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  1. decided not to give up so easy for the better of the rp
  2. ok iv had a good talk with all the boys came very close to completely giving up but I've been motivated to keep going and keep the 101 alive.
  3. cheers bud means a lot gonna go out a get shit faced this weekend thats should blow enough steam off
  4. you thief
  5. so guys i've had some really good ic experiences here in dayzrp really good actually but since certain things have happened in dayz rp i will be taking a break for a couple of weeks the ooc hate is too much of a headache for a game hopefully when i come back it's better lets see. @Mr Anon i tried i lasted a long time but i can't handle it anymore hamish for for rp of the year. to all my other freinds gl keep the 101 intact while im away i know you will.
  6. *sam pushes down the ptt button* ''you know yourself that wasn't us they were just close friends of the 101 if you think the 101 would stand down to you and your band of scum then you are sorely mistaken we got there just too late and it was all over '' ''what are you wobbling your chops about taken all our gear we got back in and you had just thrown a few pots and pans on the floor good job there big man'' ''the next time you come up you wont be leaving ill bury you in the graveyard round back with the rest of the people that have tried and failed you've been around 5 minutes the 101 has been here for a very long time and ain't going nowhere but you're welcome to try'' *sam releases the ptt button and turns the radio off to try and get some sleep but can't stop giggling to himself*
  7. *sam pushes down the ptt button* '' come up again and kill random people that are not even affiliated with the 101 haha you know you're fighting a losing battle take some tips from the defeated and go find a rock and lay under it you will never push us out not you or any of your band of so called friends'' *sam puts up his feet with his new fal and cocks the gun* ''were always hear when ever you need a lesson again'' *sam releases the ptt button as he sits down with his new friends who held the camp for him while he was away*
  8. *sam presses down the ptt button* ''any time you're willing to come try be my guest when ever you ready to come out of hiding'' *sam begins to laugh uncontrollably while mopping scum blood of his new house floor* ''thats pretty much all i have to say you failed the 1st time believe me you wont succeed this time just stay where you are and live out your days silently'' *sam releases the ptt button and puts it back on the table and continues mopping up the floor*
  9. -User was cautioned for this post!-
  10. *sam presses down the ptt button* '' if you didnt hear you stupid deaf dickhead they took it yes for 10 minutes then we took it back they did more than you ever did but it wont happen again'' '' whoever the fuck you are go jump of a roof'' *sam releases the ptt button*
  11. *sam presses down the ptt button* '' good job on taking the camp with only 4 people holding it hahaha next time there won't be just 4 don't you worry you struggled still with just 4 off us fuck knows how you gonna survive with all of us'' '' go choke on louies dick some more '' '' see you soon ow and good job holding the north for 10 minutes '' *sam releases the ptt button*
  12. * sam pushes down the ptt button* '' why did you run to russia got pushed away from your home did you, yeah thats right stay in russia good advice for you'' *sam releases the ptt button*
  13. ~User was warned for this post~
  14. *sam pushes the ptt button* ''like how this idiot says he will roll down south but wont roll up north hahaha he knows what will happen that's why him and his little bitch friends will suffer the same fate once again go crawl back under you rock'' sam releases the ptt button*
  15. *sam pushes down the ptt button* '' lots of words being spoken here boys yes boys instead of talking your smack as always why not come pay us a visit and show us how you bend us over'' ''i dont think you will because you only like to go after the weak you cant handle a real fight'' *sam releases the ptt button laughing his ass of*