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  1. Ape

    DayZ Mod poll

    Personally my favorite map to ever play Dayz on was Namalsk, plus it's a smaller map so more interactions and it offers a different weather climate than everyone is used to. For the mods I would say epoch if we could tone down the weapon spawns, if not then vanilla with some mods would probably be better.
  2. *Mo pushes his PTT* God damn the one time I try to go out of my way to help someone out, I've been from Grishino all the way down to Cherno and Elektro without finding a pen. These zombies eating our pens or some shit? Been looking since I heard your last message and have had no luck jigga, I'll keep an eye out but it seems like we have a real low supply of pens. *Mo releases his PTT and goes back to running*
  3. Mo was a small time drug dealer hired by Mr. Leguardia to come to Chernarus to help him with operations. He met him when Mr. Leguardia was on a "business" trip to New York City. With Trump winning the election and Mo not having anyone/anything going on for him in his life he decided to take the offer. He was honestly looking for a way out anyway, he didn't think his life was living up to what he expected it to be. Little did he know what he was getting himself into, the world in Chernarus was much different than New York. He knew that, but he didn't prepare for it to be this different, he was handed a gun for his own protection. He used to carry a gun when he lived on 16 West street but he hasn't since he moved to the upper east side, it was a much nicer area. Guns didn't really scare him but it threw him off because he didn't expect it to be this crazy out here, nonetheless he was ready. Little did he know the gun would come in handy only a few months later when people started coming back from the dead.
  4. If we can actually get this to work, this would be an amazing idea. Need to think of better rules and win condition within the confides of the game but this would probably be the highlight of LiF if it works out.
  5. Ape

    LiF Style: Whose roleplay did you enjoy?

    Really enjoyed all the RP at Veigrstone/Skyforge tonight with John, Ragnvald, Amy, Riya, Utz, some Blackmere, and patching up some of Lokir's wounds. Been hanging around there lately and seem to get a ton of good RP situations as Jorgen Fircleef. Seems like an awesome place to hang around if you're looking for some good RP.
  6. Always a fun experience when I'm with the plantation, but this time it was crazy. I showed up towards the end when they were executing the brotherhood with the Clowns. Here's my POV.
  7. IGN: Buck Maverick Age: 20 Country: USA English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: TONS DayZ Standalone Experience: Not as much, still ALOT Roleplaying Experience: Quite a bit. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Stealth. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope Additional notes: Used to play DayzRP back when it was still on the mod. Had tons of fun but had to quit due to irl stuff, now I'm back and have been playing for a bit. Everything is always much more fun with a group and it always creates a ton of fun RP elements. Best way to contact you: Skype is by far the best way, daowner12345 but if you would like to use steam my profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/FL0CKA/ Backstory: In a small in southern Texas a young man in his mid 20s was the guy to go to if you needed something. He could get his hands on anything big or small, easy to get or difficult to find, illegal or legal. He charged a pretty penny for his services but most people used him to get their hands on drugs. He had a bad drinking problem and mostly hung around the bars while he gambled away most of the money he made. He wasn't a difficult guy to get along with though, he was always a nice guy who was the life of the place and didn't mind getting in a few quarrels. This was a normal thing that happened during his trade, people agreeing to one price and then changing their mind upon the transition of the goods. During this time he became quite good with his trusty revolver, the side piece as he called it. He developed a nice set of skills that allowed him to always have the upper hand in the exchange, fighting for your life most of the time allowed that to develop. His trade eventually brought him to Chernarus as he traveled a bunch to find the things his customers wanted. A lawyer from Austin took a trip down to the town because he wanted some pretty crazy drugs. It was some weird stuff right from the middle of Chernarus. Figures it had to be right before the entire breakout happened. Luckily since he always carried a knife and his side piece he was able to defend himself against the living or the dead. The good side of this, things were now even harder to get so he could charge more money, he loved having money. Deciding to mostly roll solo he enjoyed the added stealth to his movements; without having to tell anyone else where he was it allowed him to be more mobile and get through high traffic areas much more easily, which was mostly where people sent him to get things for them. Most people in Chernarus after the outbreak mostly wanted guns and ammunition. People needed protection and what's better protection than an AK-47 or an SVD? He still gets the run for some food or water every now and again and he enjoys the easy runs because sometimes he'll get the time to sit down and drink a beer. These days while not out grabbing loot he still loves drinking beer and gambling away his money, and every time he gets the chance to sit down with a group of people to play a game of cards and drink a few beers he takes the chance. He's just a southern Texas boy at heart and he's just trying to make his way through the large country of Chernarus. Whether he has to shoot his way out of a situation or just hang around and kick back he's loving every second of it.
  8. maybe read my backstory and tell me what you guys think? I did it more so to see how creative I can get with it, I'll most likely use a different backstory for my actual character in game I was left by my parents to die in the jungle. I am lucky enough to have been raised by lions. Lions have taught me how to hunt and fend for myself in the jungle. I was raised by the king and eventually will become the king of the jungle. I have developed great vocal cords and can now speak fluent lion. Over the course of 24 years the jungle not only changes itself, but it changes you. I am trained to kill, and fend for myself with my bare hands, mostly stalking animals before I decide to kill and eat their hearts. After the zombie apocalypse happened, I met a new enemy, something I wasn't familiar with in the jungle. It was another human, but not one like me, this one was dead but walking. It tried to kill me so I had to kill it, I did not even try to eat this animal. I met another one like me, but this one was normal, he had a spare weapon and he taught me how to use it and use it well, he also told me that what I had killed before was a "zombie". I know I am not alone in this world, and I have met other people like me, I now understand how to speak some of human language, and I understand not everyone is nice in the world. I need to always be on the lookout, keep my sanity, and keep a level head, who knows what can happen when a lion loses his temper.
  9. hey everyone I'm sinjax and I can't wait to get in game with everyone!
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