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  1. YoboiMarcus

    Bad rp / Left with no protection from infected.

    Marcus Ehly POV: Me, Cletus @evanm23 and Tony Dixon @AG x V3N0MZz were looking all around the airfield for a guy who called himself "Mark" who was being rude and calling us racist so we tried to chase him down but lost him, we then bump into a guy called Martin who we thought may be his friend so we initiated on him and patted him for a radio. He dropped his weapons and Cletus tied him up when he shouldn't have done until after we got him to a different location so I untie him and order him to follow me. As we got to a barn, we start asking him questions about a few people including this guy we met called "Mark" to see if the people we knew and disliked were known to others so we tried getting information off of him, after that to keep the RP going, we asked OOC for perm to take his kidney, he said "no" so we tried to roleplay it out by asking him to beg for his life then we wouldn't take it. I asked him again for perm in case he changed his mind, again I got "no" the only things we took from him were his weapons and ammo to ensure he wouldn't come after us. We tell him to run to a certain direction for atleast 5 minutes then he could come back to collect the rest of his stuff, after he is a good distance away from the barn we also left the barn, leaving his gear untouched.
  2. YoboiMarcus

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    Can you mentor me? I need a refresher for rp.

    1. Pinky


      Sure! Ill pm you my information right now and we will get set up!