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  1. KSGamingTTM

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

  2. Had some fun with some real good ol' internal rp with @Mr. Blue I love rping with this guy, he always brings some good rp to the table and am glad this guy is my friend.
  3. @Anoymouse, @MasterDovakiin, @Reckless, @Zeeorc, @Lizard, @Blake, @TehZombyBeard, @Ansolari, @fiaboi GREAT RP WITH ALL OF YOU LOVE YOU ALL *KISS KISS*
  4. Fun fights with the Anarchist and Moretti boys today! Shame y'all retreated 😞 

    1. Para


      Could've always come out the castle, had a fight on even ground 😛 

    2. KSGamingTTM


      Alright, I will next time 😛 

    3. BorisRP


      Its pretty hard to push the princess tower game dosent allow you to aim that high:( 

  5. KSGamingTTM

    A message from Anarchy.

    *Iosif would press the PTT on his radio again" "I believe we've won the past two battles against you." "Kinda giving you a run for your money." "Seems you don't realize that we're actually fighting you guys back." "You guys will fall weak eventually." "The big talk we talk, is actually impacting you." "You just don't see it yet. You big headed spaz." *Iosif let go of his PTT*
  6. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    That's what our people in castle said. Idk if that was true or not, but they said that they told you guys to "Fuck off"
  7. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    @CaliforniaRP I understand your point of view from this, and I can agree with you. I can see how we are held accountable for this and how the rules have to be bended to a little. I assume, in the heat of the moment, we didn't care who we shot down or what happened. I personally think it would've been better if you guys came and talked to us after the fight so this report didn't have to happen. I feel like this report is gonna cause OOC hate, and I don't want that tbh. Again also like I said, @Lucass was told to fuck off whenever he was around the castle, and yet he decided to come up anyway, which resulted in him getting shot. But, @CaliforniaRP we honestly had no right to shoot you in the forest, I can completely understand you, just in the heat of the moment, we saw the armband you had, knew you were affiliated, saw you as a threat, and shot.
  8. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    Well, like @MasterDovakiin said, think of it in a real life scenario, which is what you should put your mindset into when roleplaying. If one of our members sees the initiation go down, he's gonna take action, and gonna radio us in. Before the initiation we saw you fellas sneaking around the area quite a bit, leading to suspicion, so as we are doing a risky meeting, anybody that looks to be sneaking around the area could be a potential threat to any of us. We know ICly about the initiation, we know ICly that its Anarchists, we know ICly what color armband the Anarchists wear. So what reason would we have to not instantly shoot any of them that we see? Especially after our leader is being held up in Vyshnoe town. In real life, in this situation, if you saw someone that you knew was the enemy, would you hesitate to shoot them, especially if your leader was taken hostage by THEM? No, you wouldn't hesitate to drop the first enemy you see. It doesn't make sense for you guys to play around the rules of being dynamic just so we can't shoot you instantly, even though we can clearly recognize you. You guys are ruleplaying, over the roleplay IC. In the real world scenario, you would've got mowed down without any interaction just based off the fact that we can recognize you as the enemy. I believe we can also play the active firefight card, just based on the fact that shooting went down as soon as the initiation was dropped, and anybody that got killed was within the 500M range on the active firefight, and they were knowingly in it. And you're gonna especially get mowed down from as soon as we see you, just based off the fact that you wear your armband, and we can recognize you. I believe @Lucass got mowed down in Zub after running up the stairs with which our teammate was at the top, and according to our teammate they said something around the lines of, "Fuck off somewhere" and you guys ran up with your guns drawn, so they shot you. Honestly, this report is completely pointless and it shouldn't have even happened in the first place. It's whatever though.
  9. KSGamingTTM

    A message from Anarchy.

    *Iosif presses the PTT, and a Russian accent would come over* "Yeah, we used to have a pussy Irish guy, but he was thrown over a little while ago." "And as for the Russian guy, must've been some pussy the Irish man recruited, because I've never been caught by your so called group" "We aren't the same Roses you fought in the coalition, many of us are new, and better than the old Roses." *Iosif would let go of the PTT, take a deep breathe, and press it again* "Anyways, lately we've been fucking you guys up, and that's just us alone." "Soon, other people will see through your bullshit, and turn against you." "And that's when Black Roses, will gain more allies, and reform a better coalition." "One that should take down you fuckers for good." *Iosif would let go of the PTT, switch off his radio for now, and slide it back into his pocket.
  10. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    I agree with you here, he won the gamble, I'm just bringing up that he shot without identification, as you guys are bitching about with us, RDMing. It's the same principle. But, I assume im just cluttering the report, so I'm done here for now.
  11. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    I'd like to mention, I could've been a civilian in the situation, as I was not wearing my black identification armband, and my clothing couldn't have been called out, as any of you guys who saw me were killed. So, I was just shot at, and there was no identification of me being a black rose, even though I was in the same general area of them, I was shot with no identification. "We were reported for 'possible invalid kill' even though I was >5 meters from the initiation and CLEARLY apart of it." Also, nothing happened to you guys in that report either, huh? Funny.
  12. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    You were knowingly in an active firefight, within 500m, and we shot you. Technically, it wasn't even me, I didn't even fire a single shot. I can say the same thing y'all are saying to me, because I was killed WITHOUT an initiation, but I was killed because I was in the area, when I NEVER fired a single shot, AT ALL. So, I can claim the same thing as you
  13. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    The hill we gatted California on was around roughly 300m away, so you cant claim 500m, and the castle is around 370m from Vishnoye town, so you can't claim that either, and y'all knew about the shot in zub castle about the initiation, hence why you guys ran over there to him. You knew the people in the castle were with the people you initiated on and you rushed the castle and got killed. On the hill, California was around 300m from the initiation and we knew about it via radio, and we saw the armband, and shot you because we have IC knowledge of that armband being you guys, and we know it was YOU guys that initiated via radio. You know its an active firefight within the 500m range, and got killed.
  14. KSGamingTTM

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    I 100% Agree with this statement, becuase they are bullshitting their way through a report with loopholes around being dynamic. Iosif's POV We are scouting out the Dr. Rose and Black Rose meet, and all of a sudden we hear over radio that anarchy is here, so we decide to try to get positions on which to fire upon bc they initiated on our group, and they all wear the bright blue armband, so we can easily identify them. After trying to scout for a bit we decide to run into the hill top, where I assume @CaliforniaRP was and @MasterDovakiin gunned him down bc we saw the armband on his arm, and we shot at him. Then we circle around after searching more and get to a flank position at Zub castle to rush the anarchists, and we rush in and no one is there, after a moment of recooperating, i run out the door and get instantly shot at by a guy that was circling around. I'd like to call Invalid kill on whoever killed me. I never shot a single round at any of the anarchists, and there was no initiation on me. I was not wearing an armband and anyone that saw us got gunned down for the most part, so i couldn't have been identified completely. Also, as for the invalid kill calls on us, you guy knew an active firefight would break out, and you were in the war zone, so expect to get shot when rushing people in zub.
  15. Iosif needs a girlfriend, any takers? 😉 

    1. VictusRP