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  1. Hello gamers, We are currently looking for dedicated DayZRP staff members, who are willing to put their free time into helping this community. If this is something that appeals to you, apply now via the forums in staff applications.
  2. Approved, Heard nothing but great things about this group, keep up the good work. Please set up your group CP.
  3. Who told you that you can't help because you're on final ? We have had two ex final members join staff, so I don't know what would make you think this. Good to see people with the passion to help out instead of complaining all the time, come apply @ImNovaaa
  4. George Whittaker was born and raised in the city of Birmingham, England. He developed a passionate interest in neurological disorders and studies associated with them at the young age of sixteen. George went on to attend his local school, and after gaining the necessary prerequisites, entered into the University of Birmingham. During his time at the university, George earned exceptional marks, enough so that he got accolades from the University’s chancellor. His studies continued to exceed expectations even after he passed admissions into the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology. When the infection struck the United Kingdom in early 2020, George had been working with a group of scientists leading research from the UK government. Whilst he was researching there, he became close with many people, but one man stuck out to him more than others and the two men ended up quite closely bonded. This man came from Norway, and kept raving about a newly constructed city: Nyheim. As he learned more and more of what his new-found friend had to say, George found himself bewildered. Nyheim, as he was told, was already researching potential cures for this strange new virus that was quickly sweeping nations. A few weeks after the first few cases of infection arrived in the UK, most of the country had fallen. George knew it was a case of now or never; he had to make a decision. Would he stay and most likely die, or go to Norway and try to find this place called Nyheim? After some heavy deliberation, he chose to get the fuck out of this falling kingdom. George had heard of a plane departing from Heathrow Airport heading to fuck knows where but, with little other choice, he boarded without much hesitation. He managed to get a seat on the overcrowded plane, after convincing people that his credentials were worth having on board. Take off seemed to go without a hitch, and George began to relax into his seat, confident that soon he’d be somewhere safe. All was well until around an hour into the flight, when an individual that had secretly been infected with the virus succumbed to their illness and began to attack other passengers. Some genius on board thought he would have the great idea of shooting the infected man, but what happened as a result of him shooting? A hole in the side of the plane erupted from the bullet, causing it to create a massive hole in the side of the plane, with debris hitting the engine, bringing the plane down into the Norwegian sea. Amongst the wreckage of the plane crash, George was remarkably still alive, washed up on the shores of Nyheim where he was picked up by locals and taken to the city. It was within Nyheim that George remained until the present day.
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    Well then.....

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      @Masonhe is the sole admin currently left, @Infernoand @Bryan resigned and @Duplessis is on break.

      Of course you have @Hoferbut he also does other stuff. So the only admin truly left is @Realize in this current moment.

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      @RealizeDo I have to find the milk early for you? 😂

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      He isn't alone @RedSky. Once an Admin always an Admin

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      Buy Horizon Zero Dawn @Duplessis

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      @Duplessis Ah yes, the first morning of not having to wake up and do whitelists. I remember that feeling.

      Enjoy it while it lasts.

  6. Hello @Mike after a lot of debate since you made your group idea and much criticism we believe it is time for you to be approved, but do not take these next words lightly, we will be keeping a very close eye on you. It is up to you now, good luck and congratulations on your approval. //approved
  7. With my recent suggestion of changes to basebuilding here I got thinking more and more about the expansion mod in general and other than basebuilding, what do we really utilize from the mod ? My suggestion is for the removal of the expansion mod and the addition of the BaseBuildingPlus mod.
  8. After a good long chat between myself @ImRabbit and other members of VK, we managed to get a lot of concerns out in the open between myself and them. I will be having a further talk with the rest of the Admin team about their concerns later on today. Welcome back, // Unarchived upon OP request.
  9. Archived upon request of the group leader, @Shilo If you want to bring this group back at any point, message a mod staff member plus to bring it back. You did good. // Archived
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  11. I was checking out a few mods today and seen this one in particular from hellretex, btw I want to say first of that their mods are dope. The mod has a lot of new weapons with a good amount of them fitting to the current lore time period, not all the weapons would be added but a good amount of them would be, so vote and if the vote is positive we will add. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1834847250&searchtext=hell I will show a few of my favourites below. M14 Tactical Colt M16M Raw Springfield M1A Raw
  12. Nice this will befit everyone, I will pin it for easier access for people, gj @Mason.
  13. We currently have evenmoredoors mod on the server which serves the same purpose as more doors, as the more doors mod was not very good and the doors were to small , but that being said you can create a suggestion poll asking the community if they want it and if so we will add it back.
  14. Pretty simple suggestion that I believe I have made before, but here I am again because I believe it will benefit everyone. 1. Remove expansion base building ? Expansion base building can only be destroyed by using satchel charges, but vanilla walls can be destroyed with melee weapons and firearms, it does take a considerable more amount of time, but that adds to the fun and the chance of being caught. Also, due to the extra more amount of risk involved with being caught, people will choose a different approach, for example the good old days trying to boost into a base, building watchtowers while your friends distract the base owners, having to befriend someone who lives in a base to gain entry, all that is lost currently because ''I have satchel I blow up wall easy'' 2. Remove satchel charges ? Satchel charges are just too overpowered, a solo person can walk up to your base place down a satchel charge and be inside your base in less than 30 seconds, with vanilla walls enabled and satchel charges gone, it will take a considerable lengthier amount of effort and time to break down a wall. 3. Enable build anywhere ? Enable build anywhere to make it easier to build with vanilla walls.
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