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  1. Happens its very common, only way to fix it is to re-log
  2. Sounds good for the Lore right now but, if they are brought in I would like them to stay long for lore reasons.
  3. Christian Jones was born in England in 1991 into a family with a reputation of being slightly lets say not to be messed with, everyone knew the family and what they were about but as Christian Jones reached the age of 16 and leaving secondary school he didn't want to join the family business, which was mostly full of criminal activities, so instead he joined the local police force, after many years he climbed the ranks gradually becoming a detective, in late 2019 Christian Jones was assigned as a protection detail for a witness in a murder, she was currently hiding out in Chernarus and the British Government wanted to bring the witness back to the UK where she could give a statement and later testify, Christian was then sent to Chernarus arriving there early January after meeting with the woman, Christian felt it better to wait for the next available direct flight back to the UK, but the next flight was not until April so he would have to wait, as time went buy strange things started to happen around Chernarus with high military presence everywhere, with problems in the past in Chernarus it was best to try to leave the area ASAP but it seems that all roads had been blocked, every time Christian tried to talk to someone with a military uniform on he was told to go back in his accommodations, reaching mid may people were being moved from buildings around where Christian was staying to camps, but as they were being moved they were attacked by what can only be described as zombies, Christian began to run for his life as did everyone else, as he was running he witnessed the woman he had come to bring back to the UK being eaten alive by a faceless man, Christian ran and ran as much as he could into the forest he didn't stop running until he finally collapsed of exhaustion, when he woke up it was very quiet, Christian knew he was in for the fight of his life.
  4. If you need support with any of the .pbo problems a well laid out support guide can be found here. If you need help getting the character model you want in game, then a support guide can be found here for that. Hope this helps!
  5. Spawn civilian weapons like the ones you said, pre-loaded with ammo, because why would someone keep a gun in a country like Chernarus not loaded.
  6. Money runs the world now it's only logical it would still hold a value in an apocalyptic world.
  7. I would like weapon spawns to be capped anyway. Only having a certain amount of M4-s AK-s, that sort of thing will make obtaining them a lot more difficult. 1 downside to this is horders, but I love me a good stash hunt
  8. Suppressors have been useless against zombies for a long time, this is 100% needed.
  9. This is a good idea but if it is added, the durability on it should be low making the normal one superior over the craftable one.
  10. I agree with bringing this back into the game, but I think the persistence on them should be lowered so there's not like a million of theses around the map.
  11. Welcome back to the community.
  12. Pretty sure it's like 20 planks and a lot of nails per frame, it will cost you like a stupid amount of nails to build it on your own, better of making a few crates tbh you need tools as well to nail the wood together i.e. hammer or a hatchet
  13. You need to build the complete structure, all the frames and walls to be able to store things insde.
  14. We have something like this, where people put their journals and diaries for others to see, take a look. https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/283-dayz-stories-and-journals/
  15. Sounds good but the developers would most likely have to customize each individual one and that's no really practical. But I'm sure it could be a thing for approved groups possibly.
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