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  1. Really cool seeing other peoples perspectives and screenshots haha, nice.
  2. ...The Dragons (rip) If you have any of your own memories with the dragons or screenshots feel free to post R.I.P - Gone but never forgotten Tenno Heika Banzai
  3. Hi, I've recently thought about playing some DayZRP again with the new improvements. I have connected my account via Steam but my whitelist is no longer there and it's asking me to reapply. Can this be fixed? Cheers
  4. Now going LIVE www.twitch.tv/KRXM=
  5. Wow I didn't know he used my clip haha, I submitted that ages ago.
  6. Streaming some Cities: Skylines in 30 minutes! See you at 9pm server time
  7. I am streaming again tonight, here's a heads up! See you later on 9pm server time.
  8. 45 mins LIVE IN 5 MINUTES - come join the chat
  9. CS for definite. Maybe some crazy multiplayer games with the dragons - we'll see...
  10. "shaved", I'm only missing like 3 strands of hair lmao! pls jeebus, give me da beard pls
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