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  1. Summary: @Tactical Tree is having a heated conversation with @Decetheus inside the pub located next to the Black Lake, the conversation comes to a point where @Decetheus decides to initiate on @Tactical Tree where he complies with him raising his hands up (f5) after this @Tactical Tree allies open up the door to the rear of the pub, where they re-initiate on @Decetheus he turns around with his weapon raised and is killed by @Canadian. Rulebreaks: NVFL: @Decetheus When you were re-initiated on by @Tactical Tree allies your back is turned to them and it was not clear how many of them there actually were. Plus when you turned around you were instantly meet with gunfire and did not have time to assess the situation, if all the allies had initiated in voip the outcome of this report would've been Guilty, but with what was said previously we will find you not guilty of NVFL. Metagaming: @Decetheus Seeing as you can not supply the staff team with correct time stamp, as requested about your metagaming claims, we will have to mark this as inconclusive. Evidence: Suggestions: @HDragon & allies while you had valid kill rights already since he initiated on your ally, we feel it is worth mentioning that your initiation was borderline valid. You stated something to the effect of "You think that's a good idea? Go ahead and drop the weapon" while pointing a gun at his back. When you did this, you were standing behind him, outside a door, in the dark. While he is standing in a brightly lit room. It is extremely unlikely he could have identified a weapon was pointed at him, let alone that there were two other people with you while you initiated. For this reason, we can't find him guilty of NVFL. @Decetheus Next time you create a report please only do so when you have collected all your evidence, as to not waste staff's time also other community members. We are not responsible to find your evidence for you. Verdict: @[email protected] [email protected]@Tactical Tree - Metagaming - Inconclusive @Decetheus - NVFL - Not Guilty Signed @Realize @Duplessis & @Rover
  2. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have: @Decetheus | Jackson Camorra - OP @Tactical Tree | Lawrence Perry - Posted @HDragon | Callahan McDuffin - Posted @YAKMOUTH | Hector Enrique Del Toro - Posted @Canadian | Nathan Taylor - @IntenseGeek | Tregger Johnson - Posted
  3. @Decetheus As you are the one who made the report it is up to you to present us with the evidence and we the staff team are not going to sit through, four and a half hours of your vod to find a specific word said. If you could find the timestamp of this, then we can investigate it further.
  4. Don’t forget to turn your god mode off when you start firefights  😇

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      I wear the Boonie Hat in your honour.

  5. My G about time they got you back as purp

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      If only you was still here.

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  6. Congrats bro nice work

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      Thankyou 🙂

  7. My guy gratz on the GM bro well deserved. Nice to see you back in that spot my dude

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    Hypeee! 😄 ⭐ 🥳

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  9. *Christian picks up the radio and pushes down the PTT button* ''I'm currently in possession of helicopter parts, and I'm looking to sell them, if there is anyone out there looking to buy them contact me directly'' *Christian releases the PTT button *
  10. I loved the BMW was such a cool vehicle to have in the server. The reviews on it are also very good looks like the author keeps it very up to date, big man give us the BMW back.
  11. You are trying to connect to the correct server ? s1.dayzrp.com:2300 Edit: You are trying to connect to DayZRP.pl, you need to join DayZRP.com
  12. Have you tried connecting with the parameters ?
  13. This needed to be in the video of the year!!!!!
  14. Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @Aron73 This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to @Aron73 for participating! Tell Us About Yourself? I'm Tobias. There is not much I can tell you about me. I'm 47 years old and have been working most of my life from when I was 13 years old with everything from a farmer to office worker and everything in between. My friends would tell you I'm an honest and easy to trust person, and I only require the same from you, lie to me ones, and I find out you might have lost a friend because trust is what I value the most. How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? To be honest, I do not remember, but I have been playing on a lot of different RP servers, so it might just have been I found you guys while looking for a new server again I don't remember. If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? This is a hard question to answer, but RizRP and Phoenyxx did have a big part in me enjoying my time here, so much and, of course, Wolfpack overall. What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place? I don't think there is anything I could ask from you guys. You are by far the best staff team I have ever seen on any DayZ server; you listen to us and a bow all we do have a democracy that works here. What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here? My entire time with the wolf pack and the adventure we had together, no day was the same, and even though I was running solo most of the time, I still had a blast, especially with the threat of Vlad looming over me 24/7 Do you regret doing anything in your time here? I do have some regrets, the ones I remember are also the ones I got reported for, but in the end, we all make mistakes. What I find important is not to repeat the ones you have done but to learn from your mistakes. If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? @Daisy @Basko @Nonplayer @Phoenyxx What's your current favorite song/artist? Toby Keith - Red white and blue What has been your favorite character you have played on the server and why? I must say that's Mikael Hansson and why? Because he is such a broad char that can be molded into almost anything. I'm not sure if you all remember my first Mikael Hansson, but he was really different from this one mainly because of his history and what happened to him during the time I played him. What do you feel is missing from the community? I don't think anything is missing except maybe a few more players, but I'm sure they will return when they realize that we are the best, and so far, I have not found any server even close to comparing to us. Do you have any hidden talents? I do not lie in rl, not on purpose at least, but I can get almost anyone in-game to believe almost anything I say to them, hell ask Vlad He did believe almost everything I did say even when I told him I was leaving Hutch, who was my chars best friend at the time. What was the origin of your username? Aron73 is a short version of Aron Gordon, and that name I got because I made a mistake in the past and joined a pirate faction in a different game with my old name that I forgot by now. Instead of telling the people I just joined and gave me a bunch of stuff that I could not stay with them, I logged out and made a new account and tried to figure out a name. I just went through the alphabet and got Aron as sure name and Gordon as the last name, and that's the story of my user name
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