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  1. RealizePC Media Thread

    all good brudda i just don't like memes in my opinion they can be used as sort of a low key troll i just didn't want them on my thread is all hope this doesn't offend anyone i know how much this community loves memes.
  2. RealizePC Media Thread

    i wasn't to know there was a sniper lurking around i was only aware there was 2. as i said to @Mexi i've been shoot at by @Nihoolious after some rp before so ic i know who he is voice and appearance so i did not use any ooc info that is not how i roll. and its me that doesn't want memes on my thread no need to bash on @Brady
  3. RealizePC Media Thread

  4. RealizePC Media Thread

    DB SEARCH ? i knew his voice but wasn't sure last time i came across him he shoot me so yeah i wanted to get away from him don't really wanna be around people that shoot at me but i get you.
  5. RealizePC Media Thread

  6. RealizePC Media Thread

    ----SNIP---- i was correct in what i said i knew it was you lmao 2 TIMES NOW @Nihoolious
  7. RealizePC Media Thread

    so i don't really know what happened today but i would like peoples pov on this sort of rp and the incident itself because i have mixed thoughts.
  8. What is the minimum age?

    i didn't think it was 18+ isn't it 16+
  9. Dayz Help

    If you go to the link below everything is explained in the white list link at the bottom: https://www.dayzrp.com/dayz/ take your time while answering these questions and writing your backstory as to get everything perfect. hope to see you in game soon
  10. verbal warning removel

    @Shadows OK that is i what i needed to know that spent punishments are still visible on your profile as well.
  11. verbal warning removel

    @Shadows i get what your saying and i get the process of the points but once a point given punishment expires do you still see the warning on your profile ? if not why can i see a less harsh punishment on my profile. @Hebee this has nothing to with me getting into staff only to do with the appearance of my profile.
  12. verbal warning removel

    ill just wait for any of the admins to reply see what they have to say 1st @Hebee i cant see how they cant be removed because the ones that show on my profile for more harsher rule breaks have an expire time but the ones that are of a less harsher punishment stay on my profile forever this just doesn't make sense to me but i'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for this.
  13. verbal warning removel

    That is all well and good @Kyle_Jones but i'm sure there are other ways to tag my profile as its been given a verbal warning. i just want to clear the clutter on my profile that is all i wonder if its possible i'm sure it is.
  14. verbal warning removel

    Ok so my question is how do i remove the verbal warning on the side of my profile which i revived 0 points for but it says it will never expire i don't like it being on my profile is there anyway to get it taken off ? this is the screenshot just for reference.
  15. Dayz update?

    when the new update came out everyone's characters were reset as there was a server wide wipe of everything not just you this includes everyone else as well