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  1. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Oh boy, now I have to worry about my head being chopped off. Group looks amazing, looking forward to (not) meet you in game, good luck with this!
  2. These are hilarious, do mine https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-781/
  3. Super Mario Castle Crisis (Free Game)

    Sweet! I remember you playing this on stream at some point, glad to see its finally finished. Also yeah, what Red said. Be careful.
  4. I dont understand why everyone is shitting on the question. Considering that the plane crash is unique and on the center of the capital one would expect to have a significant backstory. The LM team propably wanted a short whitelist lore and just mentioned it briefly, perhaps it will be expanded on further lore posts. I'd like that myself.
  5. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Great pictures! Can't wait to get back IG
  6. Pavlos Mavrakis

    Pavlos was born in a small city near Heraklion, Crete. His father was a shepherd with one of the biggest animal farms in the area, which he got from his wife's dowry when they married. Pavlo's early life was a mostly pleasant one after he finished elementary school he started working on the farm, his father teaching him and his older brother, Manos, the ways. Pavlos hated manual work, especially for farm animals. He really enjoyed eating them, though. When he was 22, his father died and left the whole farm to the oldest brother, as was a tradition. Pavlos decided to leave the town and go to Heraklion, where he opened a butcher shop/tavern, promoting his family farm. His shop was a massive success, and Pavlo's cooking skills and quality of meat was the talk of the town. 3 years later he opened a proper restaurant, Dionysus, and as he was now married with children on the way, he was aiming to expand even further. It is now early 2017. Despite his country's economic crisis, Pavlo's chain of souvlaki shops is going strong. 10 in Heraklion and looking to expand to Crete's second largest city. Fathered 4 healthy and strong boys, and was happier than ever. One day his youngest child announced to him that he was marrying Ruzena, a foreign girl who worked as a waitress in one his shops. He also told him that he was going to Ruzena's country with her, a place called Chernarus, to help her family recover from a recent civil war that left them penniless. Furious at his stupid and naive child, he tried everything to convince him to change his mind, he even threatened disinheritance. But the boy was too stubborn, or as he put it, "in love". This was clearly the girl's attempt to try and steal a part of his hard earned fortune. He went to confront and warn her to stay away from his son, but as they talked he couldn't help but feel pity for the girl. Ruzena was a genuinely kind person. She explained to him her family's history, how they lost everything they had to the communists and their coup, how her family spent their last savings to send her here, and how she's been working tirelessly to send money back to her family. She even showed him pictures and letters that confirmed her story. She didn't ask any help from Pavlos either and said that she and his son had enough experience to open a successful tavern there. Pavlos changed his mind and decided to let them marry and leave for Chernarus, but as he doubted both of their abilities to properly manage a tavern, he explained that the only way this was going to work was if he accompanies them there and set up the shop himself. A proper authentic Greek souvlaki shop, like his first one. He would manage it for the first months but ultimately leave it in his son's name and care. They were more than happy with this outcome and decided to leave at the end of June. Pavlos canceled his previous plans for expansion and left for the city of Chernogorsk with the newly married couple in the 22nd of June. He was going to have some very busy months ahead of him...
  7. Just found this in a store near me. 

    the temptation is real



  8. Wow! what an amazing end to my character. Killed by his closest friend, in his home village. A massive thank you to @FranzStigler for his amazing roleplay and my best session yet!
  9. [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

    I was thinking about forming a group with a similar idea to this, more like a taxi service kind of thing. I'm really glad to see this existed in the past and was successful! I'd love to get involved if you decide to bring this back and need people, hit me up in PMs / Teamspeak anytime Also your graphics are amazing!
  10. Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    2 hours of playtime is not nearly enough for anyone to decide if they like this game. But as others have said, I agree that without roleplay and a healthy community behind it, DayZ isn't worth it. If your friend doesn't like roleplaying in this environment / world, don't push him to buy this game. I've already tried it with 2 friends of mine and they now hate me for it.
  11. A new survivor

    Hello Marko! welcome and good luck on your whitelist
  12. Whitelist

    Hello muffin man! Here is a great guide with all the information you need to help you find the passphrase. Good luck on your whitelist!
  13. Felix's Journeys (Pro psychopath RP videos)

    Loved it. Nice short and sweet episode that ends timmy's chapter I'm guessing. Especially loved the Alabama boys and their carefree attitude. Felix's journey is grim and perilous overall so that was a nice change. I half expected during your monologue at the end, I would hear one of them suddenly jump in and say "scuse me 1st amendment FREEDOM OF SPEECH", completely derailing Felix's train of thought. Keep it up, can't wait for the next one
  14. *As Vlad is travelling through the wasteland, he sees a "wanted: alive" poster nailed to a pole in one of the villages. What surprised him wasn't that the poster was quite new, but that he recognised one of the men depicted in it, although he had not seen him in a long time.* *Just as the sun began to set, Vlad made it to his house. He dropped his backpack and vest, picked up a chair and went to sit outside. With his radio in one hand and the poster on the other, he presses the rusty PTT button. A faint sound of waves can hardly be heard, as well as the clucking of chickens, besides the man's voice* "Tady je tlačítko, *cough*. Sorry for disturbing anyone who might be listening, this is directed to an old friend of mine by the name of Buddy. Buddy, this is Vlad. I don't know if you remember me, we travelled together for about a week, some months ago. I was the weirdo with the bow. *laughs*" *He sounds slightly concerned.* "I just found a wanted poster with your face on it, man. I didn't expect to see a bounty on your head of all people. I don't know who these renegades čůrak are or what they want with you, I just hope you are OK. i'm sure that you must have friends that can protect you, but if you don't, you can always find me at my home village. If you remember where I'm talking about, then you know no one will found you there." "He stops speaking for some minutes, then resumes with a slightly tired voice." "Be careful kid, and stay safe." "He releases the PTT button, picks up the chair, and heads inside as it's getting late."
  15. Hello!

    Hello there Wyatt, welcome to the community c: Good luck on your whitelist!