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  1. Mo Williams

    Mo was a small time drug dealer hired by Mr. Leboria to come to Chernarus to help him with operations. He met him when Mr. Leboria was on a "business" trip to New York City. With Trump winning the election and Mo not having anyone/anything going on for him in his life he decided to take the offer. He was honestly looking for a way out anyway, he didn't think his life was living up to what he expected it to be. Little did he know what he was getting himself into, the world in Chernarus was much different than New York. He knew that, but he didn't prepare for it to be this different, he was handed a gun for his own protection. He used to carry a gun when he lived on 16 West street but he hasn't since he moved to the upper east side, it was a much nicer area. Guns didn't really scare him but it threw him off because he didn't expect it to be this crazy out here, nonetheless he was ready. Little did he know the gun would come in handy only a few months later when people started coming back from the dead.
  2. Event: Jousting

    If we can actually get this to work, this would be an amazing idea. Need to think of better rules and win condition within the confides of the game but this would probably be the highlight of LiF if it works out.
  3. Really enjoyed all the RP at Veigrstone/Skyforge tonight with John, Ragnvald, Amy, Riya, Utz, some Blackmere, and patching up some of Lokir's wounds. Been hanging around there lately and seem to get a ton of good RP situations as Jorgen Fircleef. Seems like an awesome place to hang around if you're looking for some good RP.