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  1. A cry for sorrow [OPEN FREQ]

    *Iosif would press the PPT, and the sound of a Russian voice would come over* "Wh-what?! Roy?! Roy.. what.. has happened?!" *Iosif would wait a second, hoping to receive a response back* "Agh.. Der'mo. I'll find out who did this to you Roy, find them.. and avenge you. In the meantime.. I shall look for this 'Bobby', he could be of help" *Iosif would then switch off the PPT*
  2. Iosif Mikhailov

    Iosif Mikhailov, born in Berezino, Chernarus, 1993, didn't grow up with the best childhood. He was abused by his father since about age 5, and his mother didn't care, she just watched as Iosif cried as he was beaten. Iosif one day just couldn't take all the beatings anymore, and one day he had sneaked in to his father's room when he was out tending the lawn, and grabbed his Red-9, loaded a round into it, went outside, then shot his father in the back of the head. Iosif couldn't return to his home that day. Iosif was 14 when he killed his father. Iosif was 23 when the outbreak happened, he'd been managing to survive all these years with hardly a roof under his head and only carrying that Red-9 that he shot his father with. Iosif was scavenging through Kamyshovo, when he saw the infected. Iosif, not knowing what "it" was, started freaking out when he saw it. Iosif tried shooting it, but he was shaking so bad from what he saw, he missed all of his shots, and he drew out more near him. Iosif ran as fast as he could to a nearby house and closed the door and locked himself inside, hoping "they" would go away. "Der'mo", or "shit" in English, he was thinking, repeating in his head, he thought he was gonna die there, by whatever "it" was. Hours passed, the things had already went away. Iosif was starving, he needed food badly. So he went out to find some food before he died of starvation. He luckily found a can of beans, and he bashed a stone into the top to open it. Let's just say he had a pretty good meal. Iosif continued his adventure, looking for some supplies, whatever the "things" were, he knew they weren't good, and he needed to attempt to "finish them off". So he did just that, he started to take out every one of those "things" he saw. Iosif was traveling to Stary Sobor where he met Roy Kalo, who would end up taking him into the UPS, his new family. Iosif, gets to go around and meet all of the family, and he feels like some people don't take to kindly to him because of him being a Russian. Iosif got to meet everyone and received his Russian rifle, the AKM. Iosif now travels with his new family, they took him under his wing, they're here to build his life back up after all the shit he went through. Iosif's story is now being written, as time goes on.
  3. The Death of Cosmo Casamassa

    *Stephen presses down the PPT* Cosmo? Cosmo?! Fuck fuck fuck....
  4. @Lady In Blue First time meeting you OOC and IC today. It was a fantastic experience! Looking forward to future experiences with you!
  5. Stephen Springer

    Stephen didn't grow up having a mother figure. She died conceiving him. Stephen and his father lived in Helen, Montana in a little cabin, barely getting by. Stephen barely got to see his father because his father was always off doing his job and getting calls to go off to different states. They barely had any money because his father's job wasn't a very well paying job. Most food came from hunting. That's where Stephen developed his love for it. One day Stephen, being by himself in the stand, had his scopes on a deer eating. Stephen waited to take a shot, and was thinking to himself. He liked the peace and quiet of being by himself, so he put his rifle down and just sat there admiring all the nature and peace. After this, Stephen learned that hunting was his passion and it's what he always wanted to do. Then he came to his senses, and realized that he needed to kill this deer for his food tonight. Let's just say he ate good. When Stephen turned 18, he heard about the rich wildlife in Chernarus and traveled there to hunt, his father coming with him. One night, Stephen fell asleep and his father went exploring without Stephen knowing, his father got attacked by a pack of wolves never to be heard from again. Stephen woke up and noticed he was gone, after calling "dad" for a few minutes, He went to go see if he could find him and found his cold body, eat up and torn apart, laying there dead. He let out a tear, hung his head, then gave him a proper burial. This moment drove him to continue hunting, it'd be his father's will for him to, and to hunt in his father's name, and to also kill every wolf that crosses his path. Stephen now knows the only thing left to do is to survive, with no way of getting back home. He survives off whatever he finds and always continues to hunt for his father.
  6. Blacklist Appeal

    I've already resolved the issue with that account in the teamspeak with Nihoolious, it was an account I made because I forgot this one, then realized afterwards that I could use my email, or steam account to log back into this one @Oliv
  7. Blacklist Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: I was blacklisted for my account being vac banned for under 365 days at the time I whitelisted, and now my vac ban is over 365 days Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/FeaR_Water/ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unblacklisted and be able to whitelist on the server What could you have done better?: Read the whitelisting rules and notice that my account's vac ban has to be over 365 days to whitelist