popos are here?". When I realised what happened i burst out laughing, couldn't even find an IC excuse. I miss the pagans
  14. Always nice to see more events Nice work on the posters as well, I'm going to be there for sure!
  15. Ah ok. Hope it will get fixed soon and not forgotten in the list of things to do. I wanted to try it since i cant play atm thanks for the quick reply Rolle.