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  1. Robbing people! At this current time.

    The VDV just try and claim EVERYTHING the UN are just cringe and useless and NATO are actually a well structured group with good leadership and members who know how to RP military as well as PVP, but for some reason we get picked on?
  2. Robbing people! At this current time.

    If i have kill rights i'm going to use them, it's a chance for a a bit of "sport" Means i don't have to RP with some cretin only interested in my gear, just identify the kiddo then frag them, good fun all around, then you get those "roleplayers" who can't PVP and get salty when they get killed by someone with KOS rights who can aim past 25 metres and can in general PVP, i had recently viewed a report were a "fine" member of the VDV got fragged, said person in a video just stood there talking about how he's going to get taken hostage, but they had KOS rights, they kill him he gets salty and false reports, i think someone needs to make it clear that RP is not needed with KOS rights on somebody, even if it's (says in sarcastic voice) "BadRP",
  3. Western Forces!

    Yeah i know that, but the ones who are actually decent, maybe if this were a thing we could do a NATO taster/training day on Arma3 or something
  4. Western Forces!

    But in the lore it makes no sense why they would be there if not with a NATO or the UN, you guys as LMs and GMs should see this! It makes sense guys, it stops the super soldiers and also the miscommunication between NATO and the VDV, Two "US Marines" Nearly got executed earlier for saying they are NATO but not being in the group, we had to talk the VDV out of executing them even though they were not in our group they said they were.
  5. Western Forces!

    A big problem i have noticed as i have browsed through the never ending character pages is there are a number of loose western forces units and some with their own smaller groups, this seems odd to me and as a member of NATO i believe all western military NATO member states by lore should be pressured to join NATO or the UN as that is the only reason Western forces would be there and even if you say "well maybe they were on holiday" Those forces should rally up as soldiers and join the fight, this would prevent some of the lone wolf super soldiers out there, it would forces them to be more, expanding their RP and the groups RP as well as adding more numbers, it makes sense to me and i encourage all western military forces characters to apply to join NATO.
  6. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith commissioned as an officer in the British Army in 2015. After completing his training as an officer cadet, Smith became a Second Lieutenant in the newly formed 2nd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment. He and much of the unit lacked combat experience, so their command approved a deployment as part of the rotating British troop allocation to NATO CFOR. In February 2017, Smith and his company in the Black Rats Battalion went to Chernarus and were made part of MNBG West. For several months, Smith acted with distinction in his unit, providing securitization operations in Novigrad and operating cross-border security on the Chernarus-Takistan border alongside his CDF counterparts. In June 2017, Smith was promoted to Lieutenant as his unit was preparing to return home as their first six month rotation began to close. Then in July, things really started heating up in Chernarus. HQ CFOR ordered both MNBGs to go to high readiness, and Smith’s planned return to his home and his favorite pub were dashed. He and some of the other junior officers snuck out for a pint in Kirovograd anyway, and drank until the sun came up. As he returned to Base Kozlov, shit was clearly fucked. Everyone was on high alert, preparing defenses. The men, still drunk, ran to their respective units and tried to sober up as best they could. For his part, Lieutenant Smith acted cogent enough, and stepped into the briefing without so much as a second glance by his fellow officers. Russia and CDF were going at it, and people were sick. That’s the jist of what Smith got while trying to act normal. Lt. Smith didn’t touch a drop of alcohol from that point on. Three days later, he was yearning for a beer as reports of those infected with the virus hitting all over Chernarus came to his unit. Three days after that, and Smith’s company of the 2nd Battalion was being ordered to deploy into South Zagoria… ground zero for the virus. On July 17, he and his fellow Black Rats arrived on the western border of the region. They found a highway filled with abandoned and wrecked vehicles. Infected were lolling about, lowly growling at anything that made a sound. One of Smith’s men misfired, setting off a chain reaction of violent infected. Things went bad there fast. Before he knew it, Smith lost over half his men. Those infected hordes destroyed any chance they had at getting home alive, much less for a tall pint.
  7. The solution to death

    How can it be enforced? Because if i die i'm not going to act crazy, if anything having a fresh life would reset your mental state, i do not like the idea, i wish people would just drop the perma-death stuff, if you want to be able to get perma death then find another community, that's how i see it atleast, no disrespect to anyone though.
  8. Character Wound System

    I personally don't like the idea, especially the perma-death, the faults i see with it are if i get shot and die in-game then that's it, time wasted not fun and RP is no longer fun for me as i can't be that character anymore, another point, say we're in a firefight, i get shot unconscious, most people just kill unconscious players anyway, obviously as NATO we can't do that as that person is no longer a threat and it is our duty to do our best to treat that person after we have wounded said person, but others will just straight up execute us for being NATO, because all the noob bandit groups hate military for some reason. I mean as @isocade has said in this community it is more of a rejected idea, in other communities it would be great but here people want to relax more and not have to deal with super hardcore stuff all of the time, i am definitely against the idea as good as it is it can damage our fun and fun is why i play this, sure i'll RP wounds but i don't wish to permanently die because some guy sprayed me down with an AKM at close range, that kind of thing happens all the time and that's why perma death is a choice best left up to the player in my opinion.
  9. NATO - CFOR [Post Lore-Wipe]

    Graphics are pretty nice!
  10. Why does everybody RP Master Chief?

    My character is SAS and admittedly i used to run around in full Gorka military gear and M4 with 400 rounds and 6 mags etc, but then it hit me, in real life the SAS mostly don't wear heavy military gear or carry mountains of gear. Now i dress like the hero skin from DayZ mod, people see me less of a threat and also less likely to try pull something on me as i look less geared, i mean i still carry an M4 and a military backpack and that is about it in terms of military gear, it is sometimes nice to get rid of all the military gear and carry light, not only do you get robbed less but you lose less when robbed, and that equals less salt. But it's ok for me i don't get robbed, in fact in the what, 6 months? I have been here i have not been successfully robbed once, and when i say successful i mean people have tried resulting in them dying and me laughing as they just fall over after being so cocky in their group thinking they are "cool" because they can rob one guy in a 1v5 That is until my sniper buddies frag them, or i yolo it and get the kills, since my character is SAS who dares wins right? But my point is having full military gear makes people want to rob you, i myself can say i have done this kind of thing to people with lots of gear. carry light or pay the price! Remember ladies and gents papa Dankus love you <3
  11. Active Firefight

    If i end up in the middle of a fight i usually try to find a good viewing point and watch the show! If i take shots they are fair game to me!
  12. NATO?

    I have a few friends like 2-3 friends who have already said yes to it, but that is currently it for the moment.
  13. NATO?

    I do see your point, and you're correct! But as you say you have to find that medium which i intend to do, when out in the field we go by procedures, ROEs etc when out of the field and back at the FOB things don't have to be so strict, of course a RP military realism has to be met! Otherwise i do not see the point in it all, i would expect a level of respect to officers at all times especially Majors and such as my rank of Lieutenant colonel, but that is not to say that i want a constant yes sir no sir. I also do not expect anyone to do parades, only RP briefings on the current situations and what the daily objectives are etc. Apart from that, anyone is free to do what they want! But the rules and ROEs will be maintained to some degree, for example some of our guys get taken we attempt negotiations if possible or shoot to wound. I find knocking someone out and then giving them medical attention is much more interesting than just killing them, it means you get to RP with them after the fight and go through procedure of what real military forces do with insurgents. In all honesty this is my dream on DayZRP! To run a successful western military RP group, and i really really want it to work, and for that i would need people. And when the lore wipe comes i truly hope some people gain interest, and even more so if it becomes a administrated faction, because that would be even better in my books, and i know almost no one here believes it will work, but i beg of you whether it becomes administrated or not and i make it, please consider trying it if you get bored of the same thing, if you get bored i will not be bothered by it, this is why in my google document i have added my discord / steam / Twitter So anyone who has a inquiry can ask me directly.
  14. NATO?

    I don't aim for the typical tough guy military RP, it would be ran as more of a milsim group within DayZRP, that may sound weird but it could work.
  15. NATO?

    @Major Well with what i have going i have a google document detailing all the things i would like if i made the NATO group, but talking to Joules earlier, she had told me about the lore faction, so i personally would love to help with that, @Major If you have not seen my google document yet here is the link! Feel free to make any comments and suggestions! (= https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eAlU2HPJ7vj9kRReM1eHeLD2bi5RP3-3fp88cSMFAf4/edit?usp=sharing