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  1. Samuel Adrian

    Unread Content Mark site read Home Characters List Character: Samuel Adrian-Haberly Samuel Adrian-Haberly Lexii Edit Back to characters index CHARACTER INFORMATION Date of birth 1992-04-26 (25 years old) Place of birth Sydney Nationality Australia Languages English DESCRIPTION Occupation Mainfreight Southern Moana Security Affiliation Southern Moana Role Security BACKGROUND Samuel was born in Sydney, Australia, to a both loving kind parents. His upbringing was quite normal, as he rarely got bullied in school and usually had quite a lot of friends. At the age of 18, he left school to join the ADF (Australian Defense Force), where he developed skills and became general riflemen.He served two tours. After four years in service and become a private contractor apart of Southern Moana. He worked as general security and defense for the boat and had several run-ins with pirates. But now on his latest job, the boat crashed on the coastline of Chernarus. (WIP)