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  2. I shot levi when he shot down at the school ara after he was kicked but I don't think he was shooting at the truck. From what I remember the shits came from down by the school when they drove past
  3. Actually a useful guide. My boy dusty. Still a shit rper tho
  4. The City of Stary.

    Yea man. I think the next one involving us on our offworld stuff is WED (still in discussion and progress), and then theres the prison event saturday that Joff is the warden of I think .So some lit stuff coming up. Hopefully the ball keeps rolling and the groups don't start murdering each other and everyone spreads out again.
  5. The City of Stary.

    It didn't go down the way you think it did. It wasn't that bad and the event turned out well. Our plans are workin fine and Jofferys events are killin it. Stary had like 35 people in it actively all day and finding people to rp with is easy again. Just a small thing and yea I totally agree that if mass intiations start getting dropped for no reason at peaceful events like this, yea totally aids. But thankfully things turned out well and more events are gonna be comin up that @joffery is gonna be posting more events and hopefully the neutral zone continues to be what it is. Thanks to both, Black Fangs and PAU for not attacking the town, and everyone else who provided fun roleplay in the town, the server is actually fun. Don't want to see it change so I see why you would want to ban people. But it's not at that point yet thankfully.
  6. Undead

    New event soontm

  7. Undead

    @Jamie @Sleepyhead 


    its over. It's finally over.

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      thank god

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  8. The City of Stary.

    Nice memes . At first I was horrified I over slept with the gf. Looks like some bad memes happened anyway
  9. Too early for bandit groups?

    Sadly my laziness far outweighs my current opinion of the server 😂. Most I do at the moment is try to help joffery make some entertaining memes happen in game.
  10. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    i feel u kill cant have u juicin nibbas ?
  11. Undead

    i thought dayzrp drama was bad sheeeeesh people . It's like a dating service here

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      Dewskeet Skeet

      So Undead, you still with autumn or........ are you available 

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      Dewskeet Skeet


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      ewww i just found out more. grosssssssssssssssss. Must be hotdog down a hallway at this point.

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      Maybe you can take your mind off it with a new hobby!


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      dm me your digits tbh undeddd

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      Dewskeet Skeet

      Back of biatch he is mine

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      LOL xD <3

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    that verdict made me want to die.

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      If you, (any of you) want to come and discuss it in teamspeak, by all means. But I am not discussing that report verdict on a status update.

      My door is always open 

    3. Undead


      Sure im down next time i see u on ts

  13. Offworld Operation "Gun Drop" Gorka

    That's way to nice . You lost you gotta be angry and salty. Throw a faggot in there somewhere . look forwards to other stuff that will happen. Maybe we won't do it on a Saturday so I can play
  14. Y'all mind explaining all this crap? [OPEN]

    *Would grab his radio and hold down the ptt* "Here at Off World we would also appreciate you staying out of the North as things are becoming more central and we are setting up humanitarian efforts closer to the center and south of the country. We appreciate your cooperation in this manner and- *The radio would muffle as yelling can be heard in the background* "Yea ok boss jeeze" *Jared's voice would come back on loud and clear* "and we are always recruiting more operators so if anyone is looking for work just let us know. Have a wonderful day sir. *Drops the radio into the cupholder of the car and flips off John in the front seat*
  15. Operation "Gorka Gun Drop"


    Look forwards to seeing how this goes and the rp followin after. Good luck to both sides.
  16. Offworld Operation "Gun Drop" Gorka

    I will be around with Joffery helping to smooth things out IC for the event but I work on weekends sadly. Look forwards to seeing everyone in game the next couple days and I expect it will be a great time saturday.
  17. o7 Staff

    Dang you got removed for doing something every staff member ive ever known as done at some point. Feelsbadman.
  18. Unrest in the North.

    *Jared would grab his radio listening curiously shooting an incredulous look to john he holds down the ptt* "Don't think so, who are you? I love when people try to fit their dicks in their radio but it never seems to have the effect they hope for. No idea who you are, good luck. *Would laugh and toss his radio up in the air as john pulls out his six shooter and nails it out of the air*
  19. oh don't you worry about that
  20. discussed for yearssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss since 2013 .Aint neva gonna happen. People are pussies, I wouldn't worry about it
  21. HELLO FRIENDOS. I'm here to post my pov. SO. I log in, hearing about some fun stuff that might happen in the future so i run all the way to severo to do some spying. I get dressed up in my rp outfit and roll up to these boys at the school. I meet the queen and she says hello, one of them point a gun at me but no big deal. Some guy comes up all sketch and asks my name and i tell him. I walk off and head over to the road block to grab my pvp rifle because on my way back I saw lots of guys setting up from places like the barns, quarry, hay bale, apartments, etc. So after calling all these guys out we decide to see what the fuck is up. Are they ambushing us? Ok, lets see what they are doing. We drive the truck up and take up defensive positions behind any of the people I called out earlier, and what do ya know vytis starts taking fire. I see the guy in front of me pop a shot off, run down the hill a bit then disconnect. I decided hey i'm a nice guy, not gonna shoot a dc'd person so I setup and waited for him to log back in. He does, I give him ample time to get his bearings and he makes the decision to go back to the hill overlooking the hill again back to his earlier shooting position and raise his sniper again. I then put a few rounds into his head, grab his sniper and begin counter sniping. I meet up with a raptor pack of yung pado and vytis and I tell them I know which way we gotta flank. So we flank around to the barns where another little sniper is hiding and shooting at our guys. I charge up and put rounds into his chest and flank around the barn finding him uncon in the field where I finish him off while getting shot at from the apartments./school. Right after this I take shots from down the hill near a house next to the school, I run up and flank around, when I get back there are two people standing in front of the school where the shots came from. (be aware that shots were pretty much continuous at this point. Whether it be the snipers counter sniping each other or the pushing crews cleaning up the last few stragglers on the outside. no way you wouldn't know that this was a zone where fighting was going on.) I see these two people come from the school (Where the whole firefight was going on, and with the people who you agreed to medic for. Sorry don't agree to be medics for people and stay in the area of a firefight expecting to not get shot your not freemedics.) and they start jogging up to apartments. I let Dusty know that he's probably being pushed and that two are running up from school. They go into the middle of the field and another shot rings out as dusty kills another one of their snipers. Do these guys put their guns on their back , hands up, anything like that. Nah they just stand there so yea they got killed. Sorry man don't join someones dynamic and then stand still when they get you in a firefight. Either surrender or fight.
  22. Will edit this post with my pov when i get on pc.
  23. Undead

    that was a wonderful bloodbath. Very enjoyable

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  25. people keep saying you're not an asshole. Dusty don't let them get you down, you're totally an asshole. Nothing gets them whitenames angry more than a initiation from yung dusty.