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  1. @Dusty

    figured that was coming soon

    1. Boris-kun


      took rp outta his name


    2. Niccolicious


      Well, so did I. 😕

  2. Makes sense. If you’re gonna amnesty permed players might as well let them make their groups unless the group itself is breaking rules. I.R.A, ska, or whatever other disbanded groups. Should definitely be able to apply for remaking the group if they want to. If it’s not breaking any rules who cares. Most these players are likely stepping on eggshells anyway with being on final from amnesty .
  3. UndeadRP

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    you're somethin
  4. This looooooks spicy .
  5. UndeadRP


    you're my one black friend so i get my free pass.
  6. UndeadRP


    heh HI
  7. UndeadRP

    New rules draft

    Yea overall I think it’s a huge step in the right direction. Wish my computer was working .
  8. UndeadRP

    Should there be an exception to rule 6.2?

    Yea dunno, I’m with the camp of removal of the rule along with the removal of the silly hostility color system. But that’s just me and it’s never gonna happen.
  9. Yea you can absolutely rp with them however you can’t shoot them( good samaratin rule was removed a while ago) or probably even initiate on them ( with the way the current hostility settings are) without reasoning that isn’t in your characters backstory. Such as I’m a hero). Unless they are an orange character. And contrary to what above people are saying remember that you can not validly initiate without them doing something against you unless they are an orange character.
  10. UndeadRP

    The Sea Men

    Nothin is really lost , what’s funny is we actually for once were provoked by like the entire active server which is fun. Whether it’s everyone holding Joffery up and torturing him or actively joining in on firefights against people who tortured him, intiating on us, etc. dunno why anyone would be surprised that intiations are dropped. Lets all remember the differences as well between non compliance and promoting hostile rp. I’m just sayin, I wasn’t inside during the rp ( was busy shooting the snipers that ran 400 out and took pot shots for an hour ) but from what it sounded like it sounds like non compliance. as to intiations only consisting of put your hands up, kinda have to do that. Last time I remember Joffery intiating with a line of like “ if yaa put your hands on those rifles you’ll be filled with bullets” he got reported for the guy not understanding what an intiations is. Better to be clear and unambiguous from what it seemed of that staff response. That added with the fact that you had plenty of friends around ( it seemed ) as we constantly took shots from snipers up on the rocks and had multiple altercations with others throughout the hostage situation .
  11. I was the best villain in 2017, hence why I was character of the year then. I personally dont see a good villain coming up anymore in this lore. I would know. -joffery
  12. UndeadRP

    D&D/Table Top RPGs Mega Thread

    ye i could help with a lmop for new players. I have the module that poro bought way back when on roll20
  13. honestly I say we ban pvp. In pvp someone always loses. If we had no pvp everyone could win.
  14. UndeadRP

    D&D/Table Top RPGs Mega Thread

    A 9 person 5e game PHEWWWW, them'l be some longgggg combat turns. Yea i'm always down for a 1 shot with people or dming a couple 1 modules of lost mines of Phandelver . But other than that can't do anything weekly because of the 4 games i'm already in with the boys.
  15. I doubt it? I mean it was just useless big dicking from some but the rp in game still happened. I don't think the thread had any real effect or point, was just big dicking saying what was going to happen etc.