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  1. Greetings @Nacho Niller, It has been over 48-hours since creating your appeal to be unbanned. Two staff members have both requested you to change your appeal to follow the template and the appeal posting rules. You have not made the necessary changes and this appeal with now be closed, due to not following the rules and template provided for you. If you need help posting your appeal feel free to join the 'Waiting for staff help' channel in the DayZRP discord, where we can assist you. //Closed Signed @[email protected]
  2. Welcome @Taffinator to the group.
  3. Hello @Ender Cain, In order for community members to vote on your suggestion, you need to add a poll to this. A simple 'yes' or 'no' poll will do just fine.
  4. +1 Seen this vehicle on another server and it fits chernarus very well, perfect for the travelling person.
  5. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Building Logs: Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have: @Novi | Novovcka Svetla | OP Accused @MrHar | Woody Log | Posted
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  7. Summary: @Azuninob Constructs a Caravan+gate on the west main road coming into Vybor to act as a roadblock entering the town. @Matt Chillas Later come across the roadblock a couple of days later in his BMW presumably hitting speeds of 120 km/h, where he claims he almost hit the roadblock. Rulebreaks: Attempted invalid kill (On-Sight) @Matt Chillas The road block that had been placed was very visible to you. The staff team feel you should've had ample time to stop. Driving around at 120 km/h just not justify your reasoning of an Attempted invalid kill [email protected], also the
  8. Thanks. I hate it.

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  9. Thank you for posting your pov of the situation, please keep a close eye on this report as we may have more questions. Your ban will now be removed.
  10. Building Logs: Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have: @Matt Chillas | Manuel Del Toro | OP Accused @Azuninob | Tito Collano |
  11. @Murdoc What side of the road were you standing when the group initiated on the car ?
  12. Hello @Xoth, In order to stick to the suggestion posting guidelines, which can be found here you need to add a pole, so the community can vote on your suggestion. NOTE BY PaulB: Moved to discussion as it is more about asking of possibility, not a suggestion.
  13. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have: @VolraSlava | Fake Christian | OP Accused @Banksyy | Vasili Nikolaev | POSTED @Jackfish | Vlad Kuznetsov | POSTED @SynO | Vladimir Kruchakov | POSTED @Murdoc | Sasa Saponjic | POSTED
  14. Greetings @Zanaan, The staff team have discussed your request to close this report, and we have chosen to Accept it. Before we close this report we would like to make it clear to @mike655363 that if this report would've reached a final verdict, it was likely that it would've been a Guilty verdict. The reason that it would've most likely been a guilty verdict is due to you placing the barbed wire kit in the middle of a frequently used road. if cars were not in their current state and took damage when colliding with other in game objects @Zanaan and his passenger would have taken damag
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