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  1. - Early Life - Havel was born to two caring and loving parents, Aganta his mother and Grigory his Father. They all live in a small apartment inside the city of Novodmitrovsk. At the time his parents were quite young in their twenties when they had Havel. His Mother stayed at home to take care of him while his Father worked as a construction worker. From his early ages, Havel learnt Russian and Chernarussian as his starting languages. Being so young and being so open-minded at that stage of his life he learnt them both fluently. When he was of age he started primary school. He went quite well in his studies as a young child and was seen popular by his peers. He would be praised by the girls of the school to being one of the hottest guys in his year, and because of this, he dated a lot when was young and bragged. Because of this self-absorbed behaviour, he became less proactive in his studies and more active in his social life. - 2009 Civil War - Between the months of the civil war, Havel was hiding with his mother for the duration. His father joined the ChDKZ as a foot soldier and was trained to use weapons. Unfortunately, his father was part of the assault group that attacked Utes and took over it. Because of this he was attached and stationed there for the protection of the island. When the US Marine's invaded he the island he didn't survive for long as he was gunned down by a gun boat by protecting the bridge. Havel didn't hear the news of his father's demise until the defeat of the ChDKZ. He felt that the American's were the ones who were to be blamed and also the Chernarussian Government. He hid his feeling for the nation as he grew up and becoming accepting of the Cherarussian Government. However, to this day he still despises American citizens. - Early Teenage Years - Finishing middle school he progressed into high school at the age of 13. He attended Severograd high and because of the introduction of students around South Zagoria he became more popular with his peers and continued his life style. But to this, there was a price. His grades went poorly and the only thing he was getting anywhere with was English. He learnt the language fluently without any effort. In 2014 he downloaded an app called Instagram and became significantly popular on it. So popular he reached 50000 followers on the app. He focused on being an Instagram model from then on. - The First Week - Havel and his Mother worried as rumours started to arise around the odd military presence in South Zagoria. As they waited and watched the news carefully. Havel's school was cancelled for that week to unknown and to this just spread more worry between him and his mother. As reports of attacks of Russian Bombers destroying towns area's near their city, they began to pack up and attempt to escape the chaos. They managed to make it to Berezino where they stayed at a local motel for the night. On the 11th, Havel and his Mother awoke to hell outside their window. Noticing people running and explosions they both held up in the room frightened to the sounds of sirens and people screaming. They attempted to leave the apartment, however, Havels mother got attacked by a person who seemed unwell. His eyes would be bleeding as blood dripped out of his mouth. The man launched himself over Havel mother, Immediately chowing into her. Havel frightened, he ran and left his mother to her demise. Havel managed to escape Berezino and headed south with the swarm of refugees running for the lives. To this, he made it down south and camped at Electrogorsk with the rest of the refugees. The military was handing out supplies such as sleeping bags and tents and Havel was lucky to receive a sleeping bag. - The Second Week - Havel managed to hook up with one of his friend's families that had a family down in Electrogorsk. They had a quite large house in the city, and Havel was safe during that second week. Gunshots would be heard every minute and as people in military equipment and armoured vehicles would march down the streets. This continued through out the week until 16th. - The weeks after - The family and his friend left him in the apartment. They said that they wanted to see what was going on but they never came back to Havel. So now he is alone in a boarded up house with two weeks worth of food. He now has to survive in a destroyed forgotten city.
  2. SUMMARY: Samuel was born in Sydney, Australia, to a both loving kind parents. His upbringing was quite normal, as he rarely got bullied in school and usually had quite a lot of friends. At the age of 18, he left school to join the ADF (Australian Defense Force), where he developed skills and became general riflemen.He served two tours. After four years in service and become a private contractor apart of Southern Moana. He worked as general security and defense for the boat and had several run-ins with pirates. But now on his latest job, the boat crashed on the coastline of Chernarus. (WIP) EARLY LIFE: Samuel Adrian-Haberly was born on the 7th of the 7th, 1990 at Liverpool Hospital, Sydney. His parents, Annabelle and James were at the time early University students, Annabelle studying law and James in Mechanical Engineering. At that point of time, they both couldn't take care of Samuel as they were too busy doing studies, so James's parents took care of him instead. In Sams toddler years, he would be quite quiet. However, he wouldn't hesitate to a request from his elders as he was very obedient and was well understanding to others. (WIP)
  3. Lexii

    S1 Kos NWAF 22:00 4-1-17

    I came in from the North and went past the Akrasian Base. I ask if I could come in and have a quick drink because my character was thirsty. The response I got was, "Fuck Off" or something along the lines of that, so I was like fuck this and head into North West. I wanted to move down south to the water pump near the southern side of the airfield, However, a guy with a swarm of zombies runs past me and I say, "Can you help me?'. He replied, "I would if I could..." . Then all the zombie go onto me I shoot them and some other comes up and says, 'Hey, that's a lot of zombie or something". So then I said, "Hey friendly, what's up? You've got any water." He says, "Nah.." and then explains that he got robbed by Akrasia. So in game, my character dislikes Akrasia and wanted to get some revenge somehow, so I think up and Idea by demanding access to the water pump in the Akrasian base, but if he couldn't he would round up zombies to attack. Being stupid I just tell the guy I just met the entire plan and he's like, "Yeah sure" and runs off angering as many zombies as he can. Basically, I gave him my pistol and we were going to cause some trouble with Akrasia. However we met one of the Akrasians and we were somewhat up the hill and I was trying to kill off the zombies because I asked him if he was Akrasian and he said yes, so I knew already that they knew what was up. So I yell out, "Hey man, let's go back to the airfield. But then after he apparently he shot the Akrasian because he said, "Yeah, I am a part of Akrasia." but I didn't know he just killed him and I was trying to kill off the zombies. I got shot thinking that the guy accidently shot me trying to kill the zombies but apparently the person I just met killed the akrasian, so it tied me with the attack he did on the Akrasian.
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