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  1. Staff Appreciation Thread

    Thanks! I to appreciate @JimRP . and also @JoffreyRP for being the roleplayer of the year two times running :^D
  2. Staff Appreciation Thread

    haha! Thanks staff. @Raptor @Species I expect you to do well
  3. UndeadRP


    fuck i pulled a dusty.

    1. Keira


      god dammit dont follow him into the darkness!


    2. JoffreyRP


      Only pet the bear, do not poke it. Cuddly bears are the best kind of bears.

  4. Community Summit

    Yea it's pretty solid if things actually get talked about and everything isn't shut down at every corner, totally could work. I'd definitely attend a meeting like this.
  5. The Deal With It Attitude

    ok im just linkin what i had. Id be happy to see more of it if anyone has more recordin
  6. The Deal With It Attitude

    this one?
  7. UndeadRP

    The fun Fight yesterday. WP to all those involved.


    1. Keira


      Sheesh why do you people only care about PVP, its not like this is a game where you shoot each other or something...

    2. UndeadRP



    3. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      That's a lot of pvp in one video. 

      clean frags Undead

    4. UndeadRP


      It was a glorious battle AND no one was salty. What more can I wish for.

    5. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      Looks like you did most the killing huh?

    6. UndeadRP


      A lot but there was like 20somethin there. Was a lotta targets and a lotta shooters. Was probably the most fun i've had in like 6 months on the server.

    7. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      jesus the last time there was that big of a firefight was when 6 mujahideen killed 20 bounty hunters at the school.

    8. UndeadRP


      LMFAO ahhhh massacres that occure sometimes. Once in a blue moon there is a glorious fight.

  8. Group Idea for future use

    Could be really cool as a small group . 5 people ish who infiltrate other groups and shit to scam them . But you gotta be smart about shit like that with metagaming, and ooc salt you're gonna have a rough time scamming people and having them come out of it with ''wow i enjoyed that roleplay''. Or you'll just end up like coldwater who no one wanted to hire because you know they would screw you over in the end. If it's done smart though i'm sure you could pull off some fun cons manipulating groups against each other and shit. I think it would make a great dynamic for a week or two but i can't see it lasting a long time without you swapping characters constantly. If there were a lot more people on the server, whitename groups, etc you would have more to work with but at the moment people would figure you out in a week , read ur group thread, and never rp the way you want ic because they know ooc they are gonna get screwed. If you're gonna do something like this i'd recommend just doing a dynamic, not telling anyone about you're characters, and just doin it.
  9. The Deal With It Attitude

    it wasn't even a digggggggggg. Im just saying its not new that if you think someone is super cancer and see video of it it's not a new thing for you to rule 4 them. Everyone just freaked because aiko posted it herself in her own thread so people thought it was genuinely just her overreacting and banning people. Im sure if the post said '' Rolle and I have decided" or what have you then people woulda been a lot less salty about it.
  10. The Deal With It Attitude

    Yea I mean to be fair my mAin issue was it was that I thought it was just Aiko doing her own report and taking 4 people out from her own biased opinion by herself. Knowing that it was a rolle decision makes a lot more sense and idk why everyone's so super surprised. Not the first people to get the rolle ban hammer. Overall I think that with discussion, video evidence , and another admin posting it I'm sure it all woulda went over a bit cleaner .
    • UndeadRP
    • Jasper

    tango down

    • UndeadRP
    • Aiko





  11. UndeadRP

    *passive aggressiveness * 


    • UndeadRP
    • dawsonpark

    i throughly enjoyed ur rp. im sure ull be back soon. Ms13 is always fun to capture.

  12. UndeadRP

    good fight to those who fought. Was fun.

  13. UndeadRP



    its still juicing raptor. 

    1. Raptor


      No u

  14. Flaming- 5 points?

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/2612-someweirdassguy/?status=52714&type=status Why the verdict is not fair: Is copy and pasting something the original person said to me and mentioning how he won't elaborate on it is flaming i'm real confused. He said that he didn't understand what my problem was and I should ''tone it the fuck down''. I was trying to figure out what angered him so much that he felt the need to get so heated and say such words. That is apparently flaming now? edit just in case- Or if for flame baiting? Im not asking the guy to flame me. I'm not calling him an idiot or daring him to shit talk me. I'm commenting on the fact that he seemed to have such a large problem with what i said on the thread but in the status update he was completely quiet about it. If anyone feels baited to flame because their original message is repeated that's gotta be rough. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Dunno seems pretty obvious to me i'm not trying to ''flame '' the guy. Didn't call him a bubble boy worst thing i did was say he was sensitive because he got so heated. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points removed What could you have done better?: Ignore irrelevant comments and move on with my internet life.
  15. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    Ok let's definitely not suck Louie's dick and equate him to negan. He's certainly more like an angry leprechaun. But yea overall there's not that many torturers and shit because it's a pain to rp that shit out with shitty people. Coming across a whitename and then trying to get them to roleplay emotes and the like is almost like trying to get a puppy to speak .
  16. Anarchy media thread

    At least we get to see plank :(.
  17. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    I mean, some of us are more equal than others you irish bastard :^D
  18. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Is...isn't this pandering tho. Like making one that was like ''lets have a straight people thread woooo''. Dunno, to each their own i suppose. My boyfriend @JoffreyRP knows whatsup
  19. Lets see some OG content from mod days

    This has been posted 8 million times but always worth a watch. The classic raids. Always a fun time. Grenades over the wall hatchets in the front. Ill just link a few more meme videos that i remember on youtube. Was trying to find a video of the IRA breaking some chernarussian legs but it seems to have been removed from youtube or it's just not poppin up like it used to.
  20. UndeadRP

    @Rolle  Stop it. Stop it now. Please. No more weeb.

  21. UndeadRP


    1. LouieRP


      Dark times are upon us

  22. I have to go see joffery in real life as well as deadplex so i'm like to be attacked in my sleep :(.