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  1. Undead


    was that you robbin fuckas with us

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    2. Undead


      and so begins your decent into filthy pvp.

    3. Sleepyhead


      I'm ready to do bad.

    4. Undead


      step 1 is to not get shot when robbing someone

  2. Damn if they weren't 25-30 each I would at least try it but ATM to poor :(. Maybe if they go on sale or somethin' I'm down. Dunno how the games are themselves but I'm all about fantasy rpgs.
  3. Undead


    I love me some METAGAMIN

    god bless em

    1. Rebel Pado

      Rebel Pado




  4. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Already killed you no reason to continue
  5. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    honestly I love the group page. Best of luck with it and I look forwards to seeing you guys in game.
  6. I'd buy merc 10 again tbh
  7. Hey man, welcome back. Right now we use dayz standalone for the normal rp servers. It's a bit of a change from mod a little bit more serious compared to the fun memes that used to be there. Theres still memes of course but no crazy Imperialist Japanese dudes running at you with hatchets. The mentor program is pretty dope and I recommend joining up with it if your looking to get an idea what the server is like now.
  8. Jared Leboria

    Jared was born in the wonderful city of NYC. His life was a life of ease as his father always seemed to have enough money for whatever they wanted. Some would consider the amount of money they had as suspicious but he never noticed as throughout his life he just enjoyed the spoils. As he was raised his father taught him the value in being selfish, greedy, and thinking if yourself in all situations. He always liked to say that " It's better to have half of everything then some of nothing" .Unfortunately when he was only a mere 15 years old, his mother disappeared never to be found again under very suspicious circumstances. This changed Jared, he started looking into his fathers work and eventually found out that his life of a criminal lawyer was anything but simple. Turns out he had been working for one of the local crime syndicates, breaking the law to make extra money on the side. Eventually Jared decided that his mother's disappearance was no mere coincidence and his father was likely involved and to blame. While he didn't blame his father for his actions with the crime families, he did blame her for not protecting his mother and as soon as he could, he left his home to join the military. He was shipped off in the U.S Marines and served with distinction over the course of a couple tours. However during these tours, not only did he realize who he was, but he also found a part of himself that he never knew existed. That part that would do anything to survive. He did horrible things when he had to, killing men women, children. Torturing enemy combatants if needed. The types of things you don't hear about on your local media. Eventually there came a time where he was forced to make a decision that caused him to be court marshaled and dishonorably discharged. However this was not the end of his career, he had made a few contacts during his time in the military, and eventually he was recruited. (-Will continue soon tm)
  9. jumpy ping

    It could certainly be the problem depending on the quality of the wifi extender and honestly wifi itself can be fucky depending on certain things. Anyone else in the house that could be raising your ping by a quick download? Any background apps that update anything without you downloading it yourself? Etc. if I were you and you could get a direct eithernet cable connection I would do that .
  10. How many times have you been a hostage?

    And when we took you and raptor and darian cmon now gimme credit. Also I'm basically a two bit Roger leboria tbh We miss you
  11. Create the WORST group idea

    A group of special people with mental deficiency who tortured people though methods such Indian burns, purple nirples, and wet willies. .... oh wait that WAS a dynamic group once, guess I broke the rules
  12. Create the WORST group idea

    Any erp group
  13. It was time for the group to go, we already had another group idea in mind for a while but we wanted to finish off most of what we wanted to do. Time for the next meme You were certainly the only ones when I was on at least . Haven't felt that dunked on since the dragonzu smacked me with a hatchet Mission confirmed major, will kill otter and mexi
  14. It has been fun . Remember that all the civilans we dealt with were the reason we were all able to enjoy ourselves. Thanks for all the great rp we got across the board from everyone else. I throughly look forwards to working for you in the future ;). Also Thank god. Now I just have to kill off otter