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  1. Senior Lieutenant, served in FDF for 5 years, until got fired and jailed for murder. He strangled his buddy, when they were operating a training camp in Sodankylä, Finland. He tried to hide the mans body, but failed when a recruit saw him stomping the body to a swamp. He was locked for 5 years. Mentally unstable, has diagnosed with schizophrenia. Left Finland in 2010, and settled in Novosibirsk, Russia. Was captured by FSB, for being in FDF. Got tortured and almost killed. Fled Russia, and came to Chernarus in 2012.
  2. AeoN

    S1 NVFL - NWAF 02/23/17 Approx. 22:43

    Yeah, fine by me.
  3. AeoN

    S1 NVFL - NWAF 02/23/17 Approx. 22:43

    Pasi Kuikkas POV: I was at NWA, and minding my own business, and then 2 guys came there and one of them started talking to me about himself and his faction. I told, that I have heard about them etc. At that point, I don't see the other guy anymore, and when we are behind some building, he says to me to put my hands up, and then I shoot at him. I thought that he was alone, but when I shot at him, I instantly died because obviously there was a guy somewhere behind me (or next to me?).