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  1. Dont play too much anymore but reading all these messages, and hearing about this got me choked up.. he was a good friend of mine, will really miss him dearly. R.I.P brother.
  2. Man, yall some cuties ? Hope yall like my new character
  3. Jayden Pierce, born in Miami Florida who soon took on the nickname as "J". J grew up fairly well, he wasn't abused, nor lived poor. He looked up to his Father, Luke, who was in the US Army, and got killed over in Afghanistan when J was 15. J's mother was always there for him, and he openly talked about his dream of becoming a bodyguard and honoring his father's name, and she supported him all the way. J left for Chernarus before his mother had passed, but after all the shit went down he assumed that the rest of the world was long gone just like Chernarus, as he felt his mother was gone too. J fulfilled his dream of becoming a bodyguard at age 22, so he's been in the business for a little bit. He got assigned a person of importance, who was traveling over to Chernarus for business. What J didn't know, was this would be his last assignment for a while. A long while. The apocalypse happened whilst J was protecting the son of his original person, a young entrepreneur. J didn't really like this person, his name was Aiden, he thought he was a stuck up prick, but he basically has to deal with him until either, Aiden or himself died, or if they managed to get out of the hell hole and J actually gets payed. Maybe J will deal with Aiden long enough that he begins to grow on him, maybe make something with him. Time will only tell.
  4. Agreed. to you Bobby for getting me back on the server, I had fun ?
  5. Can't wait for Grizzly to actually play ? i miss you dad
  7. Thanks dad maybe Kain and Iosif will grow connection like Ulman and Iosif lmao
  8. All feedback appreciated guys! Cant wait to get approved and see you all in game!!!! ? Iosif loves you all
  9. Had a great time with all of our boys @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Great RP with @[email protected] and anybody else who was at the North East Airfield And also, great firefight with @xdproslim11 and his RED boys Also thanks for being our hostages @JoffreyRP and the other dude.
  10. Had some fun with some real good ol' internal rp with @Mr. Blue I love rping with this guy, he always brings some good rp to the table and am glad this guy is my friend. ?
  11. @Anoymouse, @MasterDovakiin, @Reckless, @Zeeorc, @Lizard, @Blake, @TehZombyBeard, @Ansolari, @fiaboi GREAT RP WITH ALL OF YOU LOVE YOU ALL *KISS KISS*
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