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  1. Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to be apart of a community such as this! So far, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. I can't wait to finally step into DayZRP and create my own path with my new character, Dave Marcabino!
  2. Active Character Bio

       My name is Dave Marcabino. I come from a town over in New Jersey back in the United States. I came to Chernarus back in late September 2014, seeking fortune as a few of my poker buddies and I hopped on a plane in the hopes of playing in a poker tournament here in Cherno. Few of us were skeptical at first because we would be playing in a foreign land that we knew very little about, but just like poker, we took the gamble. When we landed, we got ourselves a hotel room in the Chernogorsk International Hotel. A very nice room it was may I add...was. We spent the next morning getting to know the local shops and some people. Later on, we took part in the tournament, slowly gambling our cares away. However, all went to shit a week or so after. First, a man came down with this infection and next thing you know the whole region is infested with infected, all with the intentions to eat you alive...(Dear god! I miss you Vince, oh' boyyo...I wish I could have done more...) We tried to stay in the hotel as long as we could until one day a man advised us that a large group of survivors were heading to the international airport, located in Miroslavl. They planned on leaving the damned place through a cargo plane! We thought it was risky, mostly after all the quarantine procedures, but it seemed like the only way out. We decided to try and catch up with the group, but we were far too late. As we were leaving Cherno, we saw that cargo plane crash into the lower levels of the hotel we were staying at just prior. Realizing that there really was no escaping this god-forsaken place, we decided to camp out with some other survivors in the woods. We even saw the guy from room 209...the guy with the funny looking hot pink designer coat. Anyways, we remained in the camp for a new more nights until the night of the attack...We were all trying to have a little fun in these troubling times, you know...drinking and stuff, making a lot of noise. It was all fun until the horde of infected came to join...the camp was gone...I barely got out. I ran without thinking. I ran without bringing any of my drunk buddies along with me. The only things I left with were a poker chip and a deck of playing cards. Out of all the things, that's what I took......I spend my days traveling now. Searching for helpless souls like my myself that could possibly spare food and shelter. I'm not much a fighter to tell you the truth, but I do what I can in these cruel, broken lands. These lands are non-sympathique, and now all I do is spend the rest of my days gambling my cares away in them.