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  1. Get out of jail card idea

    Also someone reminded me and it's a good point. VPNS and steam accounts are free and the game is 40 bucks. I'm just saying if theres gonna be incentive for people to pay to come back, it should probably be cheaper than the base game.
  2. Undead

    Anyone a single pringle ready to mingle.

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      you both disgust me

  3. Get out of jail card idea

    I mean im not a hugeeee advocate of a paywall. But some of those motherfuckers coming back would make me so happy so I can't exactly say I don't like that your at least considering amnesty. But 100 euros seems a bit much that's an expensive card. I think you'd make a lot more while also boosting the servers population and quality of rp by lowering that quite a bit. Especially for some friends like vic who just messaged someone they're dumb and said yea he'd like to get banned .
  4. Tying people up for extended period of time

    Wait what do you mean emote it? Like emote *Would tie you up* //your tied up. Idk seems like a weird way to go about it. I'd rather just tie someone up unless they specifically go ooc and say something like //I have internet problems if you don't mind dont tie me up and ill roleplay like I am . On a normal basis it seems easier and honestly all around better to just tie most people up. Save the few exceptions.
  5. Tying people up for extended period of time

    No I take hundreds of hostages and sorry but it's not worth the risk of having one of them pulling a gun and not even really worth the trouble of patting them down and all that. Easier to just tie them up and continue the "if some captors would put more value in keeping a game advantage over securing continued RP and being held in higher esteem," Wouldn't really consider it an in game advantage. Like it doesn't make sense to have someone tied up who can jump at you, or pull something out of their pockets, or attack you in some way? Yes, in no movie ever has a hostage been tied up /s. The game is shitty, not much we can do about it as players, doesn't mean bandits are going to let random hostages run around all willy nilly with their hands free.
  6. The Masonic Knights

    I see the 11th crusade has begun. Best of luck with your group friendo.
  7. It's over

    i love you to and the offer of me being a second father to your child is always open friendo. You're welcome on the cartel ts anytime u want to play other games. Best of luck to you friend!
  8. Undead

    Thank god for false reports.

    @Ender @Dusty @Nihoolious

    you're doing gods work.

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      if dusty was a god.

    3. Shane


      he will never be a God

  9. Undead

    * I place my gun barrel down your throat* Better not move 

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      I'll place something down your throat...

      Hey Undead I miss you

    2. Keira


      Ill move if I want!

  10. The Legion

    Lmfao I look forwards to the hostile rp in game.
  11. bye staff.

    Welcome to the scum squad that is normal members ayeeee
  12. Undead

    1. Mexi


      Someone has to.

    2. Undead


      dude's great


  13. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Shiiiit I member the event team. I hope in this one no one posts nazi memes day one haha. I got complete faith in ya chief kick some ass with this and I look forward to seeing some fun events.

  15. Undead


    1v1 rust for king of severograd 

    1. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      Just let him have this one tbh

    2. Macbrine


      Undead you could be one of my lords. Bend the knee and swear your  sword and I shall grant you a keep and woman to keep you company.

    3. Undead


      Better be a large keep. Baron Von Leboria

  16. Do people still care?

    Ok if you say so but since you don't have all the information maybe don't make claims of this false narrative your pushing. It's not like your just claiming facts lol. Your sitting there throwing your two cents in as well and tbh at the end of your post you say how your peps criticism and all that was based on assumptions . So is yours lol . Anyway @Dusty if you have the discussion recording where this was all talked out between the group leads and staff and shit can you link that . Otherwise I'm done talkin about it on the forums . Is old dead memes.
  17. Do people still care?

    Hi I'm to lazy to snip all of this and type out this huge essay. But I was here from start to end with the vdv. Quite a lot of your points here were shot down during the large meeting we had about the un with skinner and all them and I'm to busy at work to break down every point . But on monday if you would like to discuss on ts why most of what you said just isn't the way things happened . All though to be honest it has been talked to death and if I can find the video of the discussion I'll just link it .
  18. Jared Leboria

    Jared was born in the wonderful city of NYC. His life was a life of ease as his father always seemed to have enough money for whatever they wanted. Some would consider the amount of money they had as suspicious but he never noticed as throughout his life he just enjoyed the spoils. As he was raised his father taught him the value in being selfish, greedy, and thinking if yourself in all situations. He always liked to say that " It's better to have half of everything then some of nothing" .Unfortunately when he was only a mere 15 years old, his mother disappeared never to be found again under very suspicious circumstances. This changed Jared, he started looking into his fathers work and eventually found out that his life of a criminal lawyer was anything but simple. Turns out he had been working for one of the local crime syndicates, breaking the law to make extra money on the side. Eventually Jared decided that his mother's disappearance was no mere coincidence and his father was likely involved and to blame. While he didn't blame his father for his actions with the crime families, he did blame her for not protecting his mother and as soon as he could, he left his home to join the military. He was shipped off in the U.S Marines and served with distinction over the course of a couple tours. However during these tours, not only did he realize who he was, but he also found a part of himself that he never knew existed. That part that would do anything to survive. He did horrible things when he had to, killing men women, children. Torturing enemy combatants if needed. The types of things you don't hear about on your local media. Eventually there came a time where he was forced to make a decision that caused him to be court marshaled and dishonorably discharged. However this was not the end of his career, he had made a few contacts during his time in the military, and eventually he was recruited. Recruited by the off-world corporation Jared began serving in his own way for his own gains. Traveling from unstable region to unstable region he helped obtain priceless resources,art, etc. Eventually arriving in South Zagoria he was put in charge of the Southern Ops team and controlled the men who were in the southern half of the country. They were beginning to transport a mixture of high cost art and other things when Dustin Mayfire decided to give up on the Southern Operation and move on. Leboria was put in the southern ops position and by god damn he was gonna do his job. So he stayed, meeting like minded people he will continue to take advantage of the destabilized region while also still giving solid speeches to hostages. Him and the rest of the crew will be sure to make their mark on South Zagoria by the end of this. (-Will continue soon tm)
  19. [Game] Shit that White Names say

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh salt piles lol actually had a guy run up to us yesterday and for like 10 min constantly say, are you riptide where can i find riptide.
  20. [Game] Shit that White Names say

    "uhhh put your hands up uh now uh-*would be cut off by a gunshot from the shooters in the trees" "Can I get some of your 556" "Any friendlies around" "I'm actually a mercenary for hire can I join your crew" "Can I rob people with you" "hey NICE GUN"
  21. Undead

    far to early for all these memes.

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      I'm outta beans but plus one. Memes are my life

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      i sleep in memes

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      Shane handled the meme


  22. Kill for hurting my sensitive feelings
  23. Would save because you're a pretty cool guy, buttttttttttttttt dusty needs admin kill <3 FUCK STOP FUCKING BEATING ME TO IT PEOPLE kill for beating me to it.
  24. I mean how could you not rescue terra to go rob some people. edit fuck. Would also rescue yung elmo