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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much..."

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  1. Realize

    Fifty Two | Open To IC Interest

    Ok im not going to sit by and let you keep making up false claims about Luke we made a group vote the majority won and you guys wanted different things and now your salty you didn't get you're own way.
  2. Realize

    Cant set keybinds

    if none of this works launch the game in default with out any mods and try changing it.
  3. Realize

    Hello again

    welcome to the com my dude.
  4. Realize

    i don't know how to explain this

    thanks for the quick response buddy all sorted now.
  5. Realize

    i don't know how to explain this

    might it be because i tabbed out ? just so i don't do this again. trust you to say this.
  6. Realize

    i don't know how to explain this

  7. Realize

    Hello world

    welcome to the coms Rob hope to meet you ig
  8. Realize

    Doctor urgent (open freq)

    *George reluctant to hear a voice on the radio rushes to press the ptt button* ''Dr if you can travel to VYSHNOYE we can meet you there, Stan vouches for this man if that helps gain your trust'' *George releases the ptt button*
  9. Realize

    Doctor urgent (open freq)

    *George Rushes to the radio pushes down the ptt button* ''is there a doctor out there that can help us there is a man very badly injured in our camp'' *George releases the ptt button*
  10. Realize

    Realize's Media Thread

  11. Realize

    Fifty Two | Open To IC Interest

    was good meeting you today, also thanks for stopping by the camp sadly Jason isn't part of the group hes just a hang around but it was still fun.
  12. Realize

    Realize's Media Thread

    This is just going to be a place were i can share my best screenshots of my dayz rp experience and share them with you guys hope you enjoy.
  13. Realize

    Open Frequency 109.2 [Help]

    *George listens to the radio broadcast and realises that the reply wasn't for him he face palms and turns his radio off*
  14. Realize

    Open Frequency 109.2 [Help]

    *George pauses for a second laughing at the fact she called him a preacher and specks into the the radio with a clear British ascent* ''i didn't mean to preach, i lost my faith in god many years ago, you seem to of miss understood me as well im not trying to marry him...*laughs* hopefully we will all see you tomorrow, stay safe. *George releases the ptt button*
  15. Realize

    Open Frequency 109.2 [Help]

    *George listens to the radio transmission while hes half asleep in a hunting stand* *he smurks while listening to the radio broadcast from kyle as he can hear the happiness in his voice* *he speaks clearly into the radio with his British accent* You sound happy Kyle....*pauses* who is this young lady your speaking to on the radio? *George releases the ptt button on the radio* *After putting down his radio George looks up and the night sky and slowly falls back to sleep*
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