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    Fuck me dude.. poop smells bad

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    Insane lag?

    Hi ever since yesterday i've been experiencing some really nuts and weird in game latency with the dayzrp server. Never had this happened before and in other games i'm doin just fine with no lag at all. I get that colorful loading screen every time, into the lag you see in the video. I can vault perfectly fine, every time you see me vault it is exactly when I press the v key. However shooting, reloading, zombies, players, and my own player model(2:25) lag like nothin else. Completely unplayable atm. I've uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, restarted my own modem and router a few times. Etc. Any ideas on what I can do ? Only started happening day before yesterday. Other servers work perfectly fine. Thanks! As an edit some other people I have talked to have been reporting the similar serious lag in the last couple days. Not really sure what the issue is.
  3. UndeadRP

    Insane lag?

    I've tried EU and USA. I picked a few that had similar ping to the dayzrp ones (like 140-180) and the lag there wasn't even as bad unfortunately.
  4. UndeadRP

    Insane lag?

    Any other servers are 100% fine. Connected to 5 different ones to test
  5. UndeadRP

    Insane lag?

    As an update more people I talk to are also having trouble. Shiiit one even couldn't connect at all without getting session lost. Any way a message can be sent to the server provider to see if something is up? I'm currently getting 200 down /30-40 up and still can barely play the server with the way the zombies, players, and interactions lag. Thanks!
  6. UndeadRP

    Insane lag?

    Edit as an update i'm not the only one experiencing problems it 100% has to be server side. Im fine in every other game now. Not really sure what changed other than server location im assuming?
  7. UndeadRP

    Insane lag?

    Yea I’ve reinstalled dayz at this point idk about updating and reupdating but nothing else has changed as of recently . Same old same old. Nothin new just started lagging . I’m called my isp and such but they restarted everything and nothing has changed so I’m guessing it’s server side , not really sure what the issue is .
  8. UndeadRP

    Insane lag?

    Im assuming the server hasn't moved locations in the last two days right? Because it went from completely normal for me to now totally 100% unplayable. Like this isn't even slight lag I can't play more than 5 min without zombies hitting my invis or me freezing in place
  9. UndeadRP

    Invalid kill and invalid initiation . Lopatino S1 EU

    Talked it out in ts, everythings chilled out down to close it
  10. UndeadRP

    Invalid kill and invalid initiation . Lopatino S1 EU

    "shoot em in the head cos ya love pvp " I mean I don't know what part of this was pvp. To me it just seems of clear cut NVFL. So you wanted me to just cancel my 4 demands of killing you if you didn't follow me, threaten someone who wasn't really as involved in the situation? Slap you about in the middle of town where I had tons of in character reasons to not want to beat you up IN TOWN. You're right it is an rp server, next time don't brick wall rp because you oocly dont see a reasoning for initiating and purposely killing yourself. I attempted to rp it out. I warned you not two times it was a total of 4-5 times with additional commands to follow (without me threatening death at the end). To follow me out of town so we can handle things. You knew you were going to be killed if you didn't, I couldn't of been more clear . I pointed my gun at you multiple times, made multiple demands all of which you heard seeing that you responded back to me my own command multiple times. And you decided to completely not value your own life, ignore the fact that you had a lethal weapon pointed at you and tell me to fuck off. Yea honestly with the attitude that is shown here, and clearly you're not going to talk about it. Just want to add if the staff agrees with my point of view on this i'd like to counter report for clear nvfl, and ya know if staff sees fit it's a false report as well. But hey maybe i'm fucked up here and shouldn't have been hostile with someone who insulted me constantly and then was a completely non compliant hostage.
  11. UndeadRP

    Invalid kill and invalid initiation . Lopatino S1 EU

    Hello! Pov: I was talking to people in town trying to get updates on who was who, and what general things were going on. Two people are running past the group who I was currently speaking to. I said something that I don't think they heard and so I whistle and say hello asking who they are. He runs up and then runs in the house to piss. Nothing is hostile at this point, I see in your report you also skip out that when you came out of the house we had a conversation in which I spoke to both you and your ally for a while. Completely friendly just asking who you were and what you do etc. But i'm sure this will show in your video. Then two people walk up behind me and I ask who they are, they respond with who the fuck are you (mind you these two are both in the same group as me, we are just having some ic interactions). And we have a bit of a scuff in which the person who's posted the report continued making comments about etc while not being involved. Myself and the two group mates exchange some hostile talk and then things move along. The Australian man (methias )jogs away and decides to randomly insult myself whiny yank, I think you said something along the lines North American piece of shit as well. As he admits in the report. I jog over and try to talk to him about it and asks him if he has a problem. He tells the other people talking to stop talking . I say we can go talk down the road. Where he continues to insult me, and as I try to talk to him about it and he responds with wibble wobble weeble wobble and walks away. So at that point I ask my hobo friend @KennethRP to assist me and I hold them up. His ally got initiated on as well because she had a automatic assault rifle and I didn't want to get shot in the back and she was clearly with him. There was no plans on her getting hurt in any way(and when the original report poster was shot, she was released unharmed with none of her things touched, allowed to go back to her friend and either stay in town with her gun not out or leave town and run to the airfield). So myself and Kenneth start walking them out of town and he continually asks me what my ''reasoning is'' and IN CHARACTER I respond that I was bored. But i'm glad that apparently you want me to explain my reasoning for initiating out of character in character now lmfao. Obviously the actual reason is your continued insults and hostilities towards myself even though you weren't involved in the internal situation that was going on at all and when I tried to speak to you about it you bullshitted me and continued on. There were plans for some fun rp, but unfortunately you started to completely refuse to leave town, even though you have a gun pointed at your head. Both of you are sitting there with your hands up. I have to warn you what, like 5-6 times ? I try extremely hard to get you to follow me however you flat out refuse, and even start walking back towards the town which is pretty clear cut nvfl. Your pov is pretty non descriptive as we walked for quite a bit before you started becoming completely non compliant . You don't mention the many times I warned you and tried to get you to follow me. The first time was after the initiation and I think your response was "Oh so if I don't follow you your going to shoot me , wibble wobble." Which makes it clear you knew the consequences of not following. You continue to insult while walking , you continue to say how im taking you and then her for no reason etc etc. Then you say "fuck it im going back to town."Then you start walking towards the town. I say no your going to follow me or i'm going to have to kill you. You again say oh your gonna kill me if I don't follow you. Then you say nah you won't because ''you didn't do anything to me'' and continue to walk back towards the town. I order you two more times to follow me, you just go ''WHY THO'' delaying and being non compliant to a direct order.You said to give you one reason I once again say because i'm telling you to or I will have to kill you you again repeat my demand back to me, at this point delaying tons of time since the first time I demanded it. I didn't know if you had allies, etc. And the main objective was to get you out of town as soon as possible for tons of reasons. You were still being completely non compliant. I say one last time you have 5 seconds or im going to kill you. You say something I couldn't hear well but I think it was "yea well get fucked m8" and you start walking back towards town again. Eventually yes you were shot because you were completely non compliant. . How you don't see a reason for my initiation after all the insults and shit is somethin else . Why you didn't just follow out of town instead of literally choosing to be shot in the head instead of walking is a mystery to me. But im sure your video will show more. Also as to your ally and the in character salty cunt comment. Probably has something to do with the fact that after her friend was just murdered in front of her and she is being released. I tell her to go find her friend go hangout with her and don't take out her gun anywhere near us so she doesn't get shot etc. Her response was oh alright mr 200 iq . Dunno why your acting like im just sitting there laying on insults to people who aren't talking back lol. I'm fine with this being discussed on ts if you want. Up to you. Edit for further clarification on the situation. Allies involved would be : @Genji @KennethRP
  12. UndeadRP

    Bila Ruka PD

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 1. Ditch the Uniforms and go into gorilla tactics to enact justice (ongoing) 2. Setup a moving patrol area that changes constantly, preventing people from predicting patrols 3. Establish "The Contrband" A list of items that we will search civies for on a regular basis. Publicly post the list, and if we find those things on anyone.. we will take them in for extra questioning.. or lock-up/Personal justice. (2 weeks)(On-Going) 4. Establish "The Law" A list of rules.. a constitution.. basic human rights for all people that we will advocate for, and promote to governments to uphold. We will arrest, and hurt people for breaking said laws. (1 week)(Ongoing) 5. Create multiple blacksites to keep high level prisoners/hostages. Bring them there and enact our own justice. Do not become a super group. No more than 7-11 people will be allowed in. Ever. Provide good, hostile and friendly RP. Provide a fun Cop based roleplay to the folks on the server. Chief/Captain of police- James Porkins @UndeadRP Officer Andy Fordum @JoffreyRP Officer Joseph Smith @Puncture Officer Danny Rucker @ExoticRP Officer Vadim Alexis @Eagle Officer Oscar Ross @OskuRP Officer Lucas Kedward @Lucass Cadet Steve Cash @Mr.Panda Cadet Vitaly Jenkins @BorisRP Graphics @Lori
  13. UndeadRP

    Bila Ruka PD

    Had a lot of fun with everyone on the server. But this group was a group that could only stick around until I didn't have much time anymore . I have to pickup a job and such and I just don't have the time to fairly run a group. Was a great time everyone, perhaps in the future porkins will come back to lay down some law. GG. Archive pleasearino.
  14. UndeadRP

    Merko Inn (A stopping Place)

    The Guinness! We need all the free Guinness. You know they are around if theres hundreds of cans lying all over the floor.
  15. UndeadRP

    Merko Inn (A stopping Place)

    god they were never there. I remember when the I.R.A just wanted to keep it for themselves but they wouldn't give the settlement. o7 RSM.
  16. UndeadRP

    Message to the PD, Officer Porkins.

    *Grabs his radio and holds down the ptt* " I would be willing to attend such a meeting. Give me a day to talk to my men and such and we can figure it out. I think we both have things to talk about. *Releases the ptt*
  17. UndeadRP



    Was at the movies. im a roleplayer on that server

  18. UndeadRP

    Chief Porkchops

    *Chief would grab his radio hearing the broadcast and looking to the other men* "Excellent, i'll have a meeting setup soon here, let me talk to the rest of the men and figure it all out. Contact you soon. *releases the ptt and begins collecting all the equipment*
  19. UndeadRP

    S1: KoS in Kabanino- 2018-05-05 around 04:00 or 04:30

    We grab honeybees character because we have reports he had been torturing people and when we tried to question and document him he tried to sprint away. We needed proof that he was indeed who we thought he was ( we had plenty of reasons to believe he was) but he continued to deny his identity and act as though he was a mute . After investigation I contact one of the witnesses that saw him commit these crimes and we move to kabanino to have the witness identify him. When we arrive the witness Robbie can’t seem to identify him and the man still won’t speak . So or characters being vigilantes and my character specifically having a problem with criminals who degrade people( which he was accused of) decide to give him a taste of his own medicine . I ask Robbie to leave where he apparently then decides to contact the rest of honeybees group( from what I’m told) and together the damned and animus rush towards kabanino . During this time we torture honeybee attempting to get him to talk. After smashin his kneecaps, ribs, face, etc, he eventually types ooc that he has to go for 10-20. We rp he passes out and wait. Now constantly hearing movement from outside the house at one point myself and Lucas’s warm everyone to please leave the area or they will be arrested. One man refuses to leave the situation( and had been refusing to leave for a while) even though asked / told by Lucass and my self about 9 times, he would not leave. So I made the decision to arrest him . I ran away a bit told lucass to detain the man and ran back. He intitated on him and I am immediately shot in the back/arm twice as he obviously had overwatch which is why he wouldn’t leave. I run inside and get patched up by the doctor and honeybee wakes up from his ooc break. The firefight continues as more and more people arrive and begin initiating on the building . We send our own intiations out to make sure everything is legitimate and eventually when I know they can hear me ( since they were talking to us in voip range) I make demands that they have to leave the town and stop attacking us, giving us a chance to escape or I would kill their hostage . ( I had two at this point but I was referring to the second one we took which was the cause of me getting shot). They don’t leave the town, Continue to attack. The hostage is eventually killed after given a chance to say his last words and such. Eventually myself and puncture decide that we need to make a break for it and try to escape before they got in the house more and we run out. Para then destroys me and my low blood and high bone damage , and kills puncture as he knocks him out. I have no problems with the way the rp and fight went was a great time and an excellent loss .
  20. UndeadRP

    Gunfight KOS

    Personally whats always worked for me is I just put my hands up and walk out of the town where the firefight is going on. It's really never been that hard and i've never been killed in a firefight i wasn't a part of.
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    did..did you just walk into an active firefight after being called into it, a firefight that had been active for about 30 min at this point, then report when you were killed? Just trying to figure that one out.

    1. TehZombyBeard


      i was unaware of the length of it or anything, we passed through the are and where called back


    2. UndeadRP


      but... but you were called back into an active firefight. Of course someone is going to assume you are in the fight. Especially if you passed through earlier. Why would you run back into a fight and then report someone for shooting you?


    3. TehZombyBeard


      and as i said i was leaving, i had not shot, i had nt been hostile, i was literally gtfoing when i was shot, so yes


    4. UndeadRP


      But... but.. you ran into there in the first place, with your gun out. How would anyone know you were ''leaving to vybor''. Why wouldn't they think you were just trying to move positions. There had been shots ringing out in the area for 30-to an hour at that point.  And you knew it was a firefight.

      and weren't you in their comms during the firefight?

      Like how were you called in

    5. Lori


      You werent leaving though. I was in the coms. You were actively trying to move forward. You guys had just decided to join in and yo uwere the first death a couple of minutes after.

    6. TehZombyBeard


      not me, i didnt even speak to you personally until after i died

      its honestly what ever at this point, im done caring, its over with and done


      talked it out with the guys i needed to and figured it out.

  23. UndeadRP

    Bila Ruka PD

    Updated goals a bit due to loosing a huge battle. Things will be going more vigilante guerrilla tactics for a bit. Great roleplay and fighting today to everyone involved. Thanks for the really intense and great time!!
  24. UndeadRP

    Hostile RP

    When the rule changes, and/or when .63 comes out.
  25. James was born in the city of Trenton, New Jersey. As anyone from there would know, it was not a great place. Crime had a strong hold on trenton in some areas, and unfortunately for James the small low income housing complex he grew up in was one of those areas. It was a quiet night near the stroke of midnight when tires screeching outside and yells could be heard through James's bedroom window. His parents ran to see what was happening and before they could react a hail of gunfire sprayed through the windows. Unknown to them, two rival gangs had just had a scuff outside and one of them pulled an automatic gun. James's parents didn't survive that fatal night. This drove James to the point that as soon as he was old enough he put all his efforts into joining the police academy. He rose quickly through the ranks, eventually moving undercover, and from there to detective. However unfortunately during his times undercover he had made a few strong enemies. One of these enemies, Vasily Voskov was the leader of a somewhat powerful Russian gang in the bowels of the city. Apparently James had made a mistake and his identity was revealed . Vasiuly paid his men in the night to grab him dragging him to an abandoned warehouse where he was informed that he would be transported back to his home town in the southern most part of Russia where he would exact a slow painful revenge. He was then drugged and thrown into a crate. After hours turned into days and days into weeks, his only respites being brief trips to the piss bucket, and feedings. Eventually he was taken off the ship and transported in a car. It was during this time that the outbreak occurred. The transport was swarmed and James barely managed to escape. He made his way south out of the country before the borders were secured and met likeminded people there.