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  1. *Tachenko would grab his radio, slamming it against the wall to finally get it to work, a Slavic accented voice would follow * "Yes hello, I would like to hire you folks to assassinate someone please, or at least hurt them very badly. I can exchange both information, rubles , and objects I have acquired. I will be contacting you for a follow up. Thank the lord for highly trained professionals like yourselves. Speak soon. * The radio would cut off *

    1. Para


      I don't know what this means 😂

  3. "If you stay away from the bullshit and cliques on the forums, this place isn't that bad."

    If only you had larger shoulders to bear the weight of the forums.

    1. KpopKilla


      My shoulders have grown, you cant destroy me.

    2. Roleplayer


      Those don't grow. Roger said so. Cursed for life. By the way panic's back. 

  4. You're very active here but you don't seem to visit us anymore. Skinny shoulders.

  5. Ta grew up a small angry child. I was beat many times before the age of 18. One day when my father kicked me down a flight of stairs and broke both his arms. A man appeared in the street and shot my father. The man known Bobby fisher truly brave man , one of a kind. From that day onward they were best friends. They'd travel the streets of Chernarus together forming a small street gang. One day Bobby Fisher. Sabbed by a large Swedish fellow in a rival gang. He bled out in front of Tachenko. From that day on he vowed to continue his takeover of areas of Chernarus in the name of his friend.
  6. Usually staff won't let you change accounts. @Vic had an issue with his steam account payments which prevented him from buying the new dlc even though his normal dayz account was fine. He asked to buy it on a new account and have the rights transferred and was apparently told it was his problem. Good luck!
  7. *Ermak would grab his radio and hold down the ptt* "Oh yeahhhh those guys. Them green irish lads shot my lawyer. I managed to put a round in the skull of one but there's like 20 of them. I hear in your broadcast you say "tried", good I hope you got away with the car and they shot and missed many bullets! *Laughs in Russian* "Anyway, some of them seem alright, just look out for their leader, that's the angry one!" *Releases the ptt*
  8. Things you say before you die "im being surrounded" "With max here" "He's killed me -------------------------- after "They're on the airfield now" "Knew he was online" you reply to your friend tell them "there's two" he says it sounded atc you say "no it was outside our bunkers bro" . I mean that's all pretty relevant info there. As to the nvfl I certainly wouldn't say it was 1v1 seeing clearly in pados video by the time you raised your gun he was also aiming at you down sights and spraying into you. Ya had no gun out, hands raised with a dude pointing a gun at you point blank, AND another dude hiding behind a hill with a bead on you. Then you dropped your hands whipped out a gun and got shot at from two directions. This all while you still had allies on the airfield that you could of gotten roleplay out of , but instead you decided to kill yourself. As to pados talking in discord I think he kept himself reasonably out of voip range until he was on yell when he initiated on you. If he would have been on whisper you certainly wouldn't be able to hear him from that distance. But hey that's up to staff to decide we're happy with finding out that one. But i'm assuming all that information you gave them when you were "being surrounded" was said over whisper right and that's why we didn't hear it in either of our voip ranges?
  9. Server and location: NWAF Server 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Your in game name: Jared Leboria Names of allies involved: David Mack Name of suspect/s: Charlie James Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We setup a sick flank on a guy we see standing around the center of the airfield after scouting it out for a bit. We initiate from both sides he complies. Pado gets behind cover to better watch him as I keep a gun pointed on him. He then puts down his hands takes a step fowards( at which point pado and I are already pointing our guns at him from two different angles , one behind cover) and he doesn't comply, whips out a gun and is shot. We leave the airfield. Thinking that was pretty nvfl we wait out our timers and plan to report but I have work and pado has sleep so we got off for the night. Pado then had some real life shit to handle last two days and i've been working so we haven't posted anything up. However when later reviewing the stream of the situation, you can clearly hear cj explaining where we are at both before and after he dies without anything being said in game. :(.
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: We had perms to log Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:I asked for perms to log then did once I got them. Rover told me to make this so it would get handled real quick. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: be unbanned to play with my BOY donny xanny the lad. What could you have done better?: I could have mentioned in my reply that I had perms. Whoops.
  11. Most of the time yes, because otherwise you will be killed. There's almost no fantasy like realm where people are going to point guns at each other and not shoot. People say they want to engage in realistic roleplay and in realistic roleplay people don't just point guns at each other and not shoot, or just shoot for the legs. It's not like in the movies where they're like "YOU DROP YOUR GUN, NO YOU DROP YOUR GUN". In this shit the first person to react more quickly and efficiently is going to live, the other is going to die or be severely injured. There's small exceptions to this shit when you don't NEED to use kos rights, but that falls under the ruleplay rulebreak as it is.
  12. One of theseeeeee. We setup a solid ambush on the atc. I drop an initiation nat is the only one to comply the rest run upstairs and get ready to shoot. Pado attempts to shoot a guy on the bottom floor but I think shoots a hostage that someone ran behind. Pado runs up the stairs and kills cj who isn’t complying , then gets sprayed at from huskies who isn’t complying . Then whatever happens at the top of the tower happens and then I go roleplay with nactuala while dropping tons of intiations over and over and over again because ya know dynamic rights are fun. I run out of the building . Hopefully a good roleplayer doesn’t get permed over someone reporting dynamic rights after not complying but hey , this is the way.
  13. I prefer a good ol crucifixion but these methods are somethin.
  14. Let’s see how many of these reports go through and who’s involved before we worry about stuff like this . Plus neither server should be particularly safe or calm.
  15. Sometimes people give misinformation. For example none to long ago a moderator told a new player to report over something that was clearly an initiation. Upon speaking to this new player myself and a few other hostile roleplayers explained the rules and how things generally work. I'm currently chillin in public room 4 on the public dayzrp discord if you kinda want to get a general idea of everything that went on in this situation and why things played out the way they did. :^D
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