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  1. I would like to know why @Western the little RAT is leaking private conversations, either way i'll deal with him myself, also as for the whole i didn't initiate i did say those things but you probably didn't hear me due to VOIP range, i really just want everyone to know that i really don't care how this report goes i had enjoyment from the situation i put my attempted robbers down DayZRP is honestly just trash, it never used to be but now it's whoever has the biggest group wins until they come across someone who is much better than them at the game then they report them for "mass KOS" i found it funny Western told me that the "Black fangs" were good guys and allied with Westerns group but they wanted to rob me? Mehh i really could not care less about any of this it's a game, not only that but this server just makes it so people can't just KOS and get away with it so instead you just get large toxic groups rolling over everyone and ruining the fun for all, not only that but "roleplay" ? i only really joined DayZRP because my friends joined it but RP is just really stupid as a whole especially RP servers will rules, because RP is about realism but not being able to shoot people is NOT realism at all, it's boring as fuck you just get gear then get robbed! What is the point? As for @Western I have never ratted on you for all the duping and the fact that you knew people who were underage and also faking ID's for those who sounded young i wish i had the proof but tbh you have ratted so many people i think it's time you grow up and get a life, known you 2 years and you just rat on me? That fucking hurts. To finish up with this i have to say that almost everyone on this server is sad, i have seen some people who have spent 750 hours+ on ONE character like get a job! i really hope this server is made better in 0.63 doubt i'll be around after this but not too bothered i play the game as it's mean't to be played not adding invisible guidelines and stopping all fun to walk slowly up to people hear a cringe back story about some blokes dead wife and kid heard that 100x over or too walk into a town and get robbed by a group of 11 kids who can't aim. Now if i don't get perma banned for this which i will nut if i didn't i would wait until 0.63 or beyond and wait for modding to add more gameplay elements rather than rob or get robbed. Good day ladies and gents.
  2. POV from Owen Smith It all started out me doing a bit of trading with some old friends at Stary and all was calm and seemingly peaceful, my friends then logged off for the night so i decided to leave the town heading north to regroup with my friend @Kaineg1994 who was keeping me safe from the hill from anyone who may desire to remove some of my items, so i started jogging up the hill and i am pursued by 4 people who were seemingly going the same direction as me, i stopped and said "Hello! Can i help you?" They just ran completely past me and said nothing so i assumed they spotted my friend in his ghillie, i stood still watching them and waiting for them to interact with me they didn't, so i told my friend to meet me on the south hill instead. Entering Stary tents just a few seconds later a man with an SKS stops me whilst his not so sneaky companions tried to get behind me, i sniffed it out a mile away tbh so i told them i had places to be and jogged away this is when i saw 2 people try cut me off so i tried to sprint off and lose them, we were running for about 2 minutes before i said "stop following me i have things to do" they kept pursuing me anyway although i'm not entirely sure if they heard me if i am honest, a few moments later i said "stop following me or i will open fire!" They kept following a few seconds later i heard a very aggressive "Stop right there!" one had a gun raised from what i could see so i took my chances found a bush stopped killed one flicked left killed two more not sure why logs don't show that but i saw 3 people ragdoll feelsbad guys, but yeah from my POV that's what happened i have no video evidence due to this being my new PC i have no recording software set up atm. i understand that this was a confusing situation but i don't understand why i was being chased in the first place, chasing people for long periods of time is poor RP and unrealistic in my opinion, please understand if i don't want to talk to 4-5 armed guys chasing me then i won't, i think that's the same for everyone on any server anywhere so in future just don't chase people for no reason for long periods of time i tried to lose you all multiple times, i did nothing wrong what so ever i think the only reason i was chased was my gear since i am still my original NATO CFOR character i had ALOT of gear and that was noticeable a mile off. That will conclude my POV for now i am more than willing to talk to the gents who were involved in this my only worry is with that is there may be some anger tossed at me and i don't like mean words )=
  3. Earlier today i was indirectly informed i may be getting kicked from NATO, so naturally i was wandering what was going on, after the leader would not talk to me himself, no idea why not. So anyway i have some rather interesting "conversations" with NATO members primarily about leadership, most people seemed to say they think i'm a cool dude i'm doing good IC and i'm a good laugh OOC. A couple of hours later i came on to roleplay up at Altar radio tower, one moment i'm in TS in the NATO channel next i hear is "You were kicked from the channel" So i OOC to ask what happened, going into TS i see the message saying i'm a "burden" Yet i have not even been online that often so i don't know were that came from? Me being lightly salted because i was kicked with no valid reason from the group, so i returned to the FOB and grabbed some of my gear that i had found myself at Tisy that day, i then bumped into julien, who for some reason was not speaking or typing to me, so admittedly i went OOC to try get him to respond since he did not text or speak for like 5 minutes while holding his gun out, being a member of NATO and being in the FOB i took the risk of OOC since he was not communicating and was not in TS, after grabbing more stuff i needed to start my own base we saw Julien... again after he logged. He logged back in, i assume he was told to do so to try and initiate on me and Cameron, we warned him then IC that he was to leave and if seen again he would be considered hostile, we flanked out the back of Polana factory to get over-watch, we see Julien around 10 minutes later looking/waiting for us to leave so he could attempt to kill us, upon seeing him we waited a fair time of maybe around 8 minutes for him to move off and leave, i didn't want to kill Julien as i had enjoyed Rping with him and my character liked him, but OOC they wanted me dead, i have proof of that.. After watching him for some time i gave the order to open fire on Julien, knocking him unconscious then killing him as we where to far to take him, he would have bled out or woke up when we got there, we watched for around another 10 mins then backed off to eat and drink etc, i checked the server list and i saw no NATO members nor was there any others within 1K of the incident, our only enemy was neutralised and we were tired as it was around 3AM UK time. Maybe we should't have logged but there was not a threat to us, no one else was there and no one else was initiated on us. NEW: He slated me in the group thread... he called me fat.
  4. The VDV just try and claim EVERYTHING the UN are just cringe and useless and NATO are actually a well structured group with good leadership and members who know how to RP military as well as PVP, but for some reason we get picked on?
  5. If i have kill rights i'm going to use them, it's a chance for a a bit of "sport" Means i don't have to RP with some cretin only interested in my gear, just identify the kiddo then frag them, good fun all around, then you get those "roleplayers" who can't PVP and get salty when they get killed by someone with KOS rights who can aim past 25 metres and can in general PVP, i had recently viewed a report were a "fine" member of the VDV got fragged, said person in a video just stood there talking about how he's going to get taken hostage, but they had KOS rights, they kill him he gets salty and false reports, i think someone needs to make it clear that RP is not needed with KOS rights on somebody, even if it's (says in sarcastic voice) "BadRP",
  6. Yeah i know that, but the ones who are actually decent, maybe if this were a thing we could do a NATO taster/training day on Arma3 or something
  7. But in the lore it makes no sense why they would be there if not with a NATO or the UN, you guys as LMs and GMs should see this! It makes sense guys, it stops the super soldiers and also the miscommunication between NATO and the VDV, Two "US Marines" Nearly got executed earlier for saying they are NATO but not being in the group, we had to talk the VDV out of executing them even though they were not in our group they said they were.
  8. A big problem i have noticed as i have browsed through the never ending character pages is there are a number of loose western forces units and some with their own smaller groups, this seems odd to me and as a member of NATO i believe all western military NATO member states by lore should be pressured to join NATO or the UN as that is the only reason Western forces would be there and even if you say "well maybe they were on holiday" Those forces should rally up as soldiers and join the fight, this would prevent some of the lone wolf super soldiers out there, it would forces them to be more, expanding their RP and the groups RP as well as adding more numbers, it makes sense to me and i encourage all western military forces characters to apply to join NATO.
  9. How can it be enforced? Because if i die i'm not going to act crazy, if anything having a fresh life would reset your mental state, i do not like the idea, i wish people would just drop the perma-death stuff, if you want to be able to get perma death then find another community, that's how i see it atleast, no disrespect to anyone though.
  10. I personally don't like the idea, especially the perma-death, the faults i see with it are if i get shot and die in-game then that's it, time wasted not fun and RP is no longer fun for me as i can't be that character anymore, another point, say we're in a firefight, i get shot unconscious, most people just kill unconscious players anyway, obviously as NATO we can't do that as that person is no longer a threat and it is our duty to do our best to treat that person after we have wounded said person, but others will just straight up execute us for being NATO, because all the noob bandit groups hate military for some reason. I mean as @isocade has said in this community it is more of a rejected idea, in other communities it would be great but here people want to relax more and not have to deal with super hardcore stuff all of the time, i am definitely against the idea as good as it is it can damage our fun and fun is why i play this, sure i'll RP wounds but i don't wish to permanently die because some guy sprayed me down with an AKM at close range, that kind of thing happens all the time and that's why perma death is a choice best left up to the player in my opinion.
  11. Ok ladies and gentlemen, after talking to the gents about the situation i have decided to just drop it, it is not worth damaging someone else's fun for a video game, so i have decided to drop it all and just get my own back!
  12. Then it was an un-clear group initiation we had no idea that @TheProxJack was a part of you guys since you all pretended not to know him upon his arrival, i have stated this way too much now, and yet non of you seem to understand your mistakes, if @Jxkey and @Mattsxo did not know of the initiation until last second and we did not know he was part of your dynamic then he had no right to shoot me, @Jxkey should also have initiated to make it clear he was with @TheProxJack, but instead he didn't due to him in OOC basically promising nothing will happen, so to be sneaky he just shot me in an un-clear sitaution, and as for us RPing super soldiers... I was in full civilian clothes apart from my vest and backpack same [email protected] and then discriminating against a person and robbing them because of how they RP? Isn't that also against the rules? Discriminating me because of my RP is a form of bullying, as for @Kaineg1994 He is not military at all!
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